10 Creative New Year's Pregnancy Announcements to Pop Your Good News

These New Year's baby announcement ideas are the perfect way to share your excitement!

Updated December 14, 2023
Winter party baby

Nothing rings in the new year like the news of a baby! If you discover that you're expecting during the holiday season, a New Year's pregnancy announcement can be a fantastic surprise to reveal when all of your family and friends are already by your side.

If you're looking for some creative New Year's pregnancy announcement ideas, we have a collection of fun and festive ways to help you pop the news!

1. Holiday Balloon Release Announcing Baby 

A ball drop is perfect for a New Year's baby announcement! If you are hosting a party this holiday, consider setting up a balloon box or bag on the ceiling of the room that you plan to have all of your guests in for the countdown. Then, instead of filling it with black and gold balloons, fill it with either pink or blue ones to make your big reveal. 

Remember — you want the balloons to fall, so do not fill them with helium for this New Year's baby announcement.

Helpful Hack

For the parents-to-be who are worried that their family and friends won't make the connection, add in balloon letters that spell out "BABY" or slip in a brightly colored envelope that has the news written inside. Address it to someone in the group and have them read it aloud after the balloons are released!

2. Extra Gift Left Under the Tree

Young girl holding with both hands her huge Christmas gift

If you're hosting a holiday party at home, it's likely that the Christmas tree is still up. This provides the perfect prop for a New Year's pregnancy announcement! For this surprise, you will need a big moving box, wrapping paper, a big bow, an ultrasound picture, pink or blue helium-filled balloons, and one big balloon that says "BABY" or a custom one that says "Baby [your last name] [Year].

How to Prepare Your Gift

First, assemble and wrap the box in your wrapping paper, leaving the top side unsealed. Next, tape your ultrasound onto the string of your baby balloon. I recommend placing it halfway down to ensure that it stands out. Then, place all the balloons in the box, close the sides of the top of the box, and seal it using your big bow.

When the party begins, have this gift tucked behind the tree. As you get closer to midnight, take a moment to move it right in front of the tree and then move everyone to that space for the countdown. Hopefully, someone will ask about the box, but if they don't, announce that it is a balloon release to ring in the new year and reveal your surprise at the end of the countdown!

3. Let the Real Countdown Begin

Many people don't realize that they can create any image they like and then show it on their television using a USB drive. For this New Year's pregnancy announcement, all you need to do is calculate the number of days you have left in your pregnancy and then design a fun countdown image to display on your TV after the ball drops. 

Make sure to plug in the flash drive before your guests arrive and test to see what source you can find it on. Then, switch the feed to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve'. After the ball drops and everyone yells "Happy New Year!", switch the source of your TV and see who spots the news first! 

4. Pregnancy Announcement New Year's Fortune Cookies

Everyone wants a bit of luck heading into the New Year! Why not give them a premonition instead? Custom fortune cookies are easy to make or you can order them and just hand them out. You can fill the cookies with phrases like:

  • A new family member will join you this year
  • Expect to take on a new title next year
  • There's an unexpected guest at this party who you'll meet in [month and year of your due date]
  • Confucius says, [your name and spouse's name]'s baby is on the way!
  • Your family will grow very soon. Expect a baby/boy/girl in June! 

If you want to make a special message for each guest in a smaller gathering, you also have the option to reveal to each of them individually that they will become an aunt, uncle, or grandparent in the coming year!

5. New Year's Toast to Share You're Expecting 

When families and friends gather together for New Year's celebrations, it is customary for the host to give a toast. This can be the perfect way to sneak in your pregnancy news. Using phrases like "We are EXPECTING [Year] to be a very good year" or "We have a little extra cheer heading into this year" can hint towards the news. 

However, it's likely that many will not catch on, so at this moment, provide them with a champagne surprise. Pause what you are saying and announce that you forgot the champagne. Leave the room, and come back with a tray of baby bottles filled with champagne!

