Best Funny Love Poems

Laughing couple

The best funny love poems express your romantic sentiments in a lighthearted, humorous manner. While funny poems are not appropriate for every situation, humorous rhymes make nice apologies, conversation starters and expressions of affection. When penning a funny love poem, keep your audience in mind. Some people don't like poems and may take offense if they are made the subject of your prose. It's best to keep the humor on yourself or a shared funny situation. For more intensely romantic prose, use Valentine poems or classic love poems.

1. Your Clumsy Valentine

You've seen me take a fall,

You've seen me make mistakes

I'm sure you've often said,

"This is all I can take!"

I am your clumsy Valentine

that much is true,

But as ungraceful as I am

I truly love you,

I'll never be president

or a romantic book cover,

But one thing you can bet on

I'm gonna love you forever!

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2. My Lips Are Full of Kisses


My lips are full of kisses

they pucker and plump when you are near,

This pair isn't happy until your lipstick we smear,

My lips are full of kisses

even now they move your way

for the promise of heaven is just a kiss away!


3. Beauty and the Beast

You must hear the shock and awe

when we walk down the street

as people, loudly say,

"Why that's Beauty and the Beast!"

What a strange pair,

What a weird sight,

A lovely, bright flower

and a creature from the night,

I know you hear them

'cause I do, too,

I don't understand

how they can say that about you!

4. My Little Star


When I wish upon a star

I do not have to look too far

'cause sitting right next to me

shining bright and true

is the loveliest star I ever knew,

It's true stars are gassy,

They tend to twinkle and fade

but my little star for eternity was made

I know your flaws,

You surely know mine

but like stars in the sky

our love will burn up the night!

5. Your Love is Better

Your love is better than chocolate

or an intoxicating wine,

It's better than cinnamon

I have to make you mine!

Your love is better than caramel

or any liqueur filled truffle,

It's better than hazelnut,

Oh, I love you double!

Your love is better than lush berries

or a ripe, succulent peach,

It's better than sugar,

My heart's within your reach!

Your love is better than sangria

or a sweet, fizzy lemonade,

It's better than any nectar

for you, my heart was made!

Best Funny Love Poems