Wigs Are Having a Major Moment That You Can Get In On

Over half of all women in America regularly wear wigs or extensions, no matter their age, race, or socioeconomic status.

Published March 3, 2024
LuvMe Wigs

Summer in Washington, DC—that's the reason I tried on my first-ever wig. The city's notorious humidity drenches the air with an almost tangible dewiness from June to September that can keep your skin balmy (yay!) but make your hair rebellious (boo!). I’m a spirited and opinionated Black girl with a headful of spirited and opinionated Black girl curls (and bonus: I have a persistent spot of central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia on my crown that I’m always trying to disguise), so sometimes there’s just not enough time, product, or two-strand twisting to make my coils conform, especially in the summer.

Fast-forward to me sitting in front of a mirror at a local beauty supply store alongside my bestie, having our first wig try-on-athon. I learned two things that day: 1) bangs are forever my friend because they balance my fluffy cheeks and 2) it’s kind of hard not to feel just a little vampy when you’re experimenting with a multitude of looks you wouldn’t otherwise be able to create without an entire afternoon at a salon for a cut, color or weave installation. I mean, I saw myself as a blonde for the first time, y’all. And it was fun.

There’s Joy in Instant Transformation

LuvMe Wigs

More than 50 percent of women in America regularly wear wigs or extensions, and their usage cuts across all demographics, including age, race, and socioeconomics. Whether it's Gen Zs or women over 50; individuals navigating hair loss or regrowth; those covering their hair for religious reasons; or women seeking to protect their natural hair, save time, or enjoy the ability to transform their appearance in literal seconds, wigs have become a versatile accessory. Are wigs the great unifier? It’s possible. But what’s certain is because so many women from diverse backgrounds are wearing them, the versatility and accessibility of high-quality wigs are increasing. 

An exciting new option for seasoned wig wearers and wig-curious consumers alike, LuvMe, a 9-year-old brand founded by Helena Lee, has recently introduced its 7x6 Lace PartingMax Glueless Wigs, offering a promising choice for individuals seeking convenience and quality in their wig-wearing experience.

Like all other products in the brand’s growing catalog, every design in the new series is made of 100% human hair, a foundation of Luvme’s commitment to quality, durability and comfort. In December, the PartingMax series was selected as an ELLE Editor’s Top Pick because across five gorgeous style options from a blunt bob to a water wave, each wig features a deeper parting area that allows its wearer to easily create natural-looking center or side parts. The thin lace seamlessly blends into every skin tone, creating an imperceptible hairline, catering to women who are new to the world of wigs.

The “Why” Behind the Wigs

Globally, Black women constitute one of the largest groups of wig consumers. However, for some, the challenges lie in the maintenance and potential damage, particularly to their edges.

LuvMe Wigs

Luvme believes everyone has the right to feel empowered and confident in their beauty, and the brand stands on its promise to its thriving Instagram community and reported 1 million customers to date to meet its premium standards of quality, convenience and comfort. PartingMax, by design, is a versatile canvas for effortless rocking frontal wigs. It eliminates the off-putting complexities and learning curves often associated with wearing them - most notably, the challenge of hiding the telltale lace.The series’ pre-cut glueless wigs fit securely for all-day wear without the need for damaging or hard-to-use adhesives. Summer is still two seasons away, but for a new wig wearer like myself, this is an incentive to keep experimenting with the ever-expanding ways to make “pretty” both fun and easy.

Visit LuvMe to learn more about how you can join this movement!

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Wigs Are Having a Major Moment That You Can Get In On