50 Sweet Text Messages to Keep Your Connection Alive

Searching for the most adorable way to say you're thinking of someone via text? This impressive list will help you give someone butterflies.

Updated February 7, 2024
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Getting a sweet text message is nearly guaranteed to make someone's day amazing. It's the ultimate reminder of your connection when you are apart, keeping things fresh, and reminding your person that you care. Whether it's serious, simple, or romantic — there's a sentiment to show your feelings. 

Ready to give someone special all the feels? These cute text messages might make their day. 

Sweet Messages to Send Someone You Care About

Kind of like the modern-day equivalent to a "Thinking of You" card, text messages can be something that really keeps you connected with your person. Not only great when you're long distance, sweet texts are like lifelines to each other's hearts. 

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  1. I hope you have a day filled with sunshine and smiles. 
  2. I love the way you make me laugh.
  3. Can't wait to see you.
  4. I love it when you text me in the morning.
  5. Missing you already.
  6. Want me to pick up coffee for you?
  7. Two more days until we get to hang out :)
  8. Send, "noh ss!w !" with instructions to turn the message upside down. When you do, it reads, "I miss you."
  9. I love life with you.
  10. Good luck today — going to do great!
  11. I knew you could do it! <3
  12. I wish you were here right now.
  13. Thanks for making me feel so special when I am with you.
  14. You make my heart feel full.
  15. I can't stop smiling when I think of you.
  16. What do you call two birds in love? Tweet hearts.
  17. I really love holding your hand.
  18. My friends say I talk about you all the time, but that's because I can't stop thinking about you.
  19. Waiting patiently to shower you with kisses.
  20. Thanks for the ride. You're the best!
  21. I saw the most beautiful sunrise this morning, and it made me think of you.
  22. You + Me + (insert a type of date you'd both enjoy) = <3 on Friday/Saturday
  23. Thanks for the smile. You brightened my day.
  24. I love you. And I really like you, too.
  25. I'm falling for you.
  26. Thinking about your kisses.
  27. How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?
  28. Are you still awake? I wanted to say goodnight one more time.
  29. This song made me think of you (include a link to the song).
  30. I adore you.
  31. When can I see you again?
  32. I get butterflies thinking of you. 
  33. Thank you for all that you do for me!
  34. You're my best friend.
  35. Stop making me think about you! I'm busy.
  36. Send only emojis: Movie, plus sign, pizza slice, question mark
  37. Put both of your names in a love compatibility test. Send a screenshot of the results to your crush.
  38. Can't wait to be in your arms again.
  39. You were in my dreams last night, and it was great.
  40. I was just thinking about you. It made me smile.
  41. Send them a photo of what you're looking at or doing. Say, "Thought of you when I saw this."
  42. I'm trying to focus, and you keep popping into my head!
  43. I'm so bored. Come save me?
  44. You have my whole heart.
  45. Instead of going to the party, do you want to just stay in and watch Netflix?
  46. My friends are sick of hearing about you because I talk about you so much.  
  47. I love how you understand me.
  48. I've never felt a connection like we have. 
  49. I'm going to sleep now to dream of you. 
  50. You speak all my love languages.

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Need to Know

Just because you don't get a response immediately after sending a sweet text, try not to think the worst. Sometimes folks are just busy or maybe looking up articles like this to figure out the sweetest way to respond!

Get Inspired With More Adorable Texting Ideas 

We get it, sometimes you just can't find the right words. You can send bits of song lyrics, poetry, or sweet quotes to express your feelings, too. If you're at a loss for words of your own, check out more of our ideas:

Need to Know

Too much of a good thing isn't a good thing. Sweet texts are great but send them sparingly so you don't come off as love bombing

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Tips to Know Before Sending Your Sweet Text

Today, everything is fast-paced, but when dropping a sticky sweet text, take a moment to make sure it's right. Before you dash off that adoring message to someone, there are a few things you'll want to consider.

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  1. Try not to catch someone off-guard: If you're going to drop something big — like a first "I love you" — maybe wait to do that in person. Think of these messages as sweet little reminders of the great connection you two have when you're apart.
  2. Consider the time: There's kind of a general rule of not texting too early in the morning and not too late either. Of course, this depends on your schedule. Folks like their sleep! Getting a text in the middle of the night that wakes someone up might not give the warm and fuzzy feels you're hoping for.
  3. Double-check the recipient: Can you blame clumsy thumbs for sending a text to the wrong person? Absolutely, but the damage is already done. Always check one more time before pressing "Send" to avoid embarrassing situations.
  4. Wait on text speak: Go light on the abbreviations and symbols until you know your person is into that sort of thing. The last thing you want is a "Huh?" reaction to an emoji you thought was cute.

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Cute Texts Can Show You Care 

When it comes down to it, a solid bet is to write directly from your heart. That's all it really takes to show someone your feelings. Get further inspired by our list, poems, and song lyrics. Think about the sweetest text message you'd like to get ... and send exactly that! Keep it short, sweet, and neat, and it will no doubt be well-received!

50 Sweet Text Messages to Keep Your Connection Alive