The Human Aura: How Does It Work?

Updated May 13, 2021
Young woman with violet aura

Every living being has an aura, including people. The human aura is a halo of colorful energy that surrounds your physical body and connects you to the energy of the universe and divinity. Your aura is composed of seven energetic layers, reflecting the current state of various characteristics of your body, mind, and spirit. Each color in your aura reveals something about who you are, not only as a person, but also as a soul.

The Seven Layers of Your Aura

Your aura is part of your energy anatomy, which are the energetic parts of you that connect your physical self to your soul self and the energy of the universe. Your aura interacts and works in conjunction with the energy centers of your physical body called chakras as well as energetic pathways called meridians.

Different vibrational frequencies in your energy anatomy create its colors, which reflect how you feel emotionally and physically. Even your thoughts emit colorful energy. A person who can see auras can interpret the colors in each field of energy. In the Chinese culture, this colorful auric sphere of energy is called chi, the life-source energy of all living matter. You may also hear it referred to as spiritual energy, prana, universal energy, or life force energy.

Your aura reaches out from your body to receive and communicate information from the outside world, other people, and your soul. This information moves into your aura for processing and assimilating. All seven layers of energy work in unison to maintain a healthy aura.

Human Aura Layers


The seventh aura layer is the Divine. This layer is often referred to as the Archetypal layer. It includes all the energy fields of your aura and provides an energy map of your life. It is considered the life force that binds your soul to your body. This outermost layer details your past, present, and future. The divine aura is called the map of destiny or the template of your life purpose/course. This matrix of energy is like a physical fingerprint. It's unique, and there's no other aura exactly like yours.

The divine auric layer is connected to your crown chakra that is located on the top of your head. The divine aura layer is where your God dwells inside of you, and many refer to it as the seat of the subconscious mind. Every human being has this internal map to guide them through life.

This is the map of information that a medium, intuitive or psychic reads when accessing your outer auric layer. An intuitive can pick up energy patterns from you to receive information through the exchange of energy emitting from your aura. An energy worker may read your aura is its predominant color or possibly access the matrix of information stored and encapsulated inside this outer layer.


The sixth layer is the Spiritual auric layer, often called the Celestial layer. It maintains balance between your aura fields, as well as the chakras. It is the conduit for divine energy to flow into your body and maintain your spiritual well-being. You can apply this divine insight to your physical world experiences.

This aura layer is connected to your sixth chakra, known as your Third Eye. In fact, your intuition is generated within this energy layer. This knowing is labeled as psychic abilities, when in reality, you're simply plugged into the divine world that's known as heaven or the other side. You can use this energy connection to navigate to the other side and find whatever information you seek. You can even perform healings for yourself and others through the transference of this divine energy passing through your auric body and chakra system.

Etheric Template

The fifth layer is the Etheric Template. this layer is connected to your fifth chakra. This auric layer reveals how you communicate, your frequency vibration, and is the wellspring for your creativity. It is the spiritual template of the best you can be in your physical form. Your Etheric template layer is where you claim who you are and speak what you believe and know as truth. This is the spiritual essence that defines your soul purpose in this life. It is through the spiritual realm that you have a reason for being in the physical world.

You can access all this information about your life purpose by going through your fifth chakra. This is also the layer a psychic or aura reader usually taps into for a reading and to gain a better understanding of who you truly are.


The fourth layer is the Imaginal layer, often referred to as the astral body. This is the energy you use to manifest or alter your surrounding circumstances. Many consider this aura as the magic of the auric layers because it's where you can create whatever the soul desires. It is the mechanism for fulfilling your destiny and for interpreting the map that will guide you through life. This aura layer is linked to your heart chakra. It reveals how you love and how you express love throughout your life.

The imaginal auric layer collects information generated by the first three auric layers and interprets it for the remaining three auric layers. Without the fourth auric layer serving as a bridge between the two sets of auric bodies/layers, there could be no connection between the physical and spiritual energies within your body. The fourth auric layer is often referred to as the astral plane doorway. For many spiritual seekers, this is the auric layer where their soul accesses the astral plane or at the very least establishes connections to the astral plane.


The third aura layer is the Mental. This layer is sometimes called the casual body. It is the builder of your life experiences. This energy field is the foreman of your destiny. It helps you to internalize and grow, based on your destiny map and the experiences this life plan brings to you. It's important to maintain an auric balance so that your attitude, and concepts about the world and your life, remain authentic.

The mental auric layer is connected to your third chakra, the solar plexus region of your body. The solar plexus chakra is responsible for self-esteem, your personal power, and your ability to make changes in your life. The Mental aura layer provides an excellent example of this works. The electromagnetic properties of the aura attract certain energies into your life. It's widely believed that thoughts are living things and move beyond your aura, acting as magnets. You can see the effects in someone who is a positive thinker and someone who generates negative thought energies. As energy magnets, thought patterns of a positive thinking person attract positive experiences to them, whereas a person generating negative thoughts attracts negative experiences to them.


The second auric layer is the Emotional. This layer is the power behind your actions and reactions. If you feel at peace, this will resonate throughout your auric layers. If you are angry or defensive, this emotion will move through all layers of your human aura. Unconditional love is the optimum energy of this field, and it's what feeds the rest of the aura with the energy needed to maintain balance and health. Feeling blue, being green with envy, seeing red, or being in the pink are all phrases that reflect the emotional energy that colors the aura.

Man with blue aura

The Emotional aura layer is associated with your second chakra that glows orange. While an aura reader will see orange in your second auric layer, there can be several other colors. Remember, this is the aura layer for emotions. People don't radiate with just one emotion, and each emotion has a correlating color, such as red for anger or passion.


The first auric layer is the Physical or Etheric (not to be confused with Etheric Template Layer). This aura field is the manifestation of the Etheric Template. It is like the completed construction site, while the Etheric Template serves as the blueprint. It is linked to your root chakra. The Physical layer is responsible for creating and maintaining the physical body. This layer keeps the chakras and meridians in good operating condition so that the body thrives and remains healthy.

Whenever the energy to this auric layer is obstructed, the physical body reflects this as a disease or illness. Any injuries, cellular patterns, or impact of emotional trauma to the body will be evident within the physical aura. It is the closest layer to your body and is linked to the root chakra located at the base of your spine.

Balance in Your Aura Is Vital

As you can see, it is vital to your overall health and success in fulfilling your life purpose to keep your aura in balance. There are many things you can do to ensure good aura health, such as meditation, spiritual study, physical workout, nutritious diet, and mental exercise. The human aura is a complex and delicate balancing act, but one you can master with conscious effort.

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The Human Aura: How Does It Work?