Irregular French Verbs Worksheet

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Learning irregular French verbs can be difficult. It not only takes memorization and practice, but also learned skills to know when to use the verbs correctly. The best way to master irregular verbs is to practice, practice and practice some more.

Printable Practice Worksheet

Test your skills and see if you can fill in the blanks with the correct verb form on the following worksheet. You can check yourself with the answer key on the second page of the same document.

To print the worksheet, click on the image or the link, and when it opens, click on the printer icon to print. If you have any issues, this guide to working with Adobe printables will help you troubleshoot.

Irregular Verb Worksheet
Irregular verb worksheet

Common Irregular Verbs in French

While there is a substantial list of irregular verbs, learning the basic or most common ones are essential to speaking and understanding the French language. Some basic French irregular verbs include:

French Pronunciation English
aller ah-lay to go
apprendre ah-prahn-druh to learn
avoir ah-vwahr to have
boire bwahr to drink
conduire cohn-dweer to drive
connaître cohn-neh-truh to know
croire crwahr to believe
comprendre com-prahn-druh to understand
devenir duh-veh-neer to become
devoir de-vwahr to have to
dire deer to say
dormir dohr-meer to sleep
écrire ay-creer to write
envoyer ehn-voy-ay to send
être eh-truh to be
faire fair to do
falloir fah-llwahr to be necessary
lire leehr to read
mettre meh-truh to put
ouvrir oo-vreer to open
partir pahr-teer to go (away), depart
pouvoir poo-vwahr to be able to
prendre prahn-druh to take
savoir sah-vwahr to know
sentir sehn-teer to feel
sortir sohr-teer to go out
suivre swee-vruh to follow
tenir tehn-eer to hold
venir veh-neer to come
vouloir voo-lwahr to want to

Memorize Your French Verbs

Irregular verbs are some of the most commonly used words in a language. Consequently, it's important to commit them to memory. However, they can be tricky to memorize because they don't follow the same patterns as all the other verbs.

One trick for memorizing irregular verbs is to focus on both the subject and verb. For example, instead of just memorizing "suis" as the first person present tense for the verb "to be," memorize "je suis, tu es, il est" and so on. By doing this, you make the correct verb form sound natural with its subject, and you'll start to recognize instantly when something out of place.

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Irregular French Verbs Worksheet