Quotes for Memory Tattoos

In Remembrance

Using a quote as part of a remembrance tattoo is a personal way to keep the memories of someone special close. While the decision to get a tattoo is one that should never be entered into lightly, most people who choose to do so have specific reasons to be inked, such as commemoration of a special event like a wedding, anniversary, birth of a child, participation in an important, sometimes life-changing experience, or the celebration of a lost life.

Finding a Special Memory Quote

Seeking a special quote or phrase that best represents your sentiments can be challenging, particularly when it involves the loss of a loved one. It will become the representation of that individual and what they meant to you. It's a highly personal choice and one that should be carefully and thoughtfully considered as it will become a part of you.

For a Loved One

These quotes can be used for almost anyone with whom you had a special relationship that you wish to remember fondly:

  • Not a day goes by without you on my mind.
  • The ones that love us never really leave us.
  • You are always with me.
  • I see you in my heart every day.


Widow holding her husband's ring

The loss of a spouse can be devastating. Finding the words to capture the essence of who they were and who you were together can express the depth of your relationship:

  • A true love story never ends.
  • I am because of you.
  • To love and be loved. Forever will I have that with you.
  • Look after my heart. I have left it with you.
  • We found love and it will never be lost.
  • Always in my heart. Forever on my mind.

Parents and Grandparents

A mother, father, stepparent, godparent, or grandparent had strong ties to making us who we are and remembering them with a tattoo can be a way to recognize that important aspect of our life:

  • Made by Mom & Dad.

  • Love is enough.

  • She (he) let me fly. Now she (he) has wings.

  • Every day I live to thank you for my life.

  • She (he) loved me more than I loved myself.

  • Your love still holds me like the child you knew.

  • Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

  • A dad is a son's first hero, a daughter's first love.


Mother and child

Sometimes, sadly, children are taken away too soon, but a tattoo will keep them with us each and every day:

  • Each day was made brighter by your smile.

  • A joy forever lost too soon.

  • A blessing gone to the angels.

  • My life was made better by the moments graced by you.


After losing a friend that has helped shape who you are through both good times and bad, laughter and tears, a memorial quote can remind you of all those times together:

  • I mourn for those who never knew you.
  • The brother (or sister) I never had but will forever treasure.
  • Your friendship was my greatest comfort.
  • No longer by my side, but forever in my heart
  • From this day forward, I live for two.


The loss of a special pet can be heart wrenching, so having a tattoo is a way to be reminded of a bond like no other:

  • The road to my heart is paved in paw prints.
  • Your paw was always a comfort to me.
  • We shall meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
  • You will never walk alone.
  • Forever walking by my side.
  • Your purr lives on in every breeze.

More Quote Inspiration

Finding the perfect quote to capture a person's essence and how you felt them can often take time and research. A wealth of sources for the perfect quote can be found online with a little research:

  • Knits of Grief - These are longer quotes and poems, but you might find a line or phrase that speaks to you for a tattoo.
  • Poems of Comfort - A collection of Jewish and secular quotes and poetry meant to comfort those who have lost loved ones.
  • 101 Death Quotes - From Eskimo proverbs to quotes from contemporary pop culture stars, this is a wide assortment of quotes on all aspects of death and dying.
  • Quotes About Death of a Loved One - Goodreads offers pages of literary quotes focused on losing a loved one.

Other Thoughts

Woman writing on notepad

As you consider some ideas about what will truly express your thoughts and feelings, popular choices for memorial quotes also include using a line or phrase from your loved one that they wrote in a personal note to you. Tattoos that have included these sentiments are often designed using the actual, handwritten words to create the tattoo, adding another layer of intimacy.

Another thought is to use a favorite line for which the individual was known and work it into a representative design as a way to keep their words near. It may be something they would say as a personal catch phrase, an inside joke between the two of you, or a favorite line from a book, song, or movie, to which they would constantly refer. It could be anything that holds special meaning for you.

Placement of the Sentiment

Speak with the professional artist who will be rendering your tattoo for recommendations such as the best placement and how to include a name and date within your design if desired. Some designs include quotes incorporated into a cross, inside a child's foot print or pet's paw print, radiating outward from the center of a flower, around the sun or moon, or a significant image specific to them. Integrating the quote into a design brings additional depth and can further intensify the personal meaning. A good tattoo artist will be able to illustrate your ideas and create something perfect for and personal to you.

Choose the Quote that Speaks to You

The single most important thing about a memory tattoo is that is speaks to you. This is your own private reminiscence and celebration of a life that holds great meaning and one to keep intimately close.

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Quotes for Memory Tattoos