What Do Pink Orbs Mean? Their Messages Explained

Updated June 7, 2021
Pink Orbs

Pink orbs are thought to be harbingers of love and peace. The messages and meanings of pink orbs vary, but all are positive in their intent.

Pink Orb Meanings and Messengers

The appearance of a pink orb is generally believed to be part of a spiritual visitation or paranormal event. Many people report feeling a wave of energy from their pink orb visitors. Many people believe pink orbs are specific types of messengers.


A pink orb is usually seen with the naked eye, although some people discover this colored orb in photos. People claiming to see a pink orb floating about their homes or outside report an overwhelming feeling of peace emanating from the orb.

Unconditional Love

Feelings of great love and acceptance have been reported by those witnessing this color of orb. Unconditional love is often ascribed to pink orbs. The individual receives an emotional message that they are loved and are not alone.


Some people describe a powerful feeling of kindness wash over them when seeing a pink orb. Any immediate sensations of surprise or fear quickly disappear.


The overwhelming feeling of compassion often moves witnesses of a pink orb to tears. The personal situation can be any number of scenarios, but the take away from the encounter is a sensation of great compassion being bestowed on the person.

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A wellspring of hope is often experienced upon seeing a pink orb. Most people receive a sensation that they are being visited by a messenger of hope. For someone who is going through a crisis, the sudden appearance of a pink orb may be a spiritual messenger sent to give them hope.


People suffering trauma or oppression often see a pink orb in their darkest hour. The problem might be a relationship or a work-related situation. The appearance of the orb leaves the individual feeling empowered and encouraged to face their problem head on with the assurance they have a powerful being watching their back.


For others, the pink orb may arrive to convey a simple message of moral support. Some report going through a difficult decision-making process or facing a dilemma when they encounter a pink orb. They interpret the appearance of the orb as confirmation they've made the right choice.

Spirit Guides

One interpretation describes pink orbs as spirit guides who visit during a time of a life-altering event. This is typically a personal crisis, either a life event or a spiritual crisis. The presence of a spirit guide can ease the burden and offer reassurance the person is not alone and can weather whatever storm they are facing.

Ascended Masters

Some pink orbs are believed to be the manifestations of ascended masters who act to intervene or assist a person on their spiritual journey. You may encounter one of these orbs when you're facing a spiritual dilemma or challenge.

Deceased Family Member

A pink orb is often believed to be that of a deceased beloved family member. The visitation can be during a personal crisis, but most often occurs during a celebratory event, such as a wedding or birth of a child. This type of orb is often seen when facing a unique and soulful challenge. The person senses they are being reminded that their loved one(s) on the other side continues to support them the same way they did when living in the physical world.


Another type of pink orb is often described as having an angelic presence. Those who've experienced this type of visitation have no doubt they were in the presence of an angel. They also report specific emotions that convince them that they were touched by divinity.

Pink Orb Meanings

Meanings of Different Shades of Pink Orbs

Not all pink orbs are the same value of pink. These can range from light pink to dark rose, mauve and may have tinges of light and dark pink within a single orb. As with all things metaphysical, much is dependent upon interpretation. Nothing is set in granite.

Pale Pink

The meaning of a pale pink orb is considered one of compassion. This is a loving spirit that has come to give you a message of love and to encourage you to remain open to life's possibilities.

Pinkish Orange

This salmon color reveals a blend of kindness and authority. It may be a spirit guide contacting you to encourage you to get on with your life lessons. If you're at a crossroads in your life, you may be visited by this color orb in an effort to help you continue on your path.

Dark Pink

This orb spirit often shows up when a person is having a difficult time and feeling as though all hope has deserted them. They feel lost. This feeling is often one of being so entrenched in circumstances that they can't see any way out. If you witness this spirit orb, then be grateful. It has arrived just in time to remind you there is always hope, and you are eternally surrounded by love. It directs you to look deeper inside yourself to find the answers you so desperately need.

Pink orb


This color is infused with pink and purple. It's believed to reveal a highly evolved soul, such as an ascended master or archangel. When this color of orb visits you, there may be teachings that follow. For example, you may have detailed dreams that are often difficult to recall, other than you know you were being taught something in a classroom setting or spent your dream reading from a book.


This is another color created by a pink and purple blending. This color tends to be brighter than mauve and is the color of angelic beings. You may hear choral voices when you see this colored orb. After your encounter, you can have profound and insightful dreams, especially ones where you meet your guardian angel or you talk with angelic beings. A sense of divinity is usually felt when witnessing this colored orb.

Bright Pink

A brilliant bright pink orb contains lively active energy that seems to vibrate from the orb. This orb is sent to bestow to you the joy that love brings. Joy is quite different from happiness. It can come out of nowhere and fall over you like a wave of radiance that fills your soul. It is truly a blessing of divinity when you see this color of pink orb.


The orb, with a combination of blue and pink, often announces a spiritual being that has transcended the human experience into the realm of pure spirit. This is a very dramatic and important orb. It is considered a visitation by an ascended master who has manifested to give you a specific message of universal love and for you to learn how to forgive by applying universal love to your situation.

If you've felt alienated from the world, fallen into the negative habit of hatred towards a group of people, or suffered from growing prejudices towards others, then seeing this colored orb is a powerful intercession and wake up call. It is an attempt to steer you back onto the spiritual path with a message to love others.

Interpreting a Pink Orb Meaning and Message

You can find general and popular meanings and messages received from pink orbs. The ultimate interpretation of your pink orb visitation should be from your inner self based on your emotional responses, mental images, and specific thoughts you had at the time of your sighting or interaction.

What Do Pink Orbs Mean? Their Messages Explained