11 Easter Nail Ideas & Art That'll Put Some Spring in Your Step

You don't need an Easter bonnet to express yourself! Instead, use our Easter manicure ideas to provide you with inspo for your Easter nail look.

Published February 29, 2024
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Move over, Easter bonnets. Step aside, Easter eggs. We have the cutest way to express your Easter aesthetic this spring — with adorable Easter nail designs and nail art. Get ready to crush it this Easter in your favorite outfit with Easter nail art so cute and colorful that it'll make the Easter Bunny proud. 

Chick Out That Adorable Easter Nail Art


Is there anything cuter than a fluffy yellow chick at Easter? Yes! These hatching chick nails are way cuter (or at least just as cute), in our opinion. With little yellow chicks peeping out from their white shells, this simple design lets everyone know you're serious about Easter. We think OPI's nail lacquer in Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet is the perfect shade. 

Sweet Glittery Pastel Easter Nails


If glitter is wrong for Easter, we don't want to be right. In our humble opinion, there's no such thing as too much glitter, and this glimmering pastel manicure strikes the perfect balance between soft Easter pinks and purples and bling. So go for a little sparkle this Easter. Pick your basecoat colors, and finish with a glitter top coat like L.A. Colors Craze nail polish in Glitter Bomb

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Easter-Egg Inspired Mani


Stop hunting for the perfect Easter nail design and take inspo from dying and painting eggs. Paint your nails in different pastels, and then use a contrasting color to paint adorable Easter egg designs on one or all of your nails. We love MEFA's pastel gel nail polish set in Pastel Haven. It has all the colors you'll need for your Easter egg mani. 

Robin's Egg Speckles


With a pastel basecoat and some soft brown and white speckles, your nails will look like the perfect little robin's eggs (and robin eggs candies) that appear every spring. We love a matte topcoat to give your nails the perfect eggshell finish and protect your polish.  

Helpful Hack

Want fewer steps? Try Meet Across's gel nail polish in Jelly Eggshell — the specks are done for you. Finish with a matte gel topcoat.

Peek-a-Boo Easter Bunnies


How cute are these shy Easter bunnies peeking out from the edges of the nails? Pick your fave Easter colors as a base, and paint adorable bunnies along the edges. Finish with a matte topcoat like Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte Topcoat to give your mani an Easter egg finish. 

We like the slightly bolder colors you'll find in the Ejuibas gel nail polish kit for this mani. 

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Dots and Bunny Butts


What's cuter than a bunny tush with a little floofy tail? Not much! So make that adorable little fluff of cotton the focus of your manicure by painting a bunny backside outline on one nail and adding adorable dots on the rest. Paint your manicure all one color or opt for different pastels, like the Born Pretty Pastel Gel Nail Polish set in Cream Kiss. Use a soft white to polish your bunny butt and dots, and finish with a matte gel topcoat

Whimsical Matte Yellow With Decal


Start with a pastel yellow polish like duri's nail polish in Summer Dream. Add an adorable Easter decal on one finger, and finish with a matte topcoat like wet n' wild Wild Shine Nail Polish matte topcoat.  The result is a super sweet Easter mani with just a hint of whimsy. 

Sweet Flowers & Zig Zags


Start with candy-colored nails, like these candy pastels from Eternal Collections. Use brighter colors (or even neons like the Girls Just Wanna Have Neons color collection from Eternal Collections) to paint your flowers and zig zags, and then finish with a matte or glossy top coat to have nails that look a lot like Easter eggs. 

Beautiful Blush With Sprigs of Lavender


Paint a nail or two with delicate sprigs of lavender to celebrate the spring season and Easter. Start with the palest blush color, like OPI's Infinite Shine in Bubble Bath. Paint on a few simple lavender sprigs, and finish with a glossy topcoat like OPI's RapiDry Nail Polish Drying Topcoat to protect your artwork and give your nails shine.  

Soft & Easy Easter Simplicity


We adore an understated mani, particularly a set of Easter nails done up in soft pastels like those you'll find in Beatle's Pastel Gel Nail Polish Set. Paint each nail its own color, or go for one shade of soft pastel for pretty, understated nails that still whisper Easter. 

Cheerful Ombre Orange & Tulips


Not into all the soft colors typically associated with Easter? Then dip into the colors inspired by Easter's unofficial flower — the tulip. These tulip nails are bold and springy, but they're still filled with the optimism and hope of Easter with cheerful orange ombre polish and a finger or two painted with pretty spring tulips. We think LAKUR's Londontown in Flashback is the absolutely perfect shade for this bold look. 

Easter Manicures Everybunny Will Love


Whether you want soft and sweet or bold and bright, these Easter nail ideas celebrate the renewal that Easter promises. With flowers, bunnies, chicks, and more, these Easter manicures help you express yourself while celebrating a favorite spring holiday. 

11 Easter Nail Ideas & Art That'll Put Some Spring in Your Step