11 Virtual Game Night Ideas for a Long-Distance Laugh

Published April 6, 2020
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A virtual game night allows you to connect and laugh with friends when you're staying at home, whether you're not leaving your house due to pandemic and illness, or you just don't feel like getting all dolled up to hang out with friends. There are a number of fun games you can play online with friends during your virtual game night.

Virtual Game Night Activities for All Ages

If you've got an internet connection and a conferencing app such as Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom, then you've got a virtual game night in the making. Consider some of the fun ways to gather with loved ones to play virtual games.

Jackbox Games

It's like Jackbox saw social isolation trending and did everything they could to prepare for it years ago. And now, the game maker offers a host of games you can play remotely with friends on various platforms, such as Steam. For example, host up to 10 remote players on Jackbox Party Pack 6 (there are five other party packs you can download as well), which allows players to use smartphones or tablets as controllers for a series of remote games. You can even invite others to watch. Jackbox offers instructions about how to use screen share in your video conferencing service to play remotely with friends and family or using Steam Remote Play Together. Check out all of the various games Jackbox offers and gather gamers of all ages to join in the fun. Games range from fun, quiz style games, to bluffing games such as Fibbage, to Cards Against Humanity types of games such as Quiplash. Games cost around $5 for a single game or $30 for a party bundle.


Use a virtual game room, such as those available at LetsDraw.it or just gather in your favorite social app. On LetsDraw.it, register as a user, and then create your own room. Invite friends and family to join you. It's simple! Alternatively, simply gather on your favorite video conferencing platform with pads and papers and take turns drawing things and allowing others to guess.

Kids' Virtual Game Night Activities

Kids need simpler games, but there are plenty online that make for a fun game night hang-out.

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UNO is a fun game for the whole family, but it's especially entertaining for kids and teens. This Crazy 8s style card game is easy to play virtually. Gather the family on your favorite video conferencing platform and log into the UNO app on your smart devices. Set up a fun room for your friends. The game is available as an app from Apple and Google Play.

Go Fish

At PlayingCards.io, young kids can gather to play card games like Go Fish! Simply click on the Play! icon and then share the link with friends. Kids can enjoy face to face interaction during the game by all being logged into a conferencing program.

Teens and Adults

Teens are pretty adept at hanging out online and playing games, so they're already savvy about playing with friends online. Because teens are one of the larger video game demographics, they have plenty of games they can play online.

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Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is a classic Nintendo game that's now available on smart devices including Apple and Google Play. You can gather on a face to face conferencing platform, download Mario Kart Tour on your smart devices, and play together with up to seven other players on your friends list. The cost is $5 per month, but it's good, old-fashioned Super Mario fun.


Four people can play a game of Monopoly on their smart devices while hanging on a conferencing platform. It's available for both Apple and Google Play for a $4 download plus in-app purchases. Invite three other friends to join you and settle in for a long game of Monopoly following the classic rules.

Remote Insensitivity

PlayingCards.io has a Cards Against Humanity style game called Remote Insensitivity. It plays just like Cards Against Humanity, but virtually. Play with up to six players. Meet up on your favorite video platform, click the Play! link, and then send the link to one to five other friends to join you. It's as simple as that, and it's free.

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Home Grown Virtual Game Night Activities

You don't need an app or game platform to have fun online with a virtual game night. If you've got a virtual place to hang out, you can try any of the following home grown virtual game night activities.

Who Said That? (All Ages)

If you don't feel like working with the technology associated with playing a virtual game, then why not see how well you know each other? Before you gather on the video conferencing platform of your choice, you'll need to do a little legwork first.

  1. Create a list of questions - such as icebreaker questions or team building questions - and send them to everyone who will be playing.
  2. Have everyone message a person designated as the "host" their answers to the questions before game play begins.
  3. Then, during gameplay, the host will read the questions and one person's answer. Players will have to guess who said that. Those who guess correctly get a point.

Bad Lip Reading (All Ages)

This game is so easy, but it plays well for all ages.

  1. Come up with a list of categories such as "favorite movie," "best place to kiss," "first album you bought," "sing the chorus of a song," or similar.
  2. For each category, proceed one player at a time. The person answering the question mutes his or her microphone and says the answer that best fits the category for them.
  3. Players guess what that person said based on what it looked like their lips were saying. Everyone guessing correctly gets a point.

Virtual Bingo (Kids)

Play virtual bingo with free printable Bingo cards or Bingo templates. Depending on the age of the kids, focus on simple categories such as numbers, letters, or animals, or move into more complex concepts such as musical bingo.

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Air Alphabet (Early Elementary)

For air alphabet, have each child take turns writing a capital or lower-case letter in the air with his or her finger so the others watching can see. Each child watching will guess what letter was written, with one point awarded for the correct answer.

Virtual Games for All Ages

Who says you can't still socialize with your friends when you're far away? Host a virtual game night using an online video platform and some simple but fun virtual games. It's a great way to stay connected.

11 Virtual Game Night Ideas for a Long-Distance Laugh