50 "See You Later, Alligator" Sayings to Bring Some Smiles

Say goodbye with these unique "See ya later, alligator" style sayings! They're cute and creative responses perfect for kids (or kids at heart).

Published January 10, 2024
American Alligator waving.

See you later, alligator! It's a goodbye saying that we're all familiar with, but for the folks looking for some fun variations to the typical response, we have quite the collection of silly "See ya later, alligator" sayings!

"See Ya Later, Alligator" Sayings With Different Animals

If you're told "See ya later, alligator," don't be like everyone else and respond with the typical "After a while, crocodile." Instead, use one of these clever alternative responses! While these are great for kids, they're sure to bring a smile to anyone. 

Until we meet again, emperor penguin!
  • Peace out, rainbow trout!
  • Take care, polar bear!
  • See you soon, Guinea baboon!
  • Got to scoot, Mr. Newt!
  • I'm heading off, three-toed sloth!
  • Farewell, galloping gazelle!
  • I need to run, peregrine falcon!
  • Gotta flee, chimpanzee!
  • Goodbye to you, cockatoo!
  • Toodles, baby poodles!
  • I'm outta here, reindeer!
  • Until we meet again, emperor penguin!
  • I must be off, atlas moth!
  • Stay loose, you silly goose!
  • Goodbye, dragonfly!
  • I have to bail, beluga whale!
  • Off to my house, deer mouse!
  • Headed out the door, wild boar!
  • Gotto go, buffalo!
  • So long, King Kong!
  • Chat soon, Pacific loon!
  • I can't stay, blue jay!
  • Bye for now, chow chow!
  • See you in a shake, rattlesnake!
  • I need to cut loose, mongoose!
  • Be right back, Mr. Yak!
  • Best wishes, goldfishes!
  • Time to hit the road, Mr. Toad!
  • See you around, greyhound!
  • Time to scat, meerkat!
Fast Fact

It may surprise you, but the saying "See you later, alligator/After a while, crocodile" actually came from a song! The popular 1950s rock and roll tune "See You Later Alligator" was sung by Bill Haley and His Comets and became a top ten hit in the U.S. and the UK.

Worldly "See Ya Later, Alligator" Responses

If you're looking to say goodbye to people in other countries, but in a "See ya later, alligator" kind of way, these can be the perfect responses! This can also be a super fun way to introduce kids to "goodbye" in different languages. 

Sayōnara, capybara!
  • ¡Hasta mañana, Mr. Iguana! (Spanish)
  • Caio, brown cow! (Italian)
  • Aloha, scarlet macaw! (Hawaiian)
  • Sayōnara, capybara! (Japanese)
  • Adiós, black widows! (Spanish)
  • Au revoir, alligator gar! (French)
  • Adéu, long-tailed shrew! (French)
  • Ta ra, piranha! (British)
  • Shalom, Queen of the honeycomb! (Hebrew)
  • Namaste, stingray! (Indian)
  • Toodaloo, cockapoo! (British)
  • Baibai, butterfly! (Japanese)
  • Arrivederci, buzzing bee! (Italian)
  • Salut, cuckoo! (French)
  • Tah tah, llama! (British)
  • Slán leat, big brown bat! (Irish)
  • Pip pip cheerio, pygmy hippo! (British)
  • Hooroo, kangaroo! (Australian)
  • Do svidaniya, Queensland koala! (Russian)
  • Auf Wiedersehen, whopping crane! (German)
Fast Fact

Auf Wiedersehen is how Germans say goodbye! It is pronounced "owf-VEE-der-zayn."

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Saying Goodbye Has Never Been So Fun 

"See ya later, alligator" is a fun way to say goodbye to friends and family! Add some creativity and maybe even a little learning into your next goodbye with these sayings. It can inspire learning about animals or different languages, and even motivate anyone to get creative with new words

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50 "See You Later, Alligator" Sayings to Bring Some Smiles