15 Frosty Winter Nail Ideas to Update Your Seasonal Style

These wintery nail looks will leave Jack Frost shaking in his frosty boots. Whether your style leans classy or cute, there's a winter wonderland of ideas.

Published December 19, 2023

From the softest of blues to the purest of whites, your cold-weather nails will keep you warm in the spotlight all season long. Your winter nails will be cool as ice and just as unique as a snowflake with these clever ideas. 

Ice Blue Whispers Winter

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A soft and cool blue, preferably of the ice variety, couldn't be better suited for a winter manicure. Paired with pearly white or wintery glitter, ice blue is so stylish it might give you chills.

Mesmerize With Mint Green


If icy blue isn't quite your style, a warmer variation might be best. Mint green is still soft for winter but feels a bit brighter and warms up your nails for a fun winter look.

Make Your Nails a Winter Wonderland

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If you're a fan of embracing all the trends at once, you can mix current nail looks for a winter wonderland manicure. Combine winter nail designs, glitter, sweater texture, and a modern twist on French tips to give you a unique look for all your winter events.

Go Classy With Black and White Nails

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The two coolest ends of the color spectrum, black and white, scream class. They're both always in style and flatter nearly every outfit. Sport black and white on your winter nails and you'll be well on your way to showing off your timeless fashion sense.

Pair Blue & White for Your Winter Nails

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Shades of blue and white transport you to an icy oasis. Combine the two on your nails for a manicure match made in a wintery heaven. 

Try an ombre look with a blue-to-white gradient or add a pop of bright blue to a mostly white manicure. No matter the way you approach this combination, you'll be the ice queen of style.

Sweater Nails Make Winter Cozy

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Sweater nails have been trending all year, but they were truly made for winter style. The cozy knit look of these nails makes any color or top coat look like a thoughtful winter fashion choice.

Pale Neutral Nails Are Cute for Winter


The darker neutrals of fall nails move aside for soft, pale neutrals of winter. Soft shades of pink, light beiges, and classic cream all work well for your cold-weather manicure.

Try Glossy White Nails


If you're determined to go all-in on winter nails, you may as well choose a snowy shade of white with a glossy top coat. Perfect for reflecting your incredible winter wardrobe, this trending manicure feels elegant yet bold.

Adorable Winter Nail Art Makes a Statement

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Winter critters, snowy icons, and all the cozy symbols give your winter nails a cute upgrade. From glistening icicles to adorable snowmen, these sweet details prove that you have no trouble embracing your inner child from time to time.

Snowflakes Are a Must for Christmas Nails

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If you're only going to sport one winter icon on your nails, make it a snowflake — or ten. Snowflakes extend far beyond Christmas, though they can work for your holiday nails as well.

Snowflakes can be as cute as they are elegant depending on how you choose to use them. Intricate snowflakes with sharp lines give off a high-fashion vibe while smaller and simpler versions feel a bit more whimsical.

Matte Black Makes Dark Winter Nails Stand Out

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Black nails, much like the color itself, are always in style. Matte black nails bring you up to the current trends and an almond or short square tip lets everyone know that you're no stranger to being in vogue. 

Pink Nails Pop for Winter

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Pretty pink nails can fit into any season. For winter, you can get away with soft and dusty pinks or have fun with a cool shade of bubblegum. Add all the glitzy glitter for a sparkling manicure or go the trendy route with a chrome or textured top coat.

Give Gray a Try for Winter

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Gray was destined to be a winter neutral. Whether it's deep charcoal or an icy light gray, you can rock the muted shade all season long. 

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If you're feeling a bit fancy, transition your usual gray into a sparkling silver manicure.

Chrome Winter Nails Are on Trend

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A chrome top coat can bring life to any nail look but it feels extra cool and smooth for winter. You can choose classic metallic chrome or ask your manicurist to add a chrome top coat to any color of polish to transform your nail look.

Rhinestones Sparkle for Winter

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If chrome is a stylish upgrade, rhinestones are the ultimate luxurious nail detail. They bring glittering life to snowflakes, update your French tips, and make your winter nail style stand out. 

Winter Nails So Good You'll Shiver

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Winter may be the season of staying in, but with nail looks this lovely you'll want to spend every evening out. Don't let the cold weather keep you down, you've got a manicure to show off.

15 Frosty Winter Nail Ideas to Update Your Seasonal Style