6. The Good, the Bad, and the Hope for the Future

family celebrating Christmas at home

This is actually a tradition that my family enjoys every New Year's Eve, and it can serve as a simple, but creative New Year's pregnancy announcement. The intent is simple — everyone sits at the table with a glass of champagne and each person gets a turn sharing their favorite part of the past year, the worst part of their past year that they are excited to say goodbye to, and their hope for the following year.

If you choose to announce this way, make sure that you go last. Then, simply share the good and the bad like everyone else, but make your hope for the following year a happy and healthy baby that arrives on time! 

7. Job Applications At the Door

For this New Year's pregnancy announcement, you will need to head to your favorite graphic design tool — like Canva, which is free and easy to use — and create a fake job application for babysitters.

On this document, make it very clear that you are hiring babysitters for "Baby [your last name] starting in [your due date month and year]". List the pay as baby snuggles or baby cuddles. 

Then, as your New Year's party is beginning to end, place the applications on the front table and share one more announcement. Let your guests know that if their New Year's resolution is to find a new job in the coming year that you're hiring for a high-paying gig and there are job applications at the door.

It won't take long for them to sneak a peak at the position and realize your exciting news!

8. Funny New Year's Resolutions Announcing Baby 

For couples announcing their baby news from afar, consider having a close friend or family member help you with a quick photo shoot. Put on your best jammies and some matching sleep masks. Then, take the photos on your bed.

When you post the picture, announce that your New Year's resolution is to get more sleep before your silent nights disappear!

Helpful Hack

Another option for parents-to-be who already have a child is to take a photo of their soon-to-be big sibling with a sign listing their New Year's resolutions. Have them name two that they really want, and then end the list with "Become a big brother/sister" and place a checkmark by that item!

9. Getting Promoted to Parents Next Year

young couple is kissing and holding sparklers while celebrating New Year's Eve

Another easy social media announcement is a promotion post! Take a silly photo of yourself and your spouse in your best work clothes, throw on some party hats, and pop some party horns in your mouths. Then,  caption the photo "We are getting promoted to Mom and Dad in [Year]!'

10. Holiday Card Reveal

Christmas cards have been a tradition for generations, but in more recent years, many folks have started sending out holiday cards instead, wishing loved ones a happy New Year.

This can be a simple spot to share your news. Send a generic happy holidays card, but on the back add in an ultrasound photo with a cute caption about how you are expecting great things in the new year!

New Year's Letterboard and Holiday Card Phrases to Announce Baby 

No matter if you are sharing your news in person, in a card, on a letterboard at your party, or on social media, make sure that it is extra special with the right wording. Some festive phrases to consider include:

  • The new year is a time for re-birth ... and in our case, an actual birth.
  • In search of a designated champagne drinker this year. Baby on board!
  • We'll be popping a different type of bottle next year!
  • Tonight won't be the last time we stay up well past midnight. Expecting sleepless nights in the new year.
  • The champagne isn't the only thing that's about to pop! We are expecting.
  • Passing on the bubbly, waiting for the cuddly. Baby [your last name] arriving in 9 months!
  • For next year's party: make our reservation for 3.
  • Carrying the New Year's Eve VIP
  • Pushing the New Year's diet off for another nine months!
  • A new year brings new titles. Partner to Parent in the new year!
  • New Year ... New body ... New baby!
  • Gearing up for our most incredible adventure yet. Baby [your last name] arrives [month and year of your due date].
  • Toasting a new chapter in life, full of love, adventure, and lots of diapers.
  • Starting the new year off with a bang AND a bump!
  • (The date of new year): The One Where We Become P.A.R.E.N.T.S. (Spoof on the hit sitcom Friends.)

New Year's Baby Announcements Give Everyone Something to Look Forward to

Announcing a pregnancy is an incredibly exciting event for many expectant parents. When it comes time to share the news of your baby on board, do it in a way that fits you and your partner's personalities.

And for the couples who find out their news a little close to the ball drop and still want to take advantage of the holiday for their announcement, you can never go wrong with pink or blue confetti!

10 Creative New Year's Pregnancy Announcements to Pop Your Good News