Used RV Furniture for Sale: An Essential Shopping Guide

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If you own an RV, there are a lot of reasons why you may be interested in used RV furniture for sale. Whether you're refurbishing a used RV that you purchased, or you just want to do a simple repair on one that you've had for years, a simple solution is to buy used RV furniture.

Important Uses for Used RV Furniture

When people think of used RV furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is often the dirty and tattered remains of the furniture inside old RV's that have been used for many years. However, the secondhand RV furniture market is lucrative enough that many RV dealerships and small businesses actually refurbish and sell the furniture as a business. In some cases, the furniture pulled from many RVs is actually in excellent condition, very clean and with a long remaining life.

Where Dealers Get Used RV Furniture for Sale

Whether the dealer is a business or a private individual, the used furniture that you'll isn't always technically "used," even though it is labeled as so. The pieces that are pulled out of mobile homes and campers often include couches, comfortable chairs, tables, beds and more. These all come from a variety of backgrounds such as the following examples.

  • Upon purchasing a new RV, some customers opt to upgrade certain items in their purchased unit. These end up being classified as used even though they are not.
  • Some owners decide to upgrade particular items in their motor home even after only a year or two. The items pulled out of their mobile camper are considered used even though they still have plenty of life left.
  • Some owners accidentally damage the upholstery, and often opt to replace the entire piece of furniture even though it had a very short life. Often, the repair is fairly easy, and afterwards the item is as good as new.
  • In the case of an accident or breakdown, when the RV owner walks away from the vehicle or sells it to a salvage dealer, the salvage dealer will go through and pull out all of the items that are in excellent condition and are still valuable. Many of these items are also fairly new.

When you find used RV furniture, it's difficult to know the history of the item, but there are many legitimate reasons why you are likely to discover very high quality RV furniture on the used or salvage market.

Consider the Surplus Market

If you can't seem to find the furniture that you need on the used or salvage market, another interesting marketplace that seems to overlap the others is the surplus RV furniture market. In the case of surplus RV goods, there are a number of aftermarket manufacturers that produce RV products, such as appliances, furniture and parts, which work as a perfect replacement for those pieces that were originally installed in your RV. Since the line is a little blurry when it comes to replacement RV parts, it's important that you know what you're buying. Always ask whether a particular replacement piece was used, salvaged and repaired, or whether it's new from an aftermarket provider. While any of the furniture you find should work well as a replacement, the origination of the piece has a significant impact on its value in the secondary market. By asking where it came from, you will have a stronger position to negotiate on price.

Where to Find Used RV Furniture for Sale

If you're in the market for used RV furniture, there are plenty of opportunities to find what you need. You should always check local dealers near you, as shipping some of the larger pieces can get fairly expensive. However, there isn't anything available in your area, the following businesses may be able to help.

  • RV Parts Nation - A seller of indoor and outdoor furniture and other supplies made by Flexsteel, an aftermarket manufacturer. RV Surplus is based in Indiana but offers shipping.
  • Colaw RV Salvage - This business, based in Missouri, provides new, used and salvaged parts that are no longer made or otherwise difficult to find. Furniture is available under the furniture category.
  • Discount RV Furniture - This large manufacturer of aftermarket RV furniture also provides products for vans, trucks and RVs. The products are mostly customized aftermarket furniture, as the company tries to compete with the pricier Flexsteel manufacturer.
  • - This site provides listings of RV salvage dealers in each state as well as in Canada. Find your state, or a nearby state on the list and visit your local salvage dealer to see if they have the used furniture that you're looking for.

More Information

If you are hunting for the perfect seat, bed or sofa to replace the old and tired one in your current RV, the odds are good that there's either an RV dealer near you that has what you need. If not, there are plenty of sources across the country that can ship the furniture directly to you.

Used RV Furniture for Sale: An Essential Shopping Guide