Blackout Football Game Outfit Ideas to Show Your Team Spirit

Everyone may be wearing black, but your style can still stand out with these outfit hacks.

Published October 18, 2023
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Blackout football game outfits are all about team spirit and they offer the opportunity to go totally simple or get creative with your look for the next high school football game. If you want all of your game-day selfies and kick-off videos to be on point, these cute blackout looks will have you going viral in the best way.

What Is a Blackout Football Game?

In the high school football world, a blackout game is a designated game during the season where students are encouraged to wear black outfits to class and in the stands. The idea is all about team spirit, school pride, and celebrating together in unity. Blackout games often coincide with special events or themes that might be taking place at the school.

Students attending the game aren't the only ones wearing black, though. The players often sport the color in uniforms made specifically for the event. It's also not limited to students as staff, school employees, and even others attending the game often participate in the activity.

Need to Know

A blackout high school football game is very different from an NFL blackout game. Those refer to games that are not televised locally if a certain amount of tickets remain unpurchased. 

Stylish Blackout Football Game Outfits to Stand Out In the Crowd 

When it's time for your school to host the spirited blackout game, make sure you have a fashionable outfit prepared. You can go the simple and comfortable route — it is a football game after all — but try to infuse some of your own personal style into the ensemble. Just because everyone is purposefully dressing alike, that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to stand out. 

Black Turtleneck With Jeans or Leggings (and Optional Jersey) 

Woman walking down the street wearing all black clothes

A basic but cute black outfit like this is perfect for the game. A fitted turtleneck or top paired with a pair of your favorite black pants, jeans, or leggings will look great alone or with an accessory or two, like a long necklace. Or, to take your game-day spirit even further, try a jersey over the top. 

Football jerseys are a classic choice for any game, blackout or otherwise. If you choose a black jersey — possibly one that sports your school's name — you can pair it with trendy black jeans or cozy leggings. 

  • Tuck your jersey into your jeans for a tailored look.
  • Layer your jersey over a long-sleeved thermal shirt for extra warmth.
  • Choose an oversized jersey with shorts or leggings for a casual, effortless look. 
  • Wear your hair up in a high ponytail or toss on a favorite cap to keep the casual vibes going.
  • If jeans and leggings aren't your vibe, trending leather pants in black might suit your aesthetic.
Need to Know

If you plan to wear this look during the school day, make sure you aren't violating your school's dress code on shorts or leggings.

Black Dress and Knee-High Boots

Portrait of pretty girl walking in the city

If you decide on a more dressy look, a black dress is always classy. Since most school football games take place in the fall, you can probably get away with styling a shorter skirt with knee-high boots or tights. Keeping your accessories (including your shoes and tights) in the same black color palette also helps show your commitment to the event. 

Trendy Black Skirt and Black Sweater

Beautiful red-haired woman in a pleated skirt

Football season usually coincides with sweater season, which means your blackout football outfit just got trendier. Pair a trending skirt style (midi, leather, or denim are current trends) with a cozy black sweater for a balanced look that feels dressed up but still casual enough for the game.

Helpful Hack

Master the perfect tuck by sliding the front seam of your sweater into the front of your skirt's waistband. Gently tug the sides to create an effortless tuck that defines your waist.

Black Athletic Set

Matching sets are on trend in countless clothing categories for guys and girls. Sport a black one at the football game and you'll look the part while staying comfortable.

  • Try biker shorts and a matching tee.
  • Pair black jogging pants with a black sweatshirt.
  • Wear black leggings and a fitted athletic top for a chic look.
  • A twirly athletic skirt in black pairs well with a fitted long-sleeve shirt.

Black Graphic Tee or Sweatshirt

girl wearing black graphic t-shirt

When all else fails, reach for a trusty graphic tee or sweatshirt. Even with a classic pair of jeans, a graphic top in black helps you show off some team spirit. You might make the outfit more thoughtful by adding a black hat, black sneakers, and a black bag or belt.

Consider Your Outerwear

portrait of man wearing hoodie

It might be pretty chilly at the game and you don't want to compromise your blackout fit with a vibrant or printed coat. Work your outerwear into the look, so your outfit appears thoughtful even when you have to cover up.

  • Wear a puffy black vest over your long-sleeved tee.
  • Sport an elegant blazer in black.
  • Grab a black flannel to wear over your graphic tee or tie around your waist.
  • A black leather jacket will keep you warm and on-trend.
  • A black trench coat is classy and still on theme.
  • Throw on your trusty black hoodie.

Have Fun With Accessories

young man in black clothes walking down the street

Accessories for your blackout football game outfit aren't limited to hats and jewelry. You can accessorize with all sorts of fun pieces to make your school spirit shine. 

  • Swap a traditional hat for a black cowboy hat to embrace the trending cowgirl aesthetic.
  • Use black body paint to add school letters or details to your arms or legs.
  • Body stickers are also a fun addition to your look.
  • Think about commonly overlooked accessories like a scrunchie, a wrist wallet, or the water bottle you plan to carry 
Fast Fact

Makeup also helps you make a statement at the blackout game. Try a new dark eyeshadow look or be daring with dark lipstick.

Match With Your Besties

The heart of the blackout football game idea is team spirit, so team up with your besties for a striking group outfit. Grab your friend group and plan out simple matching outfits that help you all look like a team.

  • You might decorate black shirts with team-spirited creativity.
  • You might all agree to wear a similar clothing item like shorts, a skirt, or a band tee.
  • You could have matching shirts made with your names, your school name, or a group catchphrase.
  • Sport similar accessories like matching hats, sunglasses, or boots.
  • Wear oversized matching jerseys in black.

Black Out Your Style With School Spirit

Whether you go all-in with the themed football event or you like to play it cool with a casual nod to the night, it's your school spirit that really counts. Even if football isn't your thing, a night spent with friends and classmates, celebrating the one thing that unites you all, is worth dressing up for.

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Blackout Football Game Outfit Ideas to Show Your Team Spirit