50 Inspiring Quotes to Remind You That You're Stronger Than You Think

Find inspiration during trying times with these quotes about inner strength.

Published October 12, 2023
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You're stronger than you know. This is a phrase we hear a lot during trials and tribulations, but during these difficult moments, it can be hard to summon our inner strength. Throughout these times, many of us ask ourselves questions like, "Really, what's the point?" or "Why keep pushing if it's just going to be this hard?" The answers to these questions are simple:

Life has extraordinary moments waiting for you if you are just willing to fight for them! "You are stronger than you think" quotes can help you to see the big picture and remind you of why should believe in yourself and your ability to persevere.

Short "You Are Stronger Than You Think" Quotes 

Every Monday has a Friday. Life's trials are always followed by triumphs. You just have to work for them and be patient enough to let them come when the time is right. "You are stronger than you think" quotes can help change your perspective during these difficult moments and allow you to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

You Are Stronger Than You Think Quote: here will be a day when you realize that the obstacles were well worth it.
  • Don't be afraid to make your own sunshine.
  • There will be a day when you realize that the obstacles were well worth it. 
  • Every story has some struggle. That just means you are about to get to the good part. 
  • Only you can harness your inner strength. Don't be afraid to reach down deep in order to find it. 
  • Have the courage to accept the changes that life brings and then fight to make them worth your while. 
  • No one becomes brave without first facing a few of their fears. You have what it takes, you just need to believe it.
  • Some of the most successful people are the ones who first found rock bottom. You will rise too.
  • Remember that at the end of every storm, there is the possibility of a rainbow.
  • Sometimes pain is just our body reminding us of how important it is to feel. 
  • You're not broken. You're just being rebuilt. Believe that this time of change is for the better. 

Inspirational "You're Stronger Than You Know" Sayings 

Life is what you make of it. You can take the curveball and admit defeat, or you can use this unexpected redirect to summon your spirit and become more secure with yourself. Let these "you're stronger than you know" sayings motivate you to look outside of the box when things get tough!

Inspirational You're Stronger Than You Know Sayings
  • Difficulty arises when we are just reaching the end of our rope. This is nature's way of building our strength and helping us grow into more capable human beings. 
  • A crack in the sidewalk can be seen as a flaw or you can choose to see it as the world making space for another flower to grow. 
  • Every hero must journey through hell in order to become the force that everyone follows. Keep rising to the challenges that come your way. 
  • The only thing that you can truly count on in life is that change is inevitable. When you understand this truth, you become better equipped to fight the battles that will arise. 
  • Like childbirth, our ability to overcome is built into our DNA. You just have to decide if you want to succumb to the pain that the moment is bringing or if you want to push through to reach the miracle on the other side. 
  • No one looks back at their life at the ripe old age of 100 and says, "Wow, thank goodness I made it to this moment." Instead, they relish in the rewards that their struggles produced, the unexpected skills they acquired in those hard moments, and the amazing people who lifted them up during their sometimes difficult journey.
  • At times, life crashes down on us like an ocean wave. Although the current is rough at this moment, as the tide goes out, it reveals a new layer of beauty that is sitting just below the surface. Those who are strong enough to wait out the waves get to reap the rewards.
  • Sometimes life pushes us to the brink and it can make us feel as if we have reached a point of no return, but each of us has the strength within ourselves to power through and get to the other side. Why are we faced with such trials and tribulations? Maybe it is to prepare us for a bigger battle. Perhaps it is to turn us into a better person. Or maybe, it is so that we can become stronger for another and serve as the arm that helps them up when they are facing a similar obstacle.

Positive "You Never Know How Strong You Are" Quotes

You never know how strong you are until obstacles are placed in your path. This is an inevitable part of life that many times catches us by surprise. When these moments arise, remember to keep moving forward. These quotes can help to remind you that life doesn't always take us on a direct path, but that doesn't mean we won't reach our destination.

