Yellow Aura: Various Meanings Explained 

Updated July 21, 2021
Yellow Aura Meaning Infographic

If you're optimistic, easygoing, and creative, there's a good chance you have yellow in your aura. Yellow is a cheerful color, and when you have a yellow aura, it probably means you have a happy disposition. Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Discover more meanings related to this bright and joyful aura color.

Yellow Auras Emotional and Spiritual Meanings

If someone says your aura color is yellow, then you're probably in a very good place emotionally and spiritually. A yellow aura means you're feeling a great deal of joy and freedom at the moment. Your spiritual nature is fine-tuned to the divine love frequency.

Yellow aura meaning infographic

Happiness and Joy

The two overriding emotions of a yellow aura are happiness and love. If yellow is your prominent aura color most of the time, it means you're a naturally generous person. In fact, your generosity goes beyond feeling good, you find tremendous joy in spreading love and hope to others. The remarkable thing about such goodwill towards others is the more you give, the more you receive.

Spiritual Awakening

Your yellow aura can mean you're undergoing a spiritual awakening. You have taken the first steps toward spiritual development. In Buddhism, the goal is to achieve joyful detachment from everything; this is seen as a necessary step in order to reach enlightenment. If you are glowing yellow, then it appears you are well on your way, and you are not attached to anything earthly.

Deep Inspiration

You are feeling deeply inspired when your aura emits a yellow tinge. The intensity of the yellow reveals the level of creativity that is sparking in your conscious self. This inspiration is usually a combination of emotional and spiritual energies. You can harness these energies and funnel them into a creative project or use them to carry you to greater spiritual heights.

Natural Born Spiritual Leader

Many natural born spiritual leaders have yellow auras. This is caused by the stimulation of the third eye chakra (sixth chakra), located in brow or third eye region. When this chakra is very active, it can generate a yellow glow around your head that looks like a halo. Both Jesus Christ and Buddha are depicted in paintings, statutes, and drawings as having yellow halo-type auras, so as you can imagine, a yellow halo is a very powerful sign.

Yellow Aura Personality Traits

There are several distinguishable personality traits for someone with a yellow aura. You may have one or more attribute, depending on the shade and intensity of the yellow.


When your aura is yellow, it indicates you're a highly optimistic individual. You'll pack a pair of sunglasses for a trip even though it's raining because you're expecting the clouds to break and the sun to shine very soon. When plans fall through, you shrug off the disappointment and continue forward, making new plans along the way. Nothing holds you back.


Your positive attitude makes you easygoing. You know that whatever energy you send out into the world is what you'll attract into your life. You want only positive things, so you don't worry about the negative what ifs. You rob them of the energy needed to manifest. Instead, you relax, knowing good things are flowing to you.


Creative people tend to have yellow auras. You may be an artist, musician, dancer, or other professional within the arts. However, you don't necessarily need to be involved in the arts to be creative. You may use the creative energy for any type of profession or life path. You may be in a healing, technology, or other career. You may simply use creative ways to learn and enjoy life as a whole. Creativity is limitless and can be used in every aspect of your life.


Your yellow aura reveals an actively intelligent person who likes to share their experiences with others. This is especially true when you've discovered profound spiritual truths and uncovered emotional aspects of yourself. The desire to share this newly acquired wisdom with others is a side-effect that spiritual development brings. This can place you in a teaching or mentorship role.

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Shades of Yellow Aura and Their Meanings

Yellow is the color of spiritual vitality. If yellow is anywhere in your aura, it means you are radiating spiritual yellow energy and harnessing the power of ideas.

Bright Sun Yellow

Bright sunshine

A bright, attention-getting color, yellow creates a sensation of brightness and warmth since it attracts those looking for joy and light. You may notice people are drawn to you. Open your heart wide and let the sunshine in. You have much to give back to the world and to others.

Light or Pale Yellow

Your psychic and spiritual abilities are awakening and beginning to grow. You can meditate to assist these new abilities. When you meditate, you carve pathways for emerging abilities to take root, so you claim them.

