60+ Best Friend to Lover Quotes That Describe Dating Your BFF

You've known each other for years, but something changed. You've made the leap from BFFs to lovers, and our quotes describe how it feels.

Updated April 26, 2024
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I know what it's like to not only date and fall in love with my best friend but to marry him. I am so lucky that's my path in life because we have a ton of fun together and really get each other. And best-friend-to-lover quotes can share the joy (and challenges) of these types of relationships. Let our quotes about love between best friends inspire you.

Dating Your Best Friend Quotes for Couples

Thank God you were a good kisser, or that could've been super awkward.

It can be a scary thing to take the next step in a BFF relationship. But when it works out, it can be amazing, and we love that for you. These quotes about dating your best friend share that journey.

  • Dating you was the easiest decision I ever made. And the best!
  • I never dreamed we would date. Now my dreams have come true!
  • I wouldn't have pegged you as the person of my dreams, but it turns out you are. Yay.
  • The sound of your laugh has always made me smile. Now it makes my heart sing, too.
  • We always had so much fun hanging out. But if I'd known what it would be like to date, I would've taken this step ages ago.
  • Thank God you were a good kisser, or that could've been super awkward.
  • I always suspected friends made the best lovers. Now I know it's true. 
  • No one knows me better than you. You put up with all the bad through the years, so here's to making our relationship good.
  • We finally took the leap to make it you + me. I'm so happy!
  • Whew. That could've been a disaster. Thank goodness it wasn't!
  • BFF means 'Best Friends Forever,' but in our case, it also means 'BoyFriend — Finally!'
  • My dearest friend is now my favorite Friday night date.
  • You've known me since we were kids. Our relationship has grown up with us, and I'm so happy you're with me in every sense of the word.
  • It's still a little shocking sometimes that I'm kissing the kid who used to call me Booger Face. 
  • Dating a friend means never saying goodbye, because we'll always be there for each other.
  • I used to look forward to our daily chats. Now I look forward to our evening dates.
  • Being friends would never have been enough for me. You changed my world the moment you stepped into it.

Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes and Captions

In you, I found not only a true friend but my true love.

Growing closer to your best friend while dating can mean falling in love with them. These quotes and captions capture all the emotions of that transition.

  • Whew. That was terrifying. So glad it worked out.
  • The more I learned about you as my friend, the deeper I fell for you. Falling into your arms was the greatest moment of my life.
  • I always hoped I'd meet the gamer of my dreams. Who knew it was you, sitting beside me for all these years?
  • Wherever you go, I won't just follow. I'll be by your side for all of it.
  • You've become more than a companion, friend, or buddy. You're becoming my beloved.
  • Our hangouts just got a lot sexier.
  • Happiness is seeing the love we've shared through the years grow stronger as we strengthen our commitment.
  • It's nice not to have to break someone in. You already know all my baggage. 
  • I'm so glad you stopped calling me Dude and started calling me Baby.
  • I haven't just fallen off the deep end for you. I dove in as soon as I knew you'd be floating there with me.
  • In you, I found not only a true friend but my true love.
  • I always wanted to be with someone who would make me laugh. I just didn't know it would be my BFF.
  • Remember when it was just our Sims who were hot for each other? Same thing, just in real life.
  • Heartbreak is a distant memory when you're with your best friend because they have been protecting your heart since the moment you met.
  • Being around you makes my face smile. Being surrounded by your arms makes my heart smile, too.
  • There is no greater love than that which exists between friends, so let's embrace it and each other.
  • You've been with me through the worst as friends, so you deserve my best in love. I'm thrilled that you're here for it all.
  • We turned the page in our book of friendship in order to begin the greatest love story of all time.

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Best Friends & Lovers Quotes

We dance like lovers but laugh like BFFs.

Find romantic things to say to your lover and best friend that lets them know how much you care.

  • Passion ignites the flames of friendship and love that surround us.
  • We dance like lovers but laugh like BFFs.
  • You + Me = Super sexy best friends.
  • I always imagined we'd grow old together. I never thought it would be as lovers.
  • You're more than my partner in life. You're my soulmate.
  • Knowing that I can trust you with my heart as my friend means you'll never break it as my lover.
  • I'm blessed to call you both my lover and best friend.
  • Our bond was forged in friendship, and our love is stronger than steel.
  • When we were kids, I assumed you be the one tying me to a railroad track. Not the one rescuing me.
  • Your friendship was a gift. Your love is better than any gift I could receive.
  • What could be better than a romantic relationship solidified over the love of hobbits?
  • The value of your friendship only adds to our priceless love.
  • Swinging by your side in the park was nowhere near as exciting as swinging by your side through life. 

Best Friends to Lovers Captions & Hashtags

We told you so. - Our moms

Ready to let the world know that the kid who used to tell you that you were gross is now your partner? These social media captions are a short, sweet, and super fun way to share your news.

  • "We told you so." ~ Our moms #MamaKnowsBest
  • The Force made us fall in love. #StarWarsBFFsForever
  • From video game nemeses to #CoupleGoals. 
  • Turns out I love him more than we loved pizza rolls when we were kids. #BFFsWhoFellInLove
  • He called me Brace Face. I called him Stinky. Now we call each other Hon. #FrenemiesToLovers
  • I vowed the first day he invited me into his treehouse that he'd someday be mine. #NowHeIs
  • As BFFs we shared outfits. As partners, we share a life. #InLoveWithMyBFF
  • Our friendship is off on a new adventure. #WeAreInLove
  • Whoever said the best path to love is friendship was totally right. #SoHappy
  • Thought I'd date one of the New Kids on the Block. Turns out it was the boy next door. #DatingMyBFF
  • We always hung out and ate pizza. Now we make out, too. #Winning
  • From partners in crime to partners in life. #ThatWorkedOut
  • True love has always been right next to me on the couch playing Minecraft.  #WhoKnew

Quotes About Dating & Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

Reading and sharing quotes about dating your best friend can help you work through your feelings and share your emotions with your partner. Whether you're dating, falling in love, or now lovers, having your best friend be your partner brings a lifetime of fun with someone who knows you inside and out.

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60+ Best Friend to Lover Quotes That Describe Dating Your BFF