14 January Nail Ideas to Start the Year With Style

Add a touch of cozy chic and winter whimsy with these January nail ideas that will help you start the year looking incredible.

Published December 14, 2023

Just because your nails are hiding beneath gloves for so much of cold and chilly January doesn't mean they need to spend the month naked and bare. It's the start of the year!

It's a time to celebrate, to add extra sparkle, glitter, and pizazz everywhere that we can. Now, the only thing left to decide while you peruse these ideas is narrowing down which January nail idea you love the most. Will you be painting your nails a gorgeously icy blue, adding a touch of whimsical nail art in an ode to polka dot day, or will you opt for clean lines to kick start your year of nails? 

Cute Pink Nails for January


Simple chic and ballet pink? What's better for shifting into January mode with your mani? Swing from the bright red hues of the holidays to the soft colors of January, all thanks to these subtly cute shades on your nails. They look great in your bubble bath, too. 

Fresh & Simple January Nail Look


With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, coordinating outfits, making sure every piece of jewelry, scarf, and accessory perfectly matches ... it can be a bit much. So treat yourself to a January mani with nails that are simple and white. They effortlessly match any event you have this month. 

Try Floral Nail Art for January


Channel the flowers of January by adding a little nail art to your mani. Dress up your nails with just-about-to-bud carnations, in the color of your choosing. Or lean into the cooler January days by adding snowdrops to your nails instead. 

January Birthday Nails Worth Celebrating


Happy birthday to those January Aquarius' and Capricorns! Now that the focus is on your birthday, and the presents won't be seasonal, shouldn't your nails match the occasion? Use a soft pastel base and add layers of gold for a soft look, or go with a big bold colorful base and big sparkles. It's your party! Do your nails how you want to. 

January Birthstone-Inspired Nails


Celebrate your birthday, your bestie's birthday, your closest cousin's, whoever the January baby is, with a punch of color. Step up the celebrations with bright red nails that are as shiny as the January birthstone: garnet. Of course, you can also add red gemstones to make these pop even more.

Frosty Nails for a Look Inspired by Chill Weather


If you're someone who just cannot keep a manicure from chipping or doesn't always excel at keeping up with their manicure as it grows out ... whoops, that's just a look into my life. But if you're like me, then a soft, frosty January nail look is perfect as you spend your time tackling your resolutions. 

Add Some Sparkle to January


Just because New Year's Day is behind us doesn't mean that sparkles are out of style — far from it. January is a time of new: brand, sparkling new. And your nails? They should be new too! New year, new you, new nails, same perfect sparkles. 

Icy Streets, Icy Nails


Those icicles outside your window are just January reminding you that it's its own month: December? December who? February? No, not yet. Channel that Tiffany blue that seems to surround January. Not to mention that baby blue is the perfect color to celebrate Baby New Year. 

Blue Skies, Bluer Nails


For those who are looking for a blue nail that's not quite as icy blue as the weather outside, chin up, literally! Those eye-catching blue January skies, especially around dawn and dusk, are swoon-worthy. So what better way to admire the colors that January can give you than painting them on your nails?

Muted Nails for January


Personally, my wardrobe is all dark colors, all of the time. But I try to shake up my all-black nail look from time to time. My solution? A muted look with a grayscale across my nails. And for a more sweeping look, you can go full ombre on each nail, from black to sparkling January white.

Brilliantly Beautiful Copper Nails


Copper is for more than just fall, friends. A sparkling copper chrome is a way to wear a little bit of gemstone on your fingertips through January. Forget your rings, your bracelets? No problem. You've got that copper-toned mani to flaunt this month. 

Fast Fact

Hello, Capricorns! Did you know that brown, or shall we say copper, is one of the sign's signature colors? It could be the perfect birthday mani.

Polka Dot Nails for Polka Dot Day


On January 22nd is a holiday: National Polka Dot Day! Lean into the holiday with your nails. Keep it basic with white nails and colorful polka dots over top, use big sparkles or gems as the polka dots, or make a bold statement with different colors on each nail. Nothing says authentic and living big in January like polka dots. 

Inspire Your Heart with Artistic Nails


Falling on the last day of January is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day! And there's no reason to wait until then to deck out your life or nails with art. Keep your nails simple with complementary, bright colors on each nail. Or go ahead and make a splash with tye-dye, random patterns, or whatever art it is that inspires your heart. 

Low-Key Nails for January


Sometimes you just want to head into the year under the radar. If that's the case, opt for nails that are chic yet edgy. Whatever color you paint your nails, use that to make only a French tip on just one finger on each hand. 

Nail the January Vibes With Your Manicure


Snow vibes, cozy colors, and a kiss of frosty blue: there's no shortage of January nail ideas, only a shortage of fingernails. Although, who's to say that you can't add a stylish pedicure to complete your January snow queen chic look? New year, new you, new nail designs that are a perfect ten. 

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14 January Nail Ideas to Start the Year With Style