How to Give Flowers That Will Melt Anyone's Heart

Published September 2, 2020
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Giving flowers is an ancient expression of emotions. You can give flowers that have specific meanings for the color and type of flower you choose.

Giving Flowers to Express Emotions

You need to decide on the message you wish to convey by giving flowers. For example, if you wish to say, "I love you," the universal flower is a rose and the color for passion is red.

Consider the Occasion for Giving Flowers

Consider the occasion when you decide to give flowers. For example, Valentine's Day is synonymous with long stemmed red roses.

What Flowers to Choose

Choose the flower type to convey your relationship. For example, if you are just friends, then you don't want to send roses, which is the flower that most people equate with romantic love.

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How to Give Flowers

You can hand deliver flowers for a more personal touch. This is usually a bouquet without a vase. You should buy a vase to go with them so the recipient can place them in water after you've presented them.

Hand-Delivering Flowers

If the florist didn't wrap the bouquet with attractive paper, use colored tissue paper to create a nice presentation of the bouquet. You can use other types of paper, such as wrapping paper, if you prefer.

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Florist Delivery

If you're shy, then you can have the flowers delivered by the florist. Follow up once you know the florist has delivered your flowers. Sending flowers is a big deal, so skip text messages and call for a warm, personal touch.

Include a Brief Note

Include a brief note, even if you're hand-delivering the flowers. A note is nice memento someone can keep forever. You can keep it light with a message, such as:

  • "Thought of you when I saw these."
  • "Beauty deserves beauty."
  • "You brighten my day."
  • "I love you."
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Best Flowers to Give a Girl

A few tips for the best flowers to give a girl includes a listing. This guide can help you choose flowers with powerful meanings guaranteed to melt her heart!

Roses and Meanings of Rose Colors

The rose is the symbol of love in the flower world. You can gift someone a single rose or a dozen roses to convey your message. Handing someone a single, long-stem, red rose can be powerful if you deliver it with the right words of love and affection. You may decide to step outside the box of red roses equals passionate love. You may want to express a different emotion with the color of the roses.

Color Meaning
Dark crimson Dark crimson is the rose color of mourning. If you've had a breakup, this might be the flower of your choice to let your former partner know how much you miss them.
Pink Pink is a rose color that says you are happy, admire them, and think they're sweet. If you are in a new relationship and you want to express your exuberance over your newfound love, pink roses will do it!
Dark pink If your partner did something for you that you appreciate dark pink roses will say it for you. If they did you a special favor, you can show your gratitude with a bouquet.
White White roses are a symbol of purity. If your love is pure, you might want to send a bouquet of white roses to let your beloved know you are faithful, devoted and loyal.
Yellow Yellow is often the flower sent to a new friend. It is the rose color of delight and joy. If your partner has been out of town or you've just got back together, yellow roses deliver a great welcome back message.
Orange If you've admired them from afar and haven't had the courage to tell them, send a bouquet of orange roses. Include a card that tells them how you find them fascinating and special.
Peach If you've just started dating and want to send a message of how much you appreciate them, peach roses will do the job. This color represents sincerity and two people finding each other.
Lavender If you've just met the person of your dreams, but don't know how to verbalize your feelings, try lavender colored roses. This color says it was love at first sight and that you find them enchanting.
Yellow with red tips Sometimes friends find themselves falling in love. If you are experiencing this exciting change in your relationship, then say it with yellow roses slightly tinged with red. It's happiness, joy, love, and passion all in one delightful bouquet.
Rose and meanings of rose colors

Give Flowers for a Friendship

There are times you may simply want to give someone flowers to let them know you think they're a great friend. This kind of flower giving should include a card that says, "Thanks for being a wonderful friend," so they don't misinterpret your gesture as more than friendship.

Flower Meaning
Alstroemeria "The friendship flower." Its freckled trumpet blossom has an exotic appearance.

(a.k.a. flamingo lily or painter's palette)

The large, waxy flowers are heart-shaped, making it a wonderful plant for a close friend.
Chrysanthemum This flower means love, loyalty, and devotion, everything you want in a good friend.
Geranium The flower comes in red, white, and pink and represents true friendship.
Gerbera daisies These cute flowers come in all colors. Its flower message is happiness and cheerfulness.
Iris This is a great choice for a new friendship. You may also want to give this flower to someone who comes back into your life as a close friend.
Sunflowers They represent long and loyal friendship.

Flowers for Declaration of Love

Besides roses, you can give other flowers that serve as messengers of your declaration of love. While roses give a bold and obvious statement of love, other flowers tend to be more subtle in the messaging of love, so be sure you include a card that clarifies exactly how you feel!

Flower Meaning
Tulips Long-standing flowers of choice for declaring love
Gardenias Represent secret love, so perfect for someone declaring love
Purple lilacs Symbolize first love; great flower when declaring your first love interest
Carnations Mean I love you
Orchids Declare love, especially strong feelings of love
Flowers and meanings

How to Give Flowers and Send the Right Message

When you choose to send flowers, you want to send the right message. Knowing the traditional meanings of flowers can help guide you to make the best selection.

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How to Give Flowers That Will Melt Anyone's Heart