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Save money on Christian resources.

It shouldn't be expensive to follow your religious beliefs, and free Christian stuff helps people find resources and support for their faith.

Free Christian Resources

One of the first resources Christians should turn to when they need something is their own church. Many churches offer free or extremely discounted things such as:

  • Marital counseling with the pastor(s)
  • Bibles or study materials
  • Bible classes for children, youth and adults
  • Magazines for church members about contemporary issues and the church doctrine

A number of church activities are also free or very cheap for members. For example, churches often have youth groups teens can join free, or vacation Bible schools that offer summer crafts, games and songs for free or cheap. Additionally, evening fellowship activities are often planned for adults and families, such as potluck suppers and family movie nights. Contact the church secretary, pastor or activities director for more information about free events in your church.

Churches are also excellent resources for finding assistance if you fall on hard times. They can assist you with household costs, may have a program for free toys for Christmas or even have a food bank. Simply contact the church's pastor or outreach minister to find out more.

Free Christian Stuff Online

Many of the same websites that maintain lists of online bargains and freebies have a section for Christian items. Typical things offered free include:

  • Posters, bumper stickers, pens, pencils and other token items
  • Teaching materials for Bible studies, children's ministries or vacation Bible school
  • Bibles, online video sermons and other leadership materials
  • Christian books and magazines
  • Songs, lyrics and music downloads for Christian artists
  • Christian e-cards or printable cards

In addition to the websites that focus on general freebies with a Christian section, other sites are entirely devoted to free Christian stuff. Beyond these options, try visiting a website for a Christian magazine, publisher or group that you enjoy and look for freebies.

Visit these websites to find some great free stuff for Christians:

  • Bibles for America offers a version of the New Testament that includes study information, outlines and guides. Additional free literature and study aids are also available for download on the website.
  • Christianity Freebies is a comprehensive site that lists links to various freebies that include clip art, free bibles and bible study guides, among other things.
  • uses a general listing of Christian-related resources, including a link that takes you to a list of various freebies available online. Each freebie is rated using a star system.
  • allows users to sign up for free e-mail from their site, as well as the "Grab Bag" section that links to Christian freebies on the Internet.
  • Free Christian Resources is a Christian freebie website with an extensive listing of free Christian resources from iPhone applications to music and books.
  • Christian Crafters offers plenty of free teaching materials, including games, crafts, devotions and skits.

Use Caution on Freebie Sites

As with any website that lists online freebies, beware of what you are signing up to receive. Some free offers are just trial offers or require payment for shipping and handling. Make sure to read the fine print before getting free Christian stuff.

Just because a website markets itself as one devoted to Christianity does not mean that you will agree with all of the testaments in its literature or freebies. Like other freebie sites, Christian ones often link to third parties for offers, which may present problems as well.

If you are concerned about the ministry of freebies on general Christian sites, it might be best to stick with sites recommended by your church or that are associated with your denomination. For example, you can get Catholic freebies from sites that only offer items in line with the teachings of Catholicism.

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Free Christian Stuff