88 Summer Quotes That Celebrate the Sun

We love summer for so many reasons — from backyard BBQs to sweet summer romance. Our summer quotes & sayings capture it all.

Published June 21, 2024
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We adore the carefree months of summer, from lazy days spent at the beach to fun family outings to beautiful BBQ spreads in the backyard. So, make the most of the sun with our sunny summer quotes and sayings that celebrate our favorite season of the year.

Short Summer Quotes for Social Media

Beach days are the best days.

Short and sweet says it all on social media. Try one of these summer quotes that capture the essence of summer in a few words.

  • Dazzling days in the sun
  • Welcome back, barefoot season.
  • Sun day, fun day
  • Sunny daze
  • Chilling in the shade.
  • Summer stylin'
  • Taking a dip during the dog days.
  • Just me and some vitamin D
  • Soaking in some vitamin D.
  • Poolside cocktails = perfect day
  • Cool in the shade
  • Soaking up the sun 
  • Toes in the sand and salt in my hair
  • Feeling those summer breezes
  • Beach days are the best days.
  • Beachin' with my BFFs
  • Sun on my face and sand in my crack #realtalk
  • It's blazing hot, but we're still cool.
  • Thank God for AC
  • Keepin' it chill for summer vacay.
  • Summer: Every day, a new adventure!
  • "Sun's out, buns out." - Unknown
  • Chasing the sun
  • There's nothing sweeter than a nap in the sun.

Joyful Summer Sayings & Quotes

Bring on the joy. Summer is here!

When we think about summer, we think about the joy of childhood, ice-cold popsicles, and endless sun. In other words, joy. Recapture the joy that summer brings with these fun quotes.

  • Whether it's chasing butterflies or catching fireflies, summer is the best.
  • Summer is the time to run free.
  • Welcome summer, the sweetest season!
  • I love the feel of the cool grass under my bare feet.
  • Summer memories start with bare footprints in the morning dew.
  • The feel of sunlight on my face fills me with joy.
  • Ah, to relive the free, unfettered summer days of youth when we stayed out until the streetlights came on.
  • Bring on the joy. Summer is here!
  • "Summertime is always the best of what might be." –Charles Bowden
  • There is nothing so refreshing as that first dip in a cold lake. 
  • Who knew that as adults, we'd look back with nostalgia at getting water up our noses every summer?
  • "In summer, the song sings itself." - William Carlos Williams
  • The start of summer is the beginning of adventure.
  • We live for the long days and warm nights of summer.
  • When summer returns, I can finally feel the sun's caress on my cheek that I dreamed of all winter.
  • "Summertime and the livin' is easy." - From Summertime from Porgy & Bess

Summer Romance Quotes

Is there any romance so hot as one that begins in summer?

There's nothing sweeter than a summer romance. And these summer romance sayings will give you all the feels.

  • Summertime is the sweetest time to fall in love.
  • Summer is the best time to walk hand-in-hand into the sunset.
  • There's nothing quite as conducive to romance as a summer sunset at the beach.
  • "A man says a lot of things in summer he doesn't mean in winter." – Patricia Briggs
  • There's something about summer that makes it so easy to fall in love.
  • There is so much sweetness in summer romance.
  • The summer sun helped us fall in love.
  • Sizzling days and hot nights: It's time for summer romance. 
  • Is there any romance so hot as one that begins in summer?
  • "If a June night could talk, it probably would've invented romance." - Bern Williams

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Summer Fun Quotes

Summer days with friends are the stuff of memories.

With what seems like endless warm weather, summer is all about fun. These summer fun quotes capture just how entertaining summer can be.

  • From summer blockbusters to cozy cookouts, tons of fun is what summer's all about.
  • Summer blesses us with the opportunity to have fun from sunup to sunset.
  • Fun with friends and family — that's what summer is all about. 
  • "Some of the best memories are made in flip flops." – Kellie Elmore
  • Summer days with friends are the stuff of memories.
  • Bring on the sun. We're ready to have some fun.
  • Summer weather is picnic weather.
  • One of the best things about summer is that any time is pool time.
  • Splashing and soaking up the sun. It sounds like a perfect summer day.
  • The perfect summer day is one spent in my garden, working alongside the bees.
  • The best part about summer is vacation — those lazy days where there's nothing you need to do but be. 

Summer Food & Drink Quotes

The only thing sweeter than a s'more is making memories with your BFFs.

From picnics to BBQs to boozy garden parties, we love the food in summer. These summer sayings salute the season's delicacies. 

  • The only thing sweeter than a s'more is making memories with your BFFs.
  • That first sweet sip of lemonade is like drinking summer sunshine.
  • Days spent in the garden lead to delicious summer dinners.
  • Is there anything more satisfying than the smoky smell of summer BBQ drifting on the breeze?
  • Everything tastes better in summer.
  • I wait all summer for the first taste of sun-warmed sweet blackberries straight from the vine.
  • Nothing is as sweet as that first bite of summer watermelon.
  • "If summer had one defining scent, it would be barbecue." - Katie Lee

End-of-Summer Quotes

Summer is always so fleeting, but it warms us for the rest of the year.

It's always bittersweet when Labor Day rolls around, and we know that summer is about to end. These quotes capture that feeling.

  • We wrung every last drop of goodness out of summer, from its first kiss in June until it left us on Labor Day.
  • Summer is always so fleeting, but it warms us for the rest of the year.
  • The last day of summer is bittersweet, but our memories will keep us warm in the winter.
  • "August is like the Sunday of summer." - Unknown
  • If only it could be summer all the time, but then we might not love it as much when it comes.
  • Goodbye to the butterflies for another year. We can't wait to see you again.
  • "When summer gathers up her robes of glory, And, like a dream, glides away."- Sarah Helen Whitman
  • With gratitude for another beautiful season, we wistfully bid summer goodbye.
  • Thanks for the memories, summer. Until next year.

Sizzling Summer Sayings

There's nothing sweeter than having the whole summer ahead of you. Whether you like summer for the sun or the fun (or all of the above), our summer sayings can help you capture the joy of the sunniest season. 

88 Summer Quotes That Celebrate the Sun