Best Christian Summer Camps

Published March 13, 2019
Kids at summer camp with counselor

Christian retreats can be the best time of your lives. From swimming to making friends, these are the days that teens will always remember. Find the best Christian summer camps for having fun and praising God.


Listed among the top 5 Christian summer camps and open since 1926, Kanakuk has a long history of camping experiences that are spiritually, emotionally and socially uplifting. Located in Missouri, Kanakuk offers overnight to four week programs for teens, along with specialty camps like Scuba Kamp. The camp features more than 70 different activities including wake boarding, the blob, rock climbing and zip lining. The camp also offers spiritual training along with confidence building through bluff jumping, canoeing and trapeze. Christian summer camp has several programs available and enrollment is as simple as signing up for a program and making payment arrangements.

Beechpoint Christian Camp

Designed for tweens and teens to 14, Beechpoint offers zip lining, wall-climbing, archery and even go-carts for campers. BMX biking, riflery and horses are also part of the program. Listed among best Christian summer camps in 2017, Beechpoint has a teen program that runs in July with a faith message designed for teens. In addition to leadership training, campers can take advantage of mission opportunities. To sign up, you need to fill out the registration form and make the deposit. Parents can also sign up for a scholarship as well. This camp located in Allegan, MI is also accredited through the American Camp Association.

Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp

Located in Bass Lake, California, Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp offers two-week sessions for teen campers. Campers build confidence and learn teamwork through hikes, obstacle courses and water sports. They also complete Bible seminars and leadership challenges. Teen campers can take advantage of the XL adventure week that is off-site that provides them with a deeper connection to God. In addition to the normal activities, kids at this camp can take part in the tower of power, skateboarding halfpipe and mountain boarding. Yosemite also earned the top spot on the 25 Most Amazing Christian Summer Camps. It's closeness to Yosemite National Park is also a major selling point. To register, find the dates perfect for you and complete the registration form.

T Bar M Camps

In New Braunfels, Texas, you can complete discipleship programs and faith studies while having fun and relaxing. In addition to a 37 year history, this Christian camp offers kids an escape room adventure, adventure race, arena soccer and a barn swing. Registration and payment can be done online for the different camps offered. Most teens will enjoy Camp Travis, which offers theme nights and bigger faith challenges. Listed by Godtube as among eight best camps in America, T Bar M gives teens daily Bible studies along with worship every night and a 5:1 counselor ratio.

Camp Kulaqua

Teens on a tennis court

With camps just for teens, Camp Kulaqua feature activities like zip lining, water slides and hay rides. Boating and waterskiing are all part of the fun. While activities focus on the body and mind, the spirit is also nourished as well through faith programs. Located in High Springs, Florida, you need to create an account to complete the registration form. You'll also be required to provide a deposit. List among top Christian camps by Share Faith Magazine, Camp Kulaqua offers sing-alongs and even skits that all add to the amazing summer fun.

Camp Ozark

One of the largest camps at 400+ acres and a 70 year history, Camp Ozark offers 150 activities and classes through its 11-week camping season. The warm climate of the Arkansas air makes this camp perfect for youth groups and individual trips. The high school experience is designed specifically for teens and offers camping activities like blobbing, mini golf, dances and deeper devotionals. Youth can have a fun exciting experience rope climbing and completing tribal battles while showing their devotion to their faith. Experiences are offered from one to three weeks and registration is online. Featured as one of the Biggest Christian Camps in America, Camp Ozark can fill all your faith and fun needs.

Pine Cove

With South Carolina and Texas locations, Pine Cove offers a Christ-centered fun adventure with more than 50 different activities. Not only are there horses, but towers and swimming. Teens can take part in the timbers and shores experiences, with deeper devotional experiences, dances and team building activities. These camps last a week and registration can be done online. In addition to being listed on many top lists, Pine Cove offers staff that are all ministry-minded.

Finding the Perfect Camping Experience

All over the globe there are Christian camps that can offer your teens an awesome summer experience. These best camps have been featured on several top ten lists because of their size, their message and their activities. Find one that fits your needs and get signed up.

Best Christian Summer Camps