19 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas to Inspire Fun & Connection

Paint the town red with your best girl and draw some inspiration from our mother-daughter date ideas.

Published August 23, 2023
Mother and daughter taking selfie on beach

Spending time with your little girl feels extra special when you plan a simple and memorable mother-daughter date. But you might need some ideas for your special day to help you plan the occasion. These mommy-daughter date ideas are mostly budget-friendly and loads of fun to encourage a day of female bonding, no matter your daughter's age.

Mommy-Daughter Date Ideas for Toddlers & Young Girls

If your daughter is on the younger side of childhood, you might want to choose simple and easy activities to enjoy together. These activities for moms and daughters are great for all ages, but might appeal to you if your little girl is between two and six years old.

Mother And Daughter Having Fun While Riding On The Train Together

Go Get Ice Cream

This is a favorite outing for kids for a good reason: everyone loves ice cream! An ice cream date is short enough to keep your little one's attention and avoid a "melt"-down — ice cream pun intended. Sharing a cone with your little girl is sweet and memorable.

Check Out the Farmer's Market

The farmer's market is a wonderful place to find produce, local goods, and spend some time with your mini-me. It's also a fun place for your little one to learn. You can talk about the produce, teach her about buying and selling goods, and help her learn from the vendors. There's no shortage of engaging ways to make the farmer's market fun.

Tour a Garden or Try a Nature Walk

If you need a mommy-daughter date idea for decompressing while you get in some quality time, this is a great one. A stroll through a local flower garden or a casual nature walk can be as quiet or as full of conversation as you like.

Go to the Aquarium

Here's another fun learning opportunity for your daughter while you're having some one-on-one time. A trip to the aquarium is fun, engaging, and educational.

Have a Picnic in the Park

Picture this: you and your little girl snacking on a blanket and enjoying the sights and sounds of the park. Now that's a lovely mommy-daughter date idea. Plus, if your little one is still in a napping phase, you might be able to snag a little quiet time while she snoozes on the blanket.

Mother-Daughter Date Ideas for Older Girls

Your little girl is not quite ready for the activities you'll get to enjoy together when she's a teen, so for now the focus is age-appropriate fun that will help you connect. These dates are exciting to plan for a daughter up to eleven years old, but they're also fun for nearly every age.

Mom and daughter roller skating

Take a Walk

At this age, your daughter is probably still eager to chat with you about anything and everything. A simple walk around the block encourages some meaningful conversation with her while you both get in a little exercise. To turn it into an activity, you can make it a neighborhood or park scavenger hunt

Practice Archery Together

This mom-and-daughter date challenges your abilities and is just plain fun. Check out an archery range with your daughter and you might just start a new hobby for the both of you.

Attend an Afternoon Tea

This is the excuse you've both been looking for to dress up, wear hats, and eat little sweets. Go to a local tea room and have the full afternoon tea experience together.

See a Movie

It's an oldie, but a goodie. Find a movie you're both looking forward to seeing, get all the best theater snacks, and enjoy a couple of hours of rest and laughing together.

Enjoy a Stage Production

If you want something a little more sophisticated than a movie, a theater production might be the way to go. You can grab dinner or dessert afterwards to discuss your thoughts on the show.

Volunteer Together

This is an important age for your daughter and so much of what she experiences will shape the woman she'll someday be. Chat about some causes you're both passionate about and plan some time to volunteer together. Show her how fun it can be to serve others while also spending time with her mom.

Mom-Daughter Date Ideas for Teens & Tweens

She's finally at that age when she wants to spend time with her friends, but she still enjoys some quality time with mom when it's something she's excited to do. These mom-and-daughter dates are appealing for teenagers and preteens and enjoyable for mom as well.

Mom & teen daughter looking at phone

Coffee Shop Date

She might be old enough to love a great cup of coffee as much as you do. If not, there are tons of other drink options available at coffee shops. This mom-and-daughter date idea is simple, but it's meant to encourage quality time and conversation while you both have a little break from life.

Get Pedicures

Here's a mommy-daughter activity you'll be just as excited to indulge in as she is. Every girl deserves a proper pedicure with her mom at least once in life. Schedule a special day at the salon for yourself and your best girl.

Take a Ceramics Class

The tween and teen years are an important time of discovering interests and learning to do something that doesn't involve a screen is as good for adults as it is for youths. Take up a ceramics class together and tap into your creative sides on the regular.

Attend a Painting Night

If ceramics aren't your art of choice, maybe painting will be your mother daughter craft. You can find painting nights at local coffee shops, craft stores, and community centers.

Go Out for Brunch

Who doesn't love brunch? This is a wonderful day time date for you and your teen daughter. Order all of your menu faves, order a cocktail for you and a mocktail for her, and chat about everything as you enjoy your meal.

Take a Hike

This is more than just a nature walk. It's a full-blown hike with your teen. The great outdoors, exercise, and some much-needed time away with one another encourage conversation and help you both reconnect with nature and each other.

Book a Workout Class

Maybe you don't love hiking, but you still want to burn calories and build strength together. Take a work out class with your daughter and have fun laughing, embracing fitness, and encouraging each other to keep going and be strong.

Do Something Daring

This one isn't for the moms — or daughters — who are faint of heart. But, it might be an experience your daughter will talk about for the rest of her life, making you the coolest mom ever. Try ziplining, rafting, parasailing, or even skydiving — if you dare.

Make a Plan to Always Have a Plan

Choosing your mom-and-daughter date is one thing, but committing to do it is a different thing entirely. The key to sticking with a regular mother-daughter date routine is to make a plan you can stick to. You might try these tips for making sure you never miss a chance to share some quality time.

  • Decide on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule so you both know that quality time is a consistent part of your relationship.

  • During your date, have a brief conversation before you wrap up the event about what your next mother-daughter date will involve.

  • Use a calendar app to set reminders of upcoming dates so you can start planning.

  • For younger children, create a bucket list together and choose some of her ideas when you're planning activities together.

  • Always remember your 'why:' prioritizing one-on-one time with your daughter is all the motivation you need to stick to a schedule.

Be Present Together

No matter what you choose to do together, what matters most is that you spend time being present together. Quality time can only be of true quality if you're devoted to intentionality and giving your daughter your full attention. From the casual and affordable to the luxury and the daring, the most important things you can do with your daughter can be to give her your listening ear and build your relationship.

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19 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas to Inspire Fun & Connection