Thanksgiving Trivia Printables: Give Everyone Pumpkin to Talk About

Make your Thanksgiving meal a fun learning experience with these Thanksgiving trivia printables!

Updated October 18, 2023
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Most people think they know everything about the Thanksgiving holiday. But Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers just might prove you wrong. Find out how much you know about turkeys, Thanksgiving traditions, and how this food-filled celebration became a holiday with our Thanksgiving trivia printables. They are sure to serve up some shock and awe at the dinner table!

Thanksgiving Trivia Printables: Download Instructions

These free Thanksgiving trivia printables are great holiday activities for kids to use at school or at home, and they are fantastically fun for trivia nights for adults. To download these documents, simply click on the image and then select the underlined downward facing arrow and save the document to your computer. Our Adobe guide can help with troubleshooting issues. 

Starter Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers

Like Thanksgiving dinner, we are starting with a few trivia tidbits! Do you know the basic facts surrounding this national holiday?

What year was the first Thanksgiving held?


Which president made Thanksgiving a national holiday?

Abraham Lincoln in 1863

What profession experiences its busiest day on Thanksgiving?


Per Butterball, how long should a cooked turkey rest before carving?

Fifteen minutes

How many pounds of turkey does the average American eat each year?

15 pounds

Which Founding Father allegedly wanted the turkey to be America’s national bird?

Benjamin Franklin

Which U.S. president made the presidential pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey an annual tradition?

George H. W. Bush

What are female turkeys called?


What company created the original green bean casserole recipe?


What Thanksgiving staple do Americans enjoy approximately 80 million pounds of during Thanksgiving week?


What country besides the United States celebrates Thanksgiving?


What year was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving parade?


What famous Thanksgiving fruit bounces?

Ripe cranberries

What was the name of the Indian tribe that celebrated Thanksgiving with the pilgrims?


What type of silverware was missing at the first Thanksgiving?


What two teams played the first NFL Thanksgiving Day game?

The Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears

What animal was President Calvin Coolidge presented on Thanksgiving in 1926?

A racoon

How many calories does the average American eat on Thanksgiving Day?

3,000 to 4,500

What was the first character balloon ever in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade?

Felix the Cat

Who can you call if you have turkey-related questions on Thanksgiving?

The Butterball Turkey Hotline

Turkey-Themed Thanksgiving Trivia Printable With Answers

How much do you know about the face of Thanksgiving? Turkeys are curious creatures, and you may be surprised at how little you know. We have a mix of true and false, open-ended, and multiple-choice questions about this fantastic fowl of fall!

True or False Turkey Trivia Questions and Answers

Let's start with some easy ones! You have a 50-50 chance of getting them right, so go ahead. See if you can wing this first part of our turkey test!

When a male turkey gets excited, his head turns from red to white and blue.


A turkey’s beard hangs from the bottom of its bill.


Wild turkeys can be found in every U.S. state except Alaska.


Wild turkeys can swim.


Wild turkeys can run about 30 miles per hour.


Open-Ended Turkey Trivia Questions and Answers

Now that you are warmed up, let's turn up the heat! Think you know these turkey trivia facts off the top of your head? 

In what country were turkeys first domesticated?

Southern Mexico

What is the long, red, fleshy part of a turkey that runs from the forehead over the bill called?


Male turkey leg spurs were used by Native Americans to craft what weapon part?


What is a baby turkey called?

A poult

What can wild turkeys do that domesticated turkeys can’t?


Multiple-Choice Turkey Questions and Answers 

Now it is time to see if you can reach beak performance! Multiple-choice questions can be tricky! Do you have what it takes to be the baste?

Turkeys were first bred in Europe for their what?

  1. Meat
  2. Feathers
  3. Feet
  4. Bills

Answer: Feathers

What is another name for a male turkey?

  1. Tim
  2. Gobbler
  3. Buck  
  4. Turkle

Answer: Gobbler

Which holiday are roasted turkeys most associated with in Europe?

  1. Christmas
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Easter
  4. All Saints’ Day

Answer: Christmas

Which of the following foods is not part of a wild turkey’s diet?

  1. Insects
  2. Seeds
  3. Frogs
  4. Squirrels

Answer: Squirrels

How many eggs does a turkey hen typically lay at once?

  1. 20-25
  2. 15-20
  3. 10-15
  4. 1-3

Answer: 10 - 15 

What percentage of a cooked turkey is typically dark meat?

