Printable Subtracting Charts for Kids

Published December 10, 2021
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As soon as kids begin to learn numbers, they can start mastering addition and subtraction. Kids can learn these basic math skills in first grade and even kindergarten, depending on the class. Get a few helpful subtracting charts to teach children subtraction with ease.

Basic Subtraction Table Chart to Print

Your basic subtraction chart takes you through the subtraction of numbers 1 to 12. It helps kids establish the foundations of subtraction and lets them see what it looks like when you subtract from each different number. To download the subtraction chart, you just need to click on it. However, you can use these tips if you need assistance.

Tips and Tricks When Using a Subtracting Chart

You can give a child a chart to help, but you need to show them how to use it. With the basic grid, it's pretty easy. However, you can use these tips to integrate this chart into your math time.

  • Have students look for patterns in the subtraction tables. They can make the link between the number subtracted and the answer.
  • Point out how if they count back from the first number, they can get the answer too.
  • Laminate the chart to help them with their problem sets.

Subtraction Chart Printable 1-10 Grid

While the basic subtraction table shows you how to subtract going up, it can be a bit confusing for some students. They might do better with a subtraction grid. The most straightforward grid for students is the 1-10 grid. This beginning grid helps students get used to lining up the numbers and finding their answers. It also shows them the relationship of one number subtracted by another.

Tips to Boost Understanding Using a 1-10 Grid

When your students are just beginning to understand subtraction, 1-10 grids can be a guide for completing their homework. Before getting started, it's essential to show students how to use it.

  • Discuss each row together and allow students to see how the grid works.
  • Give a subtraction problem and have students line up the numbers on the grid to find their answer.
  • Laminate the charts and allow students to circle answers with an erasable pen.
  • Work through the grid together and allow students to point out any patterns they notice in the numbers.
  • Once they see the pattern on the 1-10 grid, give them numbers above 11 to subtract on construction paper.

Printable 10s Frame Subtraction Chart

Another valuable chart when it comes to subtraction is the 10s frame subtraction chart. This Common Core concept uses a frame of 10 blocks. The numbers are in different colored dots and provide a visual representation of subtraction. For kids struggling with subtraction, the 10s frame can make these concepts click more easily.

Using a 10s Frame for Subtraction

When you are subtracting numbers less than 10, a 10s frame can come in super handy. When using these to help teach math worksheets, try these tips.

  • Give students a blank 10s frame to try on their own.
  • Work through the problems on the chart together and have students follow along.
  • Have the students try using the 10s frame with other subtraction problems, using the chart as a guide.

Individual Printable Subtraction Charts for Numbers 1-12

Like the 10s frame, when you are introducing math, visuals come in handy. However, some students need to hyper-focus on each individual number to make subtraction concepts click. In this case, you can provide them with a printable individual chart that clarifies each number.

How to Get the Most Learning Out of Individual Subtraction Charts

The key to the individual subtraction charts is the focus on an individual number, so students don't get overwhelmed when they are struggling. Try these tricks when using the individual charts with your learners.

  • Work through the single number subtraction together until students are able to see the connection between the first number and the number subtracted.
  • Use visual aids along with the chart to push comprehension. For example, have three blocks and take one away.
  • Hang the charts around the room for reference during subtraction drills.

Printable 100 Grid for Double Digit Subtraction

As students start to move on in subtraction, the numbers get larger. This would make for a huge grid. Instead, students can build on the "count back" principle using a 100 grid. Students start at the first number and count back the number they are subtracting. The 100 grid helps them to find or check their answer. This can be super helpful for students who are struggling with double-digit subtraction.

Helpful Tricks for Using the 100 Grid for Subtraction

A 100 grid for subtraction is an invaluable tool for elementary students venturing into double-digit subtraction. While it can work for simple subtraction, the 1-10 grid is a bit easier to maneuver. Explore a few tips for using the 100 grid.

  • Demonstrate how the count backward method can be used for double-digit subtraction on the 100 grid.
  • Allow students to use a highlighter or finger to count backward from the first number using the second number.
  • Laminate the chart and give each student one to use during math time.
  • Put the chart on the whiteboard and make a game of doing back counting with the 100s grid.

Additional Tips and Tricks for Teaching Subtraction

Teaching subtraction requires a delicate balance to ensure you don't overwhelm young minds. You can keep these tips handy when getting started.

  • Teach one subtraction fact at a time. Showing young learners all the facts at once can be scary. Use the individual charts to focus on one number at a time.
  • Don't assume students will understand subtraction facts because they have mastered addition. These can be harder for some students to learn.
  • Use visuals as much as possible to demonstrate what they are learning. For example, you can show them finger math tricks.
  • Help students to make the connection between addition and subtraction facts through practice, practice, practice.
  • Don't move on to harder math until you are sure students have mastered the groundwork.
  • Use the blank printable subtraction templates below, so kids can practice their knowledge of subtraction.

  • Once students have mastered subtraction, mix it up with addition to ensure master and memory retention.

Mastering Subtraction Facts With Subtracting Charts

One of the best ways to help students master math is through the use of visual aids and fun rhymes. The visuals like individual charts and 10s frame charts help them see how the subtraction takes place. And don't forget to practice, practice, practice. This is especially true when learning more challenging subtraction concepts like double and triple digits, as well as higher math concepts using printable multiplication charts and division charts.

Printable Subtracting Charts for Kids