20 Stay-at-Home Dad Blogs to Share the Dad Life Journey

Published April 28, 2021
Father with his little son and baby daughter at home

Nobody wants to feel alone in their parenting journey, and connecting with like-minded moms and dads via blogs is a wonderful way to feel like you belong, get advice, and often have a chuckle. While mom blogs have held the spotlight for some time, dad blogs are killing it! The best of the bloggy dads are funny, insightful, and smart. These workforce blogging dads and stay-at-home blogging dads are the very best that the internet has to offer.

Stay at Home Dad Blogs That Rule the Net

These dads have made it their life's work to raise good little humans while blogging their experiences, and the universe is ever grateful to them. There is nothing usual, boring, or mundane about how these dads are doing life.

Dad or Alive

Adrian Kulp found himself a sudden stay-at-home father, so he took his daily adventures to the net and created one of the funniest, most real accounts of parenthood out there. Anyone reading his content on Dad or Alive will easily relate to his parental defeats and victories.

Man vs. Baby

What started as a simple, hilarious, and ever-relatable Facebook post eventually turned into a hilarious parent blog called Man vs. Baby. Matt Coyne's humor caught on so rapidly, resonating with fathers especially, it eventually led to two bestselling books and countless articles in well-known publications. He does funny and dad so well.


Parenting is far from easy, and this blogger at DadNCharge knows this all too well. He loves his kids and his life, but he isn't afraid to lay out the ugly too. His blog serves as a space for fathers to connect with dads in their same sinking boat and draw inspiration and strength from the fact that they are not alone in staying home and raising their brood.

Gaddy Daddy

The self-proclaimed, homosexual stay-at-home dad at Gaddy Daddy shares his experiences in parenthood with all who stop in at his site. He embraces the unique, weaves his tales in ways that relate to fathers everywhere, regardless of their orientation, and reminds everyone that we are all fighting the good fight together in the world of parenting.

Food Gracious

Gerry Speirs stays home with his two children, so he knows that mealtime can cause all sorts of issues and anxieties. On his blog, Food Gracious, he melds his passion for food and his kids into something inspiring. Speirs shares his recipes and unique spins on classic dishes with countless parents who are sick and tired of chicken nuggets and peanut butter sandwiches.

Sunshine Dad

Mike Smith is a guy's guy. He hunts, fishes, fixes things, works on cars, and cheers vehemently for the Florida Gators. He is also a stay-at-home dad of five kids. A devout follower of the Bible, Smith shares his tales of running his busy household on his blog Sunshine Dad. He is always up for excitement and adventure, which is good because it heads his way on the daily, whether he is prepared for it or not.

The S.A.H.D Life

Once an accomplished writer for well-known works like Rolling Stone, Men's Journal, and Entertainment Weekly, the father behind The S.A.H.D. Life now cares for his kiddos and blogs his feelings, perspectives, advice, and rants on his website. His posts are insightful and so entertaining, especially when his pups make an appearance (their names are Angie and Greeley, and together they become "Angrily.") It is clear that writing is this blogger's passion and talent, and fans of the site can't get enough of him.

The Dadventures

Blog founders, Steve and Devon, make it easier for fathers and children to spend quality time together. Dadventures aims at making memories through activities at home and out in the world, cutting the activity research time down for parents. They are essentially super cool, down-to-earth, free of charge assistants and travel planners. Their focus and intent are simple: help fathers make the most out of the time they have with their kids. Genius.

Parental Damnation

Robbie used to make a living as a sports journalist and SEO content writer, but now he devotes his time to his babies: his human children and his blog, Parental Damnation. He claims to work for the worst boss in the world, himself, as he churns out light-hearted, relatable, funny tales of fatherhood.

