14 Fun Things to Do With Your Mom to Show Your Love

We've got all the best ideas for creative and fun things to share with your mom any day!

Published April 23, 2024
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Sure, you and your mom can have a good time just chilling together, but there are actually tons of fun things you can do with your mom to build your bond and create some great memories. Whether you're looking for a last-minute, everyday kind of activity or something to celebrate a special day, we've got tons of great ideas for you to try.

Catch a Movie or Have a Movie Night at Home


Watching a movie together is an awesome way to relax with your mom, whether you head to the theater or just watch at home. Make it special with popcorn and snacks, and choose a movie you know she'll love (or let her pick). We promise she'll love this kind of low-key activitiy.

Keep a Journal Together


This idea of something to do with your mom is half gift and half experience, and we promise she's going to love it. Pick up an inexpensive journal for the two of you to do together (or ask her to get one for you to share). We love Between Mom and Me as an option because it has tons of questions you can both answer as you pass it back and forth.

Hit the Trail With Your Mom


Hiking and exploring is another fun thing to do with your mom. You can check out all the trails in your area to find some faves, or you can see how your favorite trail changes with the seasons and weather. The key is doing it regularly so you can spend some time together.

Quick Tip

Not everyone loves hiking just to hike, and if this is you or your mom, we totally get it. Pick a trail that has a destination like a great view or a waterfall.

Get or Give a Manicure or Pedicure Together


Go to a favorite nail salon or set up your own spa day at home to do each other's nails (or just paint Mom's for her). If you want to turn this activity into a gift or just make it extra special, pick up a new bottle of polish in your mom's favorite color. We love OPI nail lacquer because it dries quickly, looks pretty, and lasts a long time.

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Share Dinner With Your Mom


Know what's better than breakfast in bed and doesn't involve getting crumbs all over the sheets? Dinner with your kid! Moms love sharing dinner out or cooking with kids and then eating dinner together.

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Play a Board Game With Your Mom


If there's a board game you and your mom both like, break it out so you can have a game night. Make snacks and set aside the time to play and enjoy being together. There are lots of games you probably already have, but Wingspan is our favorite for moms to share with older kids.

Go for a Drive Together


Have you ever noticed how it's really easy to chat with someone when you're in the car? A drive around your neighborhood can be a really fun thing to do with your mom to help you get some talking time in.

Quick Tip

Just like hiking, some people need a destination for driving. We recommend a store or restaurant to get a treat together.

Get Ice Cream Cones


Getting ice cream is a perfect thing to do with your mom, especially in the summer (but honestly, we love it any time of the year). Go to your favorite ice cream parlor and try every flavor or just enjoy your faves.

Work on a Project You Both Love


From building a bird house to making some string art, pretty much any craft project is going to be way more fun if you do it with your mom. It's great to have a common goal you're working on together. The right project for you is going to be one that isn't too tricky and is interesting to both of you.

Have a Tea Party


We're not talking a full-on fancy event (although we're not not saying that either), but a tea party can be such a great thing to share with your mom. Make some tea, put some fancy cookies on a plate, and use the prettiest dishes. It's easy and special at the same time.

Quick Tip

When it comes to nice things to do for your mom, it's hard to beat bringing her a cup of tea. If you're not into a full tea party, just make her a single cup and bring it to her. We promise she'll love it.

Get Your Dance Party On


If you have an afternoon or evening with you mom, set the time aside as a dance party. Play your favorite songs (hint: she'll love songs from when she was your age) and dance around together. Bonus points if you lip-sync to the lyrics.

Make Cookies (and Eat Them)


Get out the recipe box and pick a favorite cookie recipe to make. We're all about those family recipes your mom probably grew up eating, but it's also fun to try something totally new. When it comes to cookies, there are no wrong answers.

Go for a Bike Ride in Your Neighborhood


Biking is such a great thing to do with your mom because it's easy, free, and totally perfect as a last minute activity. You don't need a destination for your ride, but we always love going to a local store or gas station for some candy.

Work in the Garden Together


Whether you have a giant vegetable garden, a few flowers in pots, or anything in between, gardening is a great activity for moms and kids to share. You can start planning your garden in the cold months of the year and really get planting in the spring and summer.

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So Many Perfect Things to Do With Your Mom


Finding special things to do with your mom is such a great way to show her how much you care. The truth is what you do is less important than just spending some quality time together. We promise she's going to love whatever you pick!

14 Fun Things to Do With Your Mom to Show Your Love