Marshalls Handbags: Designer Purses at a Discount

Updated March 30, 2021
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Marshalls purses are a great mix of current styles and designer labels at discounted prices. You can shop at your local store or online to find those coveted Marshalls designer handbags.

How to Shop for Marshalls Purses

You can shop at your local Marshalls store for designer purses. The inventory of Marshalls designer handbags is constantly being sold and replaced in a continuous stream of new designer purses.

Marshalls Designer Handbags

If you have a favorite handbag designer, you should check out your local Marshalls store and the company website to see which designers are currently being showcased. A small sampling of the different designer brand names you can expect to find can get you started in your search. These include:

  • Celine
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Balenciaga
  • Burberry
  • Gucci
  • Michael Kors
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Coach
  • Dooney & Bourke
brown Gucci monogram bag

Seasonal Changes for Marshalls Purses and Handbags

The different designer bags sold at Marshalls may vary somewhat from season to season. However, you can expect to find a few mainstays. If your local Marshalls store doesn't carry these specific designer handbags, it is possible another store will have the designer bags you seek.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Marshalls Designer Handbags

You can expect to pay considerably less than retail prices for Marshalls designer handbags. You can explore a few examples to get a better idea of the type of savings you can find when you shop designer bags at Marshalls.

  • Alexander McQueen: You can buy a purse for $799 (regular $1,799).
  • Balenciaga: You may pay $1,299 for a regular $1,700 handbag.
  • Burberry: A purse might sell for $1,200 that is regularly $1,600, or you may find a $1,400 for a regularly priced $2,190 handbag.
  • Celine: You might pay between $129 (regular $250) to $999 (regular $1,500) for this designer's handbags.
  • Gucci: You can purchase a Gucci bag for $999 that is regularly $1,280.
  • Salvatore Ferragamo: This designer's purses sell for $499 (regular $750), or you may find a $1,399 purse that is regularly $2,400.
Ferragamo two tone black white bag

Tips to Find Marshalls Bags

You can visit the Marshalls website regularly to see what new designer bags have been added. You don't want to hesitate too long since the bags are snapped up fairly quickly.

Visit Your Local Marshalls Store Often

New merchandise is added to store shelves every day. If you want the best chances of finding great deals on handbags, it's a good idea to visit the store (or stores) in your local area often.

Marshalls Store

Call Store to Inquire

If you're looking for a specific designer label or style, you may want to call first to find out if it is available at the store. This tip can be particularly helpful if you know that the company has the style or label, but it isn't available at your local store. It's possible that another store within a reasonable driving distance has the purse.

Be Prepared to Purchase Immediately

Marshalls carries a wide selection of purse styles, but only a few purses of individual styles are stocked in each store or online. If you are just browsing and hesitate to buy a purse you like, chances are you'll miss your window of opportunity, since these finds are quickly snapped up the moment they become available. This means you should be prepared to make a purchase when you find a handbag that you like, especially when you shop Marshalls designer handbags.

Get to Know Store Staff

You should make it a point to know the manager of the stores you frequent, so you can get the inside scoop on when and what the store is likely to have available. While managers may not know which styles will be stocked, they will have access to details on when new products are expected to arrive and how long it will take before the purses are available on the sales floor.

Find Out Store Markdown Timeframes

The Marshalls stores tend to do merchandise markdowns regularly. If you want to wait for a particular handbag to be marked down, it's a good idea to get a sense of how often and when the store does markdowns.

Get on the Inside Track

If you have established a relationship with the store staff members, ask them about how many weeks new merchandise in the handbag department tends to stay at full price before being marked down. You can also get a sense of this on your own by visiting the store one or two days per week to scout out when new handbags come in, make notes when certain styles arrive, and when the purses show up on the clearance rack. You can track several styles, since not all of the handbags will stay in stock long enough to be marked down.

neon yellow Balenciaga bag

Shop Marshalls Website and Connect on Social Media

You can shop Marshalls online or search for a store in your area. In addition to the online store locator, you can connect with Marshalls on social media. Each connection gives you a way to discover what is available in stores and online. Examples include:

  • Marshalls on Facebook: "Like" the company's corporate Facebook page to receive pictures, links, and other posts in your own Facebook news feed.
  • Marshalls on Twitter: "Follow" the company on Twitter to receive shopping tips, product photos, and other information directly to your Twitter stream.
  • Marshalls on Pinterest: Follow the company on Pinterest to see curated boards featuring recent inventory additions. You can follow the store as a whole, or just their Handbag Heaven board, which contains only handbags.
  • Marshalls on Instagram: Get more pictures of the company's merchandise by "Following" their Instagram account.

Keep Up With Handbag Trends

If you want to get a sense of the general types of styles your local Marshalls store will get in, you can follow fashion magazines and websites. Marshalls website and stores carry the most current trends, keeping up with them can give you a good sense of what you can expect to find. Most of the merchandise that Marshalls sells is of the current year and season.

Best Deals on Marshalls Purses

Marshalls purses offer you great opportunities to buy a trendy designer handbag for a fraction of the retail price. All you may need is a little patience to find your favorite designer handbags.

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Marshalls Handbags: Designer Purses at a Discount