40 Easy Ways to Be More Romantic to Your Partner Every Day

It's all about real-life romantic things to do & say that show just how much you care.

Published January 18, 2024
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In this busy world we live in, it's so easy to get swept up in the responsibilities and routines of everyday life. Knowing how to be more romantic with your partner or crush is all about slowing down for a minute and appreciating what's right in front of you. Don't worry; all it takes is a conscious decision, a little practice, and a few ideas for romantic things to do every day.

Kissing in the rain and proposals on bent knees are great for the movies, but real-life romance looks a little less dramatic. That doesn't make it any less important, though. Being romantic shows your partner that they (and your relationship) matter to you. Consider it an affirmation of how much you value what you have together.

Romantic Things to Do in Real Life

Far be it from us to downplay the romantic effect of giving someone a lovely piece of jewelry, but most romantic things to do don't really cost much at all. These are some of the gestures that can really matter to people:

  1. Make breakfast while they sleep in. Might we suggest stuffed pancakes?
  2. When you're hanging out with people together, brag about something awesome your partner did or said recently.
  3. Wake them up with a kiss (doesn't have to be on the lips).
  4. Plan a movie night where you watch their favorite movie (even if you're not usually into slasher flicks).
  5. Notice if they are cold and bring a cozy blanket or some tea to warm them up.
  6. Bring them a book you know they'll love and write a sweet note inside it.
  7. Buy an obscure snack or treat they love, especially if it comes from another country or is super specific. Surprise them with it.
  8. Kiss them unexpectedly. We're not talking a full make-out session, just a smooch as they're brushing their hair or sweeping the floor.
  9. Make a favorite meal for them. Cooking is caring, after all.
  10. Unexpectedly clean a room or do a chore that they normally have to do and tell them how much you appreciate them normally doing it.
  11. Pick flowers or buy a bouquet when you're out and give it to them for no reason.
  12. Kiss places that aren't expected, such as their neck, hand, or forehead.
  13. Pamper them with a bubble bath and some time alone (if you have kids together, this means running interference).
  14. Bring them their favorite flavor of cupcake from their favorite bakery.
  15. Make a photo of them your lock screen picture on your phone.

Cute Romantic Gestures to Show You Care

You can be adorably romantic every day without doing anything fancy. Try one of these little gestures to make them smile:

  1. Blow a kiss from across the room or through a window.
  2. Send them a song that always makes you think of them and tell them that's why you're sending it.
  3. Take a picture of something you know they would like during the day and text it to them.
  4. Make them some heart-shaped food (cut a sandwich into a heart or arrange berries in a heart shape).
  5. Get out some candles for an ordinary meal. Even if you're only eating a frozen pizza together, the contrast will be adorable.
  6. Write love notes on random things like the banana in their lunch or the outside of the cereal box.
  7. Send a funny reel or TikTok that you know they'll like.
  8. Write "I love you" on a piece of paper and use their phone to take a selfie of you holding it. They'll find it later and laugh.
  9. When you're hugging them, hold on just a little longer when they start to let go.
  10. Take selfies of the two of you together. Save them on your phone and then text them to your partner days or weeks later to show you're thinking of them.

Everyday Romantic Things to Say

What you do matters when it comes to romance, but what you say matters too. A simple "I love you" is always good, but you can change it up with some of these romantic things to say:

  1. No one makes my heart as happy as you do.
  2. You are truly amazing. I'm so grateful to have you in my life.
  3. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I have to tell you that you're my dream come true.
  4. How was your day really? (Then follow up with a specific question that shows you were really listening.)
  5. I love the way you...
  6. You're my favorite person.
  7. I adore you.
  8. You're my home.
  9. You smell amazing.
  10. You look so good today.
  11. I love your ideas.
  12. Give me a second just to look at you.
  13. I don't know what I'd do without you. Thank you for all you do.
  14. I love how I feel when we're together.
  15. No one makes me smile like you do.

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Quick Tip

You can add a romantic impact to anything you say by touching them at the same time. A hand on their cheek or a sweet kiss makes your words mean even more.

Show You See Them and Care

Romance isn't always about booking a vacation or planning an elaborate night out (though there's nothing wrong with that). It's also about letting them sleep in or noticing that they're cold and bringing some tea. Knowing how to be romantic means showing you really see them and care for them. As long as what you're doing sends that message, it's the perfect thing.

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40 Easy Ways to Be More Romantic to Your Partner Every Day