Lunchtime Love: Midday Date Ideas From Lunch to Strolls

Lunch date? More like the perfect date! Get ideas for daytime dates you'll both love.

Published July 5, 2023
Friends having fun together in a coffee shop

Hot take, but the lunch date is underappreciated, undervalued, and might just be better than the classic dinner date. Controversial? Oh yeah. Do you need to give these midday date ideas a try? Oh yeah. Will you need to tell anyone your secret source? It's our secret.

Delicious Lunch Date Tips and Food Ideas

couple eating sushi

If it's lunchtime; your tummy is probably rumbling. Consider a few of these ideas for food for your midday date.

Try Simple Spots That Aren't Crowded

Go for a place that isn't packed! You don't want to spend your date speed-eating if you're on a time crunch. Think of delis, pizza parlors, sushi bars, or coffee shops. Of course, you can always hit up that local Italian restaurant if you have the time.

Go for Takeout at a Scenic Spot

Skip dining in and instead opt for takeout! Bring it to a local park or enjoy a meal in the car overlooking a scenic view - even if that scenic view is people-watching downtown during the day.

Make It a Midday Picnic

Pack a picnic and make it a fancy lunch date, complete with a basket or tote bag of food and a comfy blanket to spread out. Whether you make this an indoor or outdoor date is up to you!

Try a Walking Lunch Date

Grab something easy to munch or sip on the go, such as a milkshake, ice cream cone, or a smoothie, and make it a walking lunch date.

Plan a Food Truck Lunch Date

Find a food truck you're both interested in and swing by for lunch. Some cities even have several food trucks in the same place. This means you can try a spread of food for your date.

Midday Date Ideas That Make the Most of Your Lunch Hour

A lunch date is about more than lunch - if you want to get out and do something with your person, try these ideas. Whether you're both working on Saturday night and need to sneak in your dates on weekend afternoons, or you want to share some special moments on your lunch hour during the workweek, these possibilities have you covered.

Walk Through a Garden

couple walking in garden

Explore a local park, garden, or botanical courtyard hand in hand. Unlike hiking, you don't need to carve out hours of the day or need to remember the bug spray.

Midday Coffee Date

Grab a cup of java and head to the park or unwind at the coffee shop. And those pastries or sandwiches you're eyeing? Totally go for it.

Hit the Bowling Alley

A single 9-frame game of bowling doesn't take much more than 20 minutes or so. And for the adventurous type, you can even dive into some bowling alley pizza or nachos. Of course, you can go bowling after your sit-down lunch if that better suits your vibe.

Go Window Shopping

Whatever it is you both like, comic books, antiques, sports memorabilia, or a shared love of vinyl, window shopping is a lovely way to spend a midday date without having to worry about the time. Bonus: you don't need to share elbow space like you do when those stores are busier at night. Not to mention, midday dates are an introvert's dream.

Midday Farmer's Market Date

couple at farmer's market

These aren't just for Sunday anymore! You can find farmer's markets, food stands, and other boutique food shops everywhere these days. And you know what they scream? The perfect midday date spot.

Quick Tip

Date going great? Did your evening clear up? Put those ingredients to work and make dinner together tonight.

Explore a Corner (or Full Floor!) of a Museum

Depending on how much time you have, explore a corner of a museum, check out a full floor, or even wander and soak in everything the museum has to offer. It doesn't need to be art; think of options like science museums, toy museums, or history centers too.

Flea Market Lunch Date

Go antiquing, check out some vintage furniture, or work on building your unique book collection with a flea market lunch date. Two sets of eyes are better than one when it comes to hunting for that special find. Not to mention, you'll think of each other when you're admiring your prizes later.

Get Some Wheels - Roller Blade or Hop on a Bike

couple getting ready to roller blade

Feel the breeze in your hair with a bike ride along a river, through the city, along the path of a park, or around the neighborhood. No bike? No problem. Use some skates on hand, pick up some skates as part of the date, or utilize those rentable scooters that seem to be popping up across the United States. Plus - you get the benefits of working out together.

Consider a Micro-Date

If you're short on time, consider a micro-date for your lunch romance. You'll still get some quality time with your date or your partner without feeling like you're sprinting through the date.

Midday Bakery Date

couple eating at a bakery

Bakeries are some of the best date spots for lunch. Full stop. With sweet treats, fizzy drinks and fruity teas (and often the best cookie you'll ever have and flavors you could only dream of) they're the ideal stop for when you have only 40 minutes or you want to chat for two hours.

Hit the Golf Course - The Mini-Golf Course

If you have the time to hit the front or back nine and you're both golfers, swing big and hit the links. For the rest of us, the mini-golf course is a safe bet. Pair with some lunch before and ice cream after, then you can say you have a three-course date.

Take a Look at Views From a Rooftop

couple at a rooftop bar

Rooftop bars and restaurants aren't going to be as jammed during weekday lunches, so this is the time to finally see those views without having to wait an hour to snag a table or spot.

Lunch Plans? It's a Date!

Short on time, prefer to go on a date when you aren't at risk of falling asleep as the night goes on, or want to capitalize on sunshine? Lunch dates are the answer! Midday dates can be a solution to sneaking in time together or mixing things up. After all, there's something about getting home and being able to crawl right into bed with your latest guilty pleasure show.

Lunchtime Love: Midday Date Ideas From Lunch to Strolls