20+ Gift Ideas for New Relationships That Strike the Right Balance

Need help finding perfect gift for your new boo? We've dug up some pretty awesome ideas they're bound to love (& that aren't too serious).

Published February 5, 2024
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Life can feel so magical and exciting when you're in the beginning stages of a new relationship: all the fun dates, your first kiss, and late nights learning everything about each other. And for some couples, the beginning of your relationship may overlap with a gift-giving holiday or birthday.

If you've only been together for a short time, it can be tough to find the perfect present, but we've got plenty of gift ideas for new relationships that don't whisper "I felt obligated to get you something" nor scream "I LOVE YOU!" These thoughtful gifts land somewhere in the middle, saying "I genuinely care about you and wanted to get you something to make you smile." 

Sweet Gift Ideas for New Relationships

When thinking about what gift to give your new partner, remember that the best gift is one that takes their interests and personality into account. It shows that you put some thought into your gift and that you're learning more about who they are. 

The Gift of Music

If your date happens to be a music lover, there are so many cool gifts out there for them: a new vinyl record or band tee of their favorite artist are great places to start.

Uncommon Goods also offers a songwriting digital course at an affordable price for a unique experience gift they'll be eager to start. Or for those nights when you're not sure what to do, this microphone and speaker combo makes it easy to entertain yourselves for an at-home date in your new relationship.

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Other great music gift ideas include: 

  • A cool music-themed keychain (make it more personal with an instrument they love or an inspirational saying) 
  • A portable speaker (this waterproof JBL version is one of our favorites)
  • Concert tickets
  • Music-themed coasters (we love this adorable retro vinyl record coaster set) that you can pair it with their favorite beverage for a cute gift

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A Video Game (or Gaming Accessories)

If your partner is a gamer, a video game is a safe bet for a gift they'll love. Some games can be pricey but think of it as something you can do together when you want to hang out. Who wouldn't want a partner that shares their love of gaming? 

Or if they need a new headset for the best gaming experience, this Logitech headphone and microphone pair brings the ultimate sound quality at an affordable price. 

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Beautiful Flowers or a Unique Floral Gift 

Flowers are such an obvious choice that sometimes they are overlooked. Of course, they make a wonderful gift on Valentine's Day, but it's extra sweet to surprise your new partner when they least expect it.

A bouquet of several different flower types is a good choice for a new relationship. If you decide to get roses, just know that some rose colors have different meanings. Red means, "I love you" which might be a little strong for your new relationship. Some better choices are medium (not light or dark) pink, which means "happiness," yellow, which signifies, "friendship and caring," and orange, which means, "I want to get to know you better."

Need to Know

If your relationship is very new, your partner may not have told their coworkers about it yet, so it's best not to send them to their workplace. Besides, it'll be way cuter to deliver the flowers yourself the next time you see them.

If you like the flower angle but don't want to be quite so literal you can go with something flower-themed. For example:

Unique Experiences & Hobby Memberships

While you don't want to get carried away with spending, giving your new boyfriend or girlfriend a unique experience makes for a memorable gift. Look for a place you know your partner goes to or talks about and see if they offer gift memberships.

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You want to show that you've been listening and paying attention to them and want to encourage their hobbies and even participate alongside them. And there are lots of things you can do together that would make amazing gifts:

  • Classes like crafting or cooking
  • Pickleball lessons 
  • A live music concert
  • A workout class they've been wanting to try
  • Sunset paddleboarding
  • Escape Room
  • Museum membership

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Tabletop Games

Card games, board games, and tabletop game tables such as mini foosball or air hockey tell your partner you'd like to have some fun. Look for two-player games to encourage activities you can do together.

couple playing card game
Quick Tip

Consider your partner's personality and preferences when choosing a game. If they're more reserved, a simple card game will do. If they're animated and outgoing, pick a party game that requires lots of active play.

A few game options we love: 

  • Klask is a super fun two-player tabletop game that's like a mini mix of foosball and pinball. This one will keep you occupied for hours!
  • A game like classic Battleship is tailor-made for two players (and so much fun). 
  • If your person likes solving mental puzzles, gift a two-player cooperative game like Codenames: Duet
  • Try one of these 90s board games like Crossfire or Uni Attack for nostalgia-induced fun with your sweetheart. 

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Make Them a Food & Drink Pairing

One way to your new love's heart is through their stomach. Prepare a delicious food and drink combo for them that they'll love. Ask them about some of their favorite flavors and allergies ahead of time to make sure you get it right, while still keeping your gift a surprise. 

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Some ideas to get you started:

  • Brownies and espresso martinis
  • Burgers and bourbon
  • Charcuterie paired with wine or beer
  • Apple pie and an old-fashioned
  • Margherita pizza and an Aperol spritz

Fun Office Supplies

"Fun" and "office supplies" might not seem like they go together, but that's exactly why they should. Get your new boo something to spruce up their office space that'll give them a reason to think about you. You can do one nice thing or make a basket of a few thoughtful things that fit their personality. We love these ideas to get you started:

  • These negativity pens are pretty hilarious – only you know if your partner will think they're funny.
  • Dating a cat person? Add these adorable cat sticky notes to your office gift set.
  • An adorable bird desk lamp brings a little cheer to even the worst work days.

How to Choose Gifts for Your New Relationship

Early on in a relationship, the gift you buy should be personal but not too extravagant. 

Keep Costs Low

Diamond earrings or other expensive jewelry could send all sorts of wrong messages. Your date may think you are very serious about your long-term relationship, which could make them a little nervous. It might also make them think you are made of money (and set falsely high expectations). Even if you do have the funds to buy expensive gifts, these are best saved for later in your relationship.

Be Thoughtful

Gifts for new relationships should be fun, thoughtful, and relatively inexpensive. It should show that you care about your date and are observant regarding his or her likes and dislikes. Using jewelry as an example, while diamonds are a poor choice, a simple bracelet or a necklace charm is more reasonable.

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Keep It PG-13

Depending on your preferences and how new your relationship is, you might not have started a sexual relationship yet. Choose gifts that aren't sexual in nature to avoid putting any undue pressure on your partner.

Give General Gifts

If you don't know a lot about your partner's preferences, stick to more generic gifts. For example, steer clear of specific team apparel unless you know for sure what their favorite teams are. Skip the food and drink gifts unless you know if they have any allergies or dislikes. Think of it as shopping for gifts you could give to a friend who isn't your Bestie.

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When to Give a Gift

The timing of your new relationship gift is nearly as important as the gift itself.

Give Gifts for Major Holidays

It's expected to give gifts on major holidays even if it's a new relationship. Give your partner small gifts on big holidays so they'll feel included without any pressure to take things to a more serious level. Holidays you should expect to give a gift to your new partner are:

Give "Thinking of You" Gifts

The best time to give a gift is when it's unexpected. Pick a random day to give your gift. When your date asks why you gave the gift, you'll be able to say "I was just thinking about you."

Avoid Minor Anniversaries

While it may seem cute or sentimental to give a gift on an anniversary date, it's not necessarily the best idea. If you give a gift for your one-month anniversary, your sweetheart may then expect a gift after two months, and so forth. Even if you enjoy giving gifts, you may not want to create this expectation in your relationship.

Show Them You Care

Give your new partner a gift to show them you care and enjoy doing nice things for them. If you ask us, that's the best impression you can give when you've just started dating. It just takes a little bit of thoughtfulness to make sure you're sending the right message with your choice of give.

Next, start collecting some romantic birthday ideas so you'll be prepared to wow your new partner on their special day.

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20+ Gift Ideas for New Relationships That Strike the Right Balance