Lemon Yellow

You're in a battle to hang on to power and control. The lemon yellow signifies all types of fears related to personal power and prestige. This is a common obstacle when delving deep into yourself to discover your personal truths. You can release these fears by learning a few positive mantras and repeating them often to dispel any worries you have about your spiritual growth.

Metallic Gold

A metallic gold aura indicates you've awakened to a surge of spiritual energy. This energy is powerful and almost electric. It inspires you to try new things and explore your spirituality. You are fearless in your desire to learn and grow. Those with a gold aura have a unique and strong connection to the spirit world. You can learn to communicate with your spirit guides and may have mediumship abilities.

Dark Gold or Brownish Yellow

If your aura is a dark gold or a brownish yellow, then an inner battle has manifested. You are a student of spirituality and are just beginning to learn about things you never thought possible. This new knowledge has knocked you off center and you're struggling to reconcile your newfound spirituality with your old concepts. You need to step away for a while and relax. Your keen analytical mind is hampering your spiritual advancement and until you release it and learn to walk on faith, you will remain stuck at this current level.

Social Life and Friendships

Your yellow aura reveals a fun-loving personality. You enjoy life and can often be found attending public events with large crowds. You spread a loving ambience wherever you go. You are truly a beacon of love and hope. People gravitate to you, like a moth to a light. Your natural warmth and creativity inspire others to be their best selves. You know how to be a friend and this is reciprocated in everyone you meet. You have a highly active social life filled with lots of new experiences and adventures. You are the eternal optimist who always sees the glass half-full.

Romantic Relationship

Your yellow aura means you enjoy the newness of a romantic relationship. The freshness of love often drives you to find a new love interest just so you can experience that rush and bloom of new love. This can create obvious difficulties in a love relationship that grows stale. You are an honest person, so you'll end the relationship long before you pursue a new love. You are loyal, so you will never cheat on a lover, but you certainly will end a relationship that doesn't make you feel loved, cherished, and fulfilled. You are an expert at infusing new excitement into a relationship, but you don't always have the right partner that appreciates your adventurous spirit. You may have several relationships until you find your ideal mate and once you do, you're committed for life!

Career and Life Purpose

You may have a difficult time settling down to just one career. Your yellow aura makes you constantly moving to the next new challenge. Once you've accomplished or mastered that challenge, you're ready for the next one. Not everyone will appreciate your driving need for a new experience and challenge. You don't really care what others think since you have a strong sense of self. Once you discover your passion in life and career, you'll pursue it with determination. Nothing can dissuade you from any goal you set for yourself. And, you always achieve your goals. You tend to prefer careers where you can express love or be of service to others such as artist, musician, performer, healer, spiritual advisor, medium, or teacher.

Yellow Aura and Third Chakra

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While a yellow halo indicates an activated third eye, yellow actually rules the third chakra, also known as the solar plexus. Different yellows from this chakra may expand into other areas of your aura. The solar plexus can be found between your ribs and your navel.

The solar plexus is the source of your core energy. It's no wonder when people often comment that something shakes them to their core. You may have felt this vortex of energy in response to emotions, such as anger, pain, shock, or fear. You may have felt a sinking feeling in the pit of your abdomen as the third chakra reacted. On the opposite end of the emotional scale, you may have been excited and happy about something and experienced a fluttering of energy often referred to as butterflies in the stomach. Your core energy always reacts to your emotions, whether they are negative or positive.

Blocked Third Chakra and Remedies

The symptoms of a blocked third chakra include feelings of depression, bitterness, and fear. You can try surrounding yourself with yellow to stimulate this chakra. You can wear yellow clothes and even eat yellow foods. You can also use crystals to stimulate your third chakra. For example, citrine will boost your self-confidence, activate creativity, and counter negative energies.

Interpreting Your Yellow Aura Meaning

The color of your aura changes many times a day. It might be yellow one minute and then change to a different color the next. If your aura is predominately yellow, then it is a genuine reflection of your core being and soul purpose.

Yellow Aura: Various Meanings Explained