  1. 70%
  2. 50%
  3. 30%
  4. 5%

Answer: 30% 

Which state produces the most turkeys?

  1. Virginia
  2. Missouri
  3. Indiana
  4. Minnesota

Answer: Minnesota

How much did the heaviest wild turkey ever hunted weigh?

  1. 37 pounds
  2. 32 pounds
  3. 25 pounds
  4. 19 pounds

Answer: 37 pounds

Which month is National Turkey Lovers Month?

  1. November
  2. June
  3. February
  4. December

Answer: June

In what state will you find the most populous town with “turkey” in the name?

  1. Louisiana
  2. North Carolina
  3. Texas
  4. New York

Answer: Louisiana

First Thanksgiving Trivia Printable With Answers

As children, it's customary for kids to learn about the first Thanksgiving. Were you paying attending as a preschooler? Let's see if you remember these first Thanksgiving facts! Don't forget to snag our Thanksgiving trivia printable to quiz family members and friends at the holiday table this year.

True or False Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers

Most of the facts regarding what people now call “The First Thanksgiving” come from one eyewitness account. 


The first Thanksgiving was actually a celebration of peace.


There were more children at the first Thanksgiving than women.


The alliance treaty signed by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag included monetary payments to the Native Americans. 


Four states — Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Maine — claim to be the site of the first Thanksgiving. 


The Pilgrims didn’t call themselves Pilgrims.


The Pilgrims invited the Native Americans to the feast because they had helped grow the crops. 


The Pilgrims wore black clothing to the feast. 


The peaceful relationship that led to the first Thanksgiving still lasts today. 


Squanto was the last remaining member of his tribe. 


Open-Ended First Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers

Time for the final round! Who will be the Thanksgiving trivia champion? Let's see if you can pass the final test!

How many days did the first Thanksgiving last? 

Three days

How many Native Americans attended the first Thanksgiving feast? 

There were roughly 90 of the Wampanoag tribesmen

How many deer did the Native Americans bring to offer at the feast? 

They brought five whole deer.

The exact date of the first Thanksgiving is unknown, but it was likely held between which three-month period? 

Between September and November

Who was the governor of the Plymouth colony during the first Thanksgiving? 

William Bradford

What is the name of the Wampanoag man responsible for helping the setters grow crops? 

His name is Tisquantum, but people today call him Squanto

What likely motivated Chief Massasoit to strike up a treaty with the settlers? 

A plague

Aside from venison, what other meats were served at the feast? 

Wildfowl, eels, and shellfish— like lobsters, clams, and mussels

Besides turkey, what other Thanksgiving staple was missing from the first Thanksgiving menu?

Mashed potatoes

What was the most common male name of the Pilgrims at the feast? 

There were seven men and boys named John.

Creative Ways to Use Thanksgiving Trivia Printables

Trivia games are a fun icebreaker on Thanksgiving Day or a great way to diffuse the tension that's common during many large family gatherings. Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers can also be used as a quiz after history lessons for kids, but there are many other fun ways to use trivia questions and answers.

  • Write a trivia question on one side of disposable plates and the answer on the back to keep guests at a Thanksgiving buffet occupied.
  • Make Thanksgiving cards using printable Thanksgiving coloring pages and add a trivia question with its answer to each.
  • Add one Thanksgiving trivia question to your social media account each day for the weeks leading up to the holiday as a fun countdown.
  • Have t-shirts made with Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers and then wear them for a turkey trot fundraiser run.
  • Fill a cornucopia with Thanksgiving trivia questions written on individual slips of paper to encourage conversations at the table.
  • Record yourself reading each question and its answer, then listen to the trivia during Thanksgiving cooking activities with the kids.
  • Create your own signature Thanksgiving drink recipes and name them after important people and places from Thanksgiving trivia questions.
Quick Tip

You can also enjoy some fun time with family by hosting a trivia competition! Have everyone break into small groups, choose funny Thanksgiving team names, and see who can correctly answer the most questions!

Test Your Thanksgiving Knowledge

Thanksgiving is all about sharing a great meal and a great time with friends, family, or even strangers. Create a new tradition or make fun memories by incorporating Thanksgiving facts and trivia into your holiday celebrations!

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Thanksgiving Trivia Printables: Give Everyone Pumpkin to Talk About