Baby Sign Language Chart to Help You Communicate With Your Baby

This baby sign language printable can help you learn some key basics to make communicating with your little one a little easier.

Updated August 7, 2023
mother showing sign language to baby boy

Until your infant learns to speak, it can be hard to determine their basic wants and needs. Thankfully, sign language for babies is an easy way to help solve this problem! Our free printable baby sign language chart details some of the top words that every parent can teach their child to bridge the communication gap.

Why Teach Sign Language to Babies?

Infants understand language long before they can speak, but without a way to express their desires, babies can become frustrated. This leads many parents to become overwhelmed trying to determine what the problem may be. Research shows that sign language for babies is a fantastic way to begin communicating sooner and to stop the instance of meltdowns. It can even help your child to talk earlier than other kids!

Best of all, you can start introducing the different signs to babies as young as six months of age. With repetition, they will begin to make associations between the gestures and items or actions that these signs represent. With a good foundation, it won't take long for you to see your child requesting things through sign language.

Need to Know

It's important for parents to introduce words early and often because it will take time for most kids to make these associations. Fine motor skills are also necessary for making the various hand gestures, which means that you will notice the most progress after they begin to play with more handheld toys. Plan to invest a few weeks before seeing any progress.

Baby Sign Language Charts Can Help Parents Begin Signing Immediately

Baby sign language is based on words from American Sign Language. For babies, parents won't use it in entirety, but instead focus on key words. Verbal parents will also use a single sign instead of signing everything and articulate the word when they sign it.

Some of most common baby sign language gestures include milk, eat, more, all done, pick me up, poop, help, sleep, and hurt. While most of these signs are fairly simple to do, having a reference guide can make things a lot easier for tired parents!

Our simple, free baby sign language chart can serve as a good source of information that parents can carry in their diaper bag, tape to the fridge, or display around the house. If you need help with downloading this baby sign language printable, check out these helpful tips.

Promote Communication With Sign Language

Sign language for babies can help improve communication between you and your child and it will enhance their language development. A simple chart can help busy parents to incorporate sign language into their daily lives.

If you're wanting to further their child's vocabulary once they get a hang of the basics, start introducing more useful signs like yes, no, hungry, play, share, and water. Just remember that repetition is key, so the more you sign these words and phrases, the sooner you will notice your child doing the same!

Baby Sign Language Chart to Help You Communicate With Your Baby