Positive You Never Know How Strong You Are Quote
  • Your possibilities are endless. They just might not come in the packages you expected. Keep fighting and know that you have the power to persevere. 
  • No one said life was going to be easy. If it was, you wouldn't have the chance to turn into such an extraordinary person.
  • When you come upon flood waters in life, look at them not as an impasse, but rather as a reroute onto the path that you were destined to take.
  • Nothing is impossible in life. Maybe improbable, but you will never know how everything will play out until you try.
  • We are all just trying to find our stride. If you want to overcome, take on the mindset of a toddler — keep moving forward with confidence even if your footing fails you. 
  • Trials and tribulations are simply the turning points in our lives. They test us and sometimes break us so that we can rebuild a better version of ourselves.
  • Sometimes life throws us into the deep end. It is not until this moment that we truly learn how strong we really are and what we are willing to fight for in this world.
  • A dead end doesn't mean your journey is over. It is just life making sure that you see all the wonders that it has to offer.  

Inner Strength Quotes to Help You Find Your Fight

Struggle is how we discover our inner strength. When you find that drive to succeed and to move past the obstacle, that is when true grit takes over and you become a force of nature. These "you are stronger than you think" quotes can serve as inspiration to look deep inside yourself and push forward during trying times. 

Inner Strength Quote to Help You Find Your Fight
  • If you think you can, then you're already halfway there. 
  • The fire in your belly is what will drive you forward and help you survive. Let it burn and find your sparkle.
  • Just like a candle, your power to brighten any room comes from within. Never let anyone extinguish that light.
  • One of the hardest things that a person can do is to decide to fully believe in their abilities and to take the leap they have always dreamed of making.
  • Your power comes from within. While you cannot control the actions of others around you, you have the inner strength to navigate new paths and circumvent the obstacles that lie in your path.
  • If everyone quit when the odds were against them, then there would be no reason to watch football. Keep fighting for the Hail Mary.
  • Mothers are the quintessential example of inner strength. How else would we manage to push an entire human being out of our body?
  • Life is like a hike. The breathtaking view from the top can only be taken in after a period of struggle. Just take things one step at a time and you will find that your feet will get you to where you need to go.

"You Are Stronger Than You Know" Quotes for Hard Times

Sometimes, life is a, well, it rhymes with witch. It is hard. It tests us. And in moments of loss, it breaks us. What is important to remember is that you will survive these moments. This can take time and work, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You Are Stronger Than You Know Quote
  • Don't worry about the path, only the progress. Life isn't always pretty, but if you continue to move forward, you will overcome, and even thrive. 
  • Strength takes pain to build. No one said it would be easy, but if you fight through these difficult endeavors, you can find your power behind it. 
  • Do you know why you can never just skip to the good part? Because you wouldn't realize what you had if you didn't have to work for it.
  • It is not the straw that broke the camel's back. It was the camel's unwillingness to let go of the other burdens it was carrying. Sometimes life gives us challenges to force us to re-prioritize what is important and to let go of what is not. 
  • The true measure of a man is not his success, but rather, the strength he found in times of hardship. It is when we are tested that we truly have the opportunity to shine. 
  • Sometimes the hardest thing to fight is the natural urge to keep swimming. Every so often, the best way to find your strength is to take a moment to float until the current changes. Never give up your fight, just change your strategy.
  • Do you know why being fearful is important? Because it means you have something to lose, and therefore, something to fight for. 
  • If life didn't give us lemons, we wouldn't have lemonade. If we didn't have manure, we couldn't grow luscious gardens. Remember that life is what you make of it and it takes time and effort to get to the good part.
Need to Know

During hard times, never be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes the best way to find your strength is to borrow a little from another. 

Famous Quotes About Staying Strong

Truly good books and movies give us opportunities to see others overcome and persevere, even when the odds are against them. Sometimes seeing another person fight for their dreams is all the inspiration we need to strive for ours.

Famous Quote About Staying Strong

Life's Struggles Help Us Learn

There is a German saying that translates to "if today wasn't your friend, it was your teacher." This is a wonderful way to look at life. Instead of stewing over your struggles, look at these parts of life as lessons. This can allow you to do better the next time a similar scenario comes your way and make you more equipped for other obstacles in life.

"You are stronger than you think" quotes can serve as a simple reminder that while life is the pits at times, if you choose to keep chugging along, it can also be quite extraordinary.

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50 Inspiring Quotes to Remind You That You're Stronger Than You Think