21 Father's Day Gifts for Older Dads They'll Actually Use & Enjoy

Make this holiday special by choosing a meaningful Father's Day gift for older dads!

Updated May 30, 2023
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Ties, tools, shirts, and socks. Your dad has likely received all of these gifts for generations. This year, change the narrative! When shopping for Father's Day gifts for an elderly man, the trick is not only considering his interests but also his needs! We've compiled a list of some perfect senior Father's Day gifts for any older guy in your life.

Top Gift Suggestions for Elderly Men

What do you get the man who has everything? Finding father's day gifts for an elderly man can seem like a difficult task, but there are actually some amazing items you can give your father that will not only make his life easier, but they will also appeal to his interests!

Hobby-Related Gifts

Some of the best gifts for dads are ones that include an experience. For instance, if he enjoys fishing, don't just surprise him with a new rod or lure. Give him the gift and make plans to spend a day or a weekend fishing with him! Thus, some other hobby-related Father's Day gifts for older dads are:

Card Game Accessories

Bridge, canasta, rummy, or poker - whatever your dad's favorite card game may be, make mixing up the deck easier with an automatic card shuffler. This will not only speed up the game, but it also helps those players who have a touch of arthritis. In terms of an experience, host a card night and invite family members or some of your dad's closest friends. This is the perfect way to debut this gift!


For the man who loves to challenge his problem-solving skills, a puzzle is a fantastic gift choice. Depending on his dexterity and eyesight, choosing a product with extra large pieces can make it easier for him to handle. This Buffalo Games large piece puzzle features a beautiful hot-air balloon scene and has 300 pieces. Let your dad know he can use this gift immediately or plan an afternoon to for the two of you to enjoy it together!

Memberships & Classes

What does your dad love the most? Is it fine art, gardens, or grilling? Does he have a great appreciation for fine wine? Whatever his passions may be, consider indulging in a membership or signing him up for a masterclass to help him learn more about his hobby!

These can include memberships to museums, arboretums, aquariums, and zoos. You can also look into private tastings with a sommelier at a local winery, grilling or cooking classes, or even a pro golf lesson for the day!

Quick Tip

It's important to remember that the purpose of a gift is to highlight the value a person brings to your life. By making time for that person and engaging in their interests, you improve your relationship with the recipient.

Gifts for Senior Dads Who Love to Read

A senior man is reading a book

If your dad likes to read, pick up the latest bestseller in the genre that he likes. You can also order a gift subscription to his favorite magazine or arrange to pick up the tab for the home delivery of his daily newspaper. Some other ideas to consider include:

Ebook Reader Like Kindle Paperwhite

For the tech-savvy bibliophile father, a Kindle Paperwhite might be the perfect present! Not only does this ebook reader have an adjustable light, but users can also enlarge the text! Additionally, this Kindle is waterproof! This allows your dad to read by the lake, while on the beach, or even in the tub! Did we also mention the 10 weeks of battery life? Like we said, pretty perfect!

Magazine Subscription Just Right For Older Dads

Try a magazine subscription - but not just any magazine. Senior dads might enjoy something like a 9-month subscription for Reader's Digest Large Print Edition. This magazine is ideal for seniors because it has larger print than their standard edition, making it easier to read. Reader's Digest is filled with articles related to health and culture. It also provides useful every day tips. No matter what his interests may be, this magazine will surely appeal to him!

Book Store Gift Cards

A gift card to a book store like Barnes and Noble makes it easy for the dad in your life to pick out a book of his choice. Gift cards can be purchased at retail locations or online. If he needs help with ordering a book, offer to assist him with his online purchase or take him to the store and spend some time browsing the shelves together.

Entertainment-Related Gifts Older Dads Will Love

Entertainment-related gifts are always a fan favorite for Father's Day. You can get your dad tickets to a sporting event or a concert that he will enjoy. Gift certificates to movie theaters are another great choice. Some easy entertainment gifts include:

Tickets to an Event

StubHub features tickets to local sporting events, concerts, and theater productions. Pick an event that he will enjoy and purchase a ticket for yourself so that you can experience the activity together. Make it extra special by going out for lunch or dinner beforehand.

Favorite Movies and TV Shows

At places like Best Buy, you can purchase his favorite movie or television series on DVD or Blu-ray. This lets him watch his programs in the comfort of his home.

Home Movie Digitization

Almost all older dads have one thing in common - they had a video camera in their hand at one point in their life. Sadly, all of those memories are sitting on a shelf, trapped in an old-school VHS prison. One of the most thoughtful entertainment Father's Day gifts for older dads is to digitize those old tapes so that your father can enjoy them today! Capture by YesVideo is a convenient spot that offers this service.

Gifts That Make His Life Easier

Certain daily tasks become harder with age. For the father who is still living in his home, but could use some help with household chores, regular cleaning or mowing services can be an extremely helpful gift. Signing up for water, coffee, and shaving subscription clubs can also be a thoughtful and useful present! Consider these options for giving your dad a little extra help:

Shave Club

Try an option like Harry's Shave Club. After all, Dads of all ages have to shave every day! Harry's is a fantastic brand that gives you the option to sign your dad up for a subscription or simply give him a Father's Day gift box! You can register for blades and shave gel to be delivered every three, four, or five months, based on his shaving needs.

Cleaning Service

Enter the zip code of the senior to find a Maids.com location nearest to them. You can hire a cleaning person to do spring or fall cleaning, windows, garage clean outs, and more.

Meal Delivery

For the dad who hates to cook, a meal delivery service can be a great option! Companies Snap Kitchen, The Good Kitchen, and Magic Kitchen are all great food services to consider!

Errand-Running Service

If your dad needs a little extra help, consider hiring an errand running service to make his life easier. Many services will run errands, such as going to the dry cleaners or grocery shopping. To find a local service, join Angie's list, a free service that helps you find the best companies for your area.

Gifts to Make Your Dad's Life Better

Smiling senior man wearing eyeglasses looking at gift box at home

When it comes to a dad who has all the necessities, think about gadgets that will help make his life better. For instance, if your dad likes a tidy home, but gets winded easily when vacuuming, buy him a robot vacuum! Consider his wants and needs and then choose a gift that will elevate his daily life. While these can be slightly more expensive, these are gifts that will get everyday use. Some options include:

Massage Gifts

Back pain can get to the best of us, and unfortunately, it only gets worse with age. Help to soothe your dad's lumbago with a massage cushion like this HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion! This machine will work out all the kinks and even comes with a heated mode option. A gift certificate to a massage or a back massager might also be appreciated.

Cool Cooking Tools

Companies like Ninja Kitchen make cooking convenient with their multi-function cooking tools! Choose from products like their 12-in-1 Smart Double Ovens or their Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer combo.

Air Purifier

Combat allergens, dust, pet dander, and even odd smells with an air purifier like the Medify Air Purifier for dad! This is a great option for parents with health conditions like asthma, emphysema, COPD, and other respiratory issues.

Accessory Gift Ideas

Your dad likely has all the clothing he needs, but the right accessories can be fantastic Father's Day gifts. However, try to nix the ties and socks and go for something that improves his daily experiences! Has his wallet worn down? Do his sunglasses seem scuffed? Think about giving them an upgrade! If you're in the market for a wearable Father's Day gift for an elderly dad, these are some more thoughtful options to consider:

Cozy Slippers

L.L. Bean offers a variety of exceptional slippers for men. You can purchase leather and fleece footwear or choose their signature shearling slippers that will make him feel as if he is walking on a cloud!

However, if you are in the market for a more budget friendly option, you can never go wrong with a pair of Dearfoams slippers. They are extremely comfortable and you can always find a sale on these items! Stores like Big Lots and Costco many times sell this footwear for an exceptionally discounted price!

Cooling Hat

For the dad who is always outdoors, make sure that he is staying sun safe with a multi-functional hat like the Mission Cooling Hat. This brand features headwear that not only has water-activated cooling properties built right in, but the fabric is also UPF 50+! This means that is blocks 98% of the sun's harmful rays. Many of their designs also have a convenient zipper pocket for easy storage.

Bionic Gloves

No matter if your dad loves golf, gardening, cycling, or simply has arthritis, Bionic Gloves have him covered! "Designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist," the Bionic Gloves have padding in all the right places.

This improves the user's grip strength, without the need to grip more tightly. The gloves also feature a design that pre-rotates the pinky and index fingers inwards. This further enhances grip and creates a more tailored feel.

Need to Know

Walking shoes are another great Father's Day gift for an elderly dad! However, fit matters, so unless you know the exact brand and size that your dad prefers, consider getting him a gift card to a shoe store or taking him on a shopping trip!

Edible Gifts

If you want to send a gift of tasty snacks, consider a gift basket filled with fruit, chocolate, jams, or preserves. This is a good option if the recipient doesn't live nearby. You can place your order online or by phone and have it delivered on the day you choose. In a situation where you are shopping for someone who lives close, pick up a basket from a retailer or surprise him with one you put together.

Fun Fruit Gifts

For the senior dad who loves fruit, Edible Arrangements is not only delicious but also pretty to look at. This company offers arrangements to fit any budget and prepares them using fresh, seasonal fruit. Arrangements can consist of plain fruit or they can contain additions such as chocolate dipped fruit and a decorative vase. This gift is healthy and a great way to show your dad how much he means to you.

Cookies Take the Cake

Cheryl's Cookies offers cookies, brownies, and other sweets. These tasty treats are ideal Father's Day gifts for an elderly man who loves goodies.

Make Father's Day Special for Your Dad or Grandad

When choosing as a Father's Day gift for your senior dad, try to include your time as a part of the present. More than anything, older dads want to enjoy your company. If you live far away, consider scheduling a FaceTime or Zoom chat and sharing a virtual meal! Finally, don't forget to include a card and a meaningful Father's Day message for the man you call dad!

21 Father's Day Gifts for Older Dads They'll Actually Use & Enjoy