55 Pumpkin Patch Captions That Are Ripe for the Picking

These cute pumpkin patch quotes are the perfect way to show off your gorgeous gourds and farm fun!

Published September 5, 2023
Wheelbarrow full of pumpkins

You can't have fall without pumpkins! This makes a trip to the pumpkin patch a must. And, of course, this trip would not be complete without a cornucopia of photos.

Pumpkin patch captions are the perfect way to advertise these autumn adventures and the gorgeous gourds that you have selected to adorn your home and porch. For those looking for some sage words about this saffron squash, we've rounded up the best pumpkin patch quotes for your social posts!

Cute Pumpkin Patch Captions to Show Off Your Smashing Good Time

Picking out pumpkins is one of the premier parts of the fall season. Make sure to capture your fun with some cute and clever pumpkin patch Instagram captions!

Can I pick them all?
  • #Squashgoals
  • Will work for pumpkins.
  • Gourd big or go home.
  • Can I pick them all?
  • Pumped for pumpkins.
  • We should all be like pumpkins — bright, healthy, and well-rounded!
  • Doing all the fall things at the patch!
  • We discovered where the gourd vibes grow!
  • You can find me at the pumpkin patch!
  • Spent some time in Mother Nature's goardroom.
  • I think you autumn know that pumpkin patch season has begun!
  • Life is gourd when you spend it at the pumpkin patch!

Funny Pumpkin Patch Instagram Captions to Roll in the Laughs

Halloween season is the best time for spook-tacular sayings! If you consider yourself the pun-king, then pick some of these funny pumpkin patch quotes to pair with your posts!

Just waiting on my fairy godmother to show up. This guy/girl needs a ride.
  • Oh my gourdness — this patch is perfection! 
  • Got our gourds! Now off to have a happy hollowing!
  • Say hollow to my little friend!
  • Spent a gourd-geous day at the pumpkin patch!
  • Got our pumpkins! Now let's get glowing!
  • Found my fairytale, pumpkin that is!
  • Did someone say Cinderella carriage? #BibbidiBobbidiBoo
  • Nothing can squash our enthusiasm when we are at the patch!
  • Just waiting on my fairy godmother to show up. This guy/girl needs a ride.
  • In this carousel, you will find the gourd, the bad, and the ugly. 

Captivating Pumpkin Patch Quotes for Couples 

If you found your baby boo before heading to the patch, then these sweet sayings are the perfect way to caption your connection while on your autumn outing at the farm! Share these adorable couples pumpkin patch sayings and show off your love. 

Orange you glad you picked me? #yourpumqueen
  • Let’s give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.
  • This guy/gal is the pumpkin to my spice!
  • Don't gourd breakin' my heart.
  • Pumpkins always look better in pairs.
  • Spicing things up at the pumpkin patch!
  • I think I picked the right pumpkin!
  • Orange you glad you picked me? #yourpumqueen
  • He/she/they are my gourd luck charm.
  • Spicing up our Saturday with some squash picking!
  • Hay there, gourd-geous
  • This guy/gal is definitely a prizewinner! The pumpkin isn't bad either!

Perfect Pumpkin Patch Captions for Families Having Fun

Is there anything better than fun on the farm with your family? Visiting the pumpkin patch is one of the best fall traditions, so make sure to snag some photos and pair them with these pumpkin patch captions — they are pure gourd

Is there anything better than picking pumpkins with your people? 
  • Carved out some time for family today!
  • Mommy's little pumpkins!
  • Pumpkin Patches: The perfect place to wear out your little gourds!
  • Oh my gourdness — what a fun fall day we had with the family!
  • Is there anything better than picking pumpkins with your people? 
  • When life gives you pumpkins, carve some jack-o'-lanterns!
  • We found the cutest pumpkins in the patch!
  • This family is blessed and pumpkin obsessed.
  • These little spooks needed their squash! 
  • Feelin' gourd after a family day at the patch!
  • Time flies when you are pumpkin picking with the fam!
Quick Tip

Before you head to the pumpkin patch, check out what other activities they have available. Many have seasonal things to do, like corn mazes or kids' fall activities, or have scheduled weekends for fall festivals. 

Playful Pumpkin Picking Quotes to Show Off Your Fun on the Farm

Pumpkin picking is hard work, but it is also super fun! These pumpkin patch Instagram captions can show off your excitement for the harvest season and the gourdgeous goods you plucked from the patch.

It's pumpkin picking season! Can you say Fall-elujah?!
  • Can you say pumpkin perfection?
  • Spent the day in pumpkin paradise.
  • We have been squashing fall goals all day long!
  • Is there anything better than hayrides, pumpkins, and fall sunsets? 
  • I may have to patch up my bank account. #pumpkinproblems
  • No fear! The pumpkin pickers are here!
  • It's pumpkin picking season! Can you say Fall-elujah?!
  • Orange you glad it is pumpkin picking season?
  • No fall porch is complete without a parade of pumpkins. We got the pick of the patch!
  • Never let your gourd down at the pumpkin patch. You'll end up buying the whole bunch!
  • Peter Piper picked a peck of perfect pumpkins. A peck of perfect pumpkins Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of perfect pumpkins, where are the peck of perfect pumpkins Peter Piper picked? On our porch, of course!

Pumpkin Picking Quotes are Just the Beginning

Fall provides so many opportunities to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature with friends and family. From the changing of the leaves to the savory food, and of course, the endless activities, it is hard not to fall in love with autumn.

As you document your apple picking, your tricks and treats, and all the rest of your fall fun, make sure to choose cute and clever captions for your post to show off your spirit for the season!

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55 Pumpkin Patch Captions That Are Ripe for the Picking