12 Fall Fashion Tips That’ll Help You Rock Your Wardrobe

Fall in love with your autumn style using these fall fashion tips.

Updated August 4, 2023
woman in fall outfit

As autumn approaches, there are new opportunities to freshen up last year's fall wardrobe with fun and exciting looks. Embrace your personal style and incorporate new trends by following these must-know fall fashion tips.

6 Fall Fashion Dos to Stay Stylish and Cool

The transitionary seasons can be hard to shop for given their wildly up and down temperatures, but so long as you follow these fall fashion dos, you'll stay stylish and warm all autumn long.

1. Do Make the Most of Your Wardrobe by Layering

layered fall outfit

If you want to keep a capsule fall wardrobe, then you should invest in pieces you can layer. Henleys and long-sleeved t-shirts go great under sweaters and vests, and hoodies under trench coats create a laid back but sophisticated look. And, the more pieces you have that can be worn alone or together will give you better options of things to wear as the temperature fluctuates throughout the season.

2. Do Start a Fall Tights Collection

woman in tights and skirt fall outfit

When it comes to fall, we always circle right back around to the retro pantyhose under jeans mantra. A pair of tights can help you transition summer wardrobes into early fall. They can also add a fun pop of color or texture to women's fall outfits that'll make it feel fresh throughout the season.

Quick Tip

If you want maximum weather-proofing, get yourself some thick tights with a sheer overlay. They'll read like normal tights from a distance, but the fleece lining can be your little secret.

3. Do Make Outfits Feel Fresh With Cool-Weather Accessories

fall accessories

If you're a beanie wearer, then you absolutely dread the spring and summer when it's too hot to keep your signature headwear on. But the fall is when it's time to break out those oft forgotten accessories. Some fall accessories you can pair with a classic year-round t-shirt and jeans are:

  • Scarves
  • Belts
  • Beanies
  • Hats
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Vests

4. Do Add Pieces in a Fall Color Palette

orange dress

Get inspired by the season around you and incorporate typical fall colors into your wardrobe. Now, oranges, purples, browns, and mustards don't have to be the only colors you wear -- but they can complement the world around you as the leaves change and those Halloween decorations start popping up.

5. Do Embrace the Statement Coat

woman in statement coat

It's turtlenecks this and sweaters that, but the real go-to fall piece that should be in your closet is an array of statement coats. None of this perfect for hiking, dull athletic coat nonsense. We're talking fleece, faux fur, leather, suede - just about everything you can think of.

As the weather turns colder, having a variety of coats with different thickness levels will help you get longer wear out of your summer wardrobe. Just pop a coat over a pair of capris and a t-shirt and you can handle that mid-autumn weather like a champ.

6. Do Check Your Wardrobe for the Autumn Essentials

stylish fall sweater

Make sure your wardrobe includes a few of the fall essentials before the season starts. Items like turtlenecks, sweaters, blazers, outerwear, scarves, boots, tights, leggings, and long-sleeved tops are important items to keep both warm and stylish for the season, so make sure you have some on hand.

6 Fall Fashion Don'ts to Avoid

Despite how easy dressing for fall might seem, there are still some rules that make it easier to feel great about your autumn outfits. Make your life easier and your wardrobe neater by avoiding these fall fashion don'ts.

1. Don't Go Overboard With the Latest Fall Trends

While you'll want to add a few items to spruce up your look for the season, don't go overboard. For example, the recent fall runway collections are full of business casual and neutral color palettes. Completely covering your wardrobe in professional neutrals doesn't leave you any options for fun night out looks. So, a few key pieces tailored to the season's trends and that fit your personal style are all you'll need.

2. Don't Put All Your Summer Clothing in Storage

dress with jacket

Who needs a wardrobe with strictly seasonal outfits, anymore? For example, keep out summer pieces that you can use in layered looks, like tank tops and tees. You can also pair a maxi dress with a blazer for a great autumn style.

Women's fall fashion is more flexible than ever, so you don't necessarily have to pack all your summer skirts away, either. Pair them with tights or leggings. If you have a long, floaty skirt, you can wear it with a pullover sweatshirt for an on-trend look straight from the runway.

3. Don't Toss Out Your Sandals Just Yet

With temperatures heating up, sandal season's getting stretched longer and longer throughout the year. When autumn comes ringing in, it might still be warm enough to wear your summer shoes. Try to stave off wearing your winter boots and sneakers until it's towards the end of fall, so you're not sick of them when winter rolls around.

4. Don't Feel Pushed to Wear Unflattering Fashions

Don't force yourself to follow a fall fashion trend if you feel like it's not flattering to your vibe and personal look. Not every trend is meant for every person, and you should gravitate towards the ones that scream you.

Quick Tip

Go into fall clothes shopping with the mindset of finding looks that meet your personal style tastes, work with your figure, and look great with your coloring, and you'll come out looking your best.

5. Don't be Afraid of Non-Fall Textures

woman in leather jacket and sweater

Fall clothes are often really soft, make out of jersey, knits, wools, and give off that overall flannel blanket vibe. And while these can be awesome for creating cozy outfits, they don't particularly stand out. Give your fall wardrobe a little pizazz by adding non-fall textures like leather, tweed, sequin, and crochet.

6. Don't Think You Have to Wear Only Dark Colors

bright jacket for fall

Let's just clear the air -- there's no color you can't wear during any season of the year. Pastels aren't just spring colors and dark shades aren't relegated to the second half of the year. While classic darker hues like orange, brown, marigold, green, purple, and red will always pop in fall, there are new color trends that allow you to deviate from the traditional color palette.

Also, if you just have a range of colors you love and want to wear all year long, go for it! Fashion's here for you to play with, not feel boxed in by.

Fall in Love With Your Autumn Style

No matter what your style preferences are, you can have fun mixing things up for fall, whether you shop your own closet to create a trendy look or invest in a few new items to create great autumn ensembles. Considering a few fall fashion dos and don'ts, while balancing trends with your lifestyle and style preference, will help you create a fabulous capsule wardrobe you won't be able to stop taking pictures of.

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12 Fall Fashion Tips That’ll Help You Rock Your Wardrobe