13 Car Date Ideas to Rev Up Your Relationship

These are the kind of dates you never want to end. Get creative and set up a fun, easy date night you can do in your car or truck.

Published August 25, 2023
Two men sitting in back of car with tailgate up holding hands and smiling

With how well we treat our cars — we even name them, after all — they might as well be the third wheel in our relationships. Take full advantage of your home away from home by trying one of these car date ideas.

Car dates can be as low-key or intricately planned out as you want. And why should you deviate from your usual haunts, you might ask? Not only can these dates be inexpensive and help you mix things up, but also because the small cabin space has something none of those places do — intimacy.

Take a Turn Around the Racetrack

Thanks to toys like Hot Wheels and Tonka Trucks, we grow up with a need for speed that those pesky speed limits never let us reach. But, if you want to put your foot to the floor with your partner by your side, look for the nearest speedway experience in your area.

Usually, racetracks will have days when they let people pay to take their own cars around the track. Or pay to drive one of their cars with a seasoned driver at the ready. Live life on the wild side and add a touch of thrill to you and your partner's regular date night adventures.

Challenge Yourselves to the ABC Map Game

The ABC Map Game is a great date idea if you’ve got a couple hours to spend and a full tank of gas — and it also makes a great last-minute date idea

The premise? Find businesses and locations starting with each letter of the alphabet. The catch? You have to drive to each one starting with A and working your way down until you get to Z. Trade off throughout the adventure of picking and driving and see just how many you can mark off before you’re both too tired to go another mile.

Play Hide and Seek … the Mini Way

If you slay at Easter egg hunting, then why not put your partner up to the challenge? Orchestrate a few rounds of hide and seek in your car for an afternoon date. Now, how can you play hide and seek in a 20' (at best) car? That’s where things get interesting.

Instead of hiding yourselves, you’re going to hide little tokens around the car. Think little army men, dice from a board game, chip clips, etc. Choose your household tokens and get to hiding.

Avoid the Bugs and Picnic in the Car

Having a picnic date is fun, but it can involve battling bugs, wind, the sun, and your own clumsiness. Elevate the picnic experience with air conditioning and keep the views by setting it up in your car’s trunk instead. Lay down a blanket, pour some wine, and listen to the … distant … sounds of nature.

Couple eating watermelon in the back of their car to avoid bugs

Break Out the Board Games

Who needs a tabletop when you’ve got a flat dashboard and the will to see it through? Board games can be the ultimate way to pass time. After all, every relationship needs the zest of some friendly competition. Whether it's cards, trivia, or strategy games, pull out the whