Guide to Reading a Man's Body Language

Reading a Man's Body Language

Reading a man's body language is an important skill to have. When you know how to read the subtle clues his posture and expressions give, you'll better understand what he is thinking and what he wants. This is helpful to know whether you just met and are flirting, or even if you have been married for many years.

Reading a Man's Body Language: Flirting

The time when you are most closely paying attention to body language is when you are flirting. When flirting, you are trying to figure out if there is mutual interest without coming out and talking about it. Often the only way to tell if he might be interested is through his body language. Some common flirty body language includes:

  • Smiling. If he is smiling at you, this is always a good sign.
  • Eye contact. When a man is interested, he won't be able to keep his eyes off you. Watch to see if his gaze lingers longer than normal or if he is even staring at you.
  • Hands on hips. A common male body stance is to face you directly, feet pointed at you, with his hands on his hips. He might also place his hands or a few fingers inside his pockets or around his belt. This very open stance means he is interested and open to you.
  • Leans in close. If you are standing near each other, watch to see if he leans in closer to you as the conversation progresses. Unless it's a very loud room and he is having trouble hearing you, he is moving closer because he is interested and wants to share his personal space with you.
  • Touches you. Another reason he wants to be close is so that he can touch you. It might be very subtle, such as his hand grazing your arm. Alternatively, he might be far less subtle and put his hand on your shoulder or back, for example.

More Body Language Signs

There are more movements to watch for when reading a man's body language.

Adjusts His Clothes

Men pay very little attention to their physical appearance compared to women. Therefore, when he takes the time to adjust his tie, make sure his shirt is tucked in or straighten his jacket, it's because he wants to make a good impression.

Crosses his Arms

When a man has his arms crossed and his holding them against his chest, it means he is not receptive to your words or actions, even if he might otherwise appear interested.


If you approach a man and you notice he keeps fidgeting, chances are he is bored. Examples of fidgeting include:

  • Looking around the room instead of focusing on you
  • Tapping his feet
  • Shifting his weight from side to side or constantly adjusting his stance
  • Often looks at his watch or cell phone

Eyebrow Flash

This body language sign is difficult to spot because it happens very fast. If you notice his eyebrows move upward after making eye contact, it usually indicates he is interested. The lift allows more light to the eyes, allowing him to see you more easily while making his eyes look inviting.

Flexes his Muscles

A guy may try and impress you by flexing his muscles. Don't expect to see his arms flex like a body builder, however. Instead, his attempt to have you notice he's been working out will be more subtle but noticeable if you are paying attention.

Touches his Face

If he is interested in you, he'll begin to touch his face quite often. He's doing this because he is excited and because it feels good. Some of the facial areas become more sensitive when there is physical attraction. Examples of face touching includes:

  • Touches his cheeks with his fingers
  • Rubs or pulls on his ears
  • Massages his chin
  • Touches his lips
  • Takes more sips of his drink

These movements are also designed to draw your attention to his face and specifically his lips so that you'll begin to think of kissing him.


Men aren't that hard to read if you look for the signs their body languages provides. By paying close attention, you'll quickly discover that you know what men are thinking without needing to ask>.

Guide to Reading a Man's Body Language