Man vs. Pink

Calling all girl dads! This blog is your home, and Simon is your leader. Man vs. Pink traded his T.V. producer job in for 24 hours of dadding when his daughter was born. He knows the stay-at-home parent life, and he knows girls. He recently returned to the workforce, but his S.A.H.D. voice continues to resonate with the masses who head to his blog to read his updates and thoughts.

man using laptop in living room

Dad Blogs by Dads Who Do It All

They parent. They work. They blog. These blogging fathers are legit jacks of all trades. Their blogs highlight their true talents: fathering and otherwise. Props to the creators of these phenomenal dad blogs. Get it, dads!

Designer Daddy

Brent Almond is the papa behind Designer Daddy. This blog is creative, witty, and captures everything this father excels at in life, including parenting with a sense of humor and design and advocating for the LQBTQ+ community.

That Dad Blog

The creator of That Dad Blog is a busy guy. He works as an art director and web designer during the daytime hours and parents six children, runs a blog, and devotes time to other passions like photography and videography in his non-working hours. His blog is all about parenthood, creativity, and adventure. With his youngest child having down syndrome, there is heavy advocation to that particular cause as well, as it is near and dear to the blog creator's heart.

Mr. Dad

Dads have questions, lots of them, and Mr. Dad is a blog that aims to answer all the wonders of the world for fathers. It takes the format of a question-and-answer discussion and functions as part blog, part parenting resource, total parenting package.

Lunchbox Dad

Beau Coffron is a father of three who works a full-time job and STILL finds time to create culinary wonders in children's lunchboxes. His mid-day meals are works of art and have been featured on several other blog sites and media outlets. His blog, Lunchbox Dad, is heavily based on kids' cuisine and features product reviews and general articles for parents.

The Daddy Files

Aaron Gouveia splits his time between his full-time job as PR Director at a land conservation and preservation non-profit, parenting his three sons, and running his corner of the internet, The Daddy Files. He created his blog to give fathers a space of support, to remind them with his words that they are never alone in this journey and that parenthood is so much more than pretty Instagram pics and perfect Facebook posts.

No Idea What I'm Doing

No Idea What I'm Doing is the brainchild of Clint Edwards. Edwards grew up without a father, so he found himself overwhelmed and scared when he found out that his partner was expecting. His blog hides nothing. His words remind parents everywhere that none of them truly know what they are doing, and everyone is just trying to do the best that they can as they muddle through life.

The Honea Express

Whit Honea doesn't take life too seriously and has created a blog for fathers to go to and let loose. Spending time on Wit's blog, The Honea (pronounced "pony") Express, is like heading out to the local pub and grabbing a brew with your best bud. He is who he is, he totally owns his views and thoughts on life, and he is a refreshing dad to run into while browsing blogs.

Bacon and Juice Boxes

Bacon and Juice Boxes was started by a police officer (known as Mr. Bacon) dad chronicling his experiences raising a son on the Autism Spectrum. His wife (Mrs. Bacon) has joined in the party, and now the pair of them aim to entertain, educate and support anyone and everyone who is going through it. The blog is a bit of fun and a bit of therapy and a lot of realness, tenderness, love, and understanding.

Dad and Buried

The name says it all. Simply by reading the blog name, you know that you will be entertained by a heavy heaping of daddy snark and fun. Author Mike Julianelle leaves it all on the blog, the ups, the downs, and the "what in the heck just happeneds!" In reading his content, you will never feel alone in your parental mishaps and failures. You can be sure that this guy has seen his fair share of fatherly messes.


Daddacool is the O.G. in the dad blog universe. It's been around for a while and has garnished droves of followers who enjoy the mesh of parental advice and funny mishaps. The creator, Alex, earns a living as an accountant and is kind enough to share his parental insights with the good people of the internet. Parents everywhere are forever grateful for his perspectives.

The Important Role Fathers Play

For many children, a father plays the role of hero, prince, and the man they look to for comfort and guidance. These blogging dads make it crystal clear to the wide world of the internet that while they don't always have this whole parenting thing down, they love their families like no other.

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20 Stay-at-Home Dad Blogs to Share the Dad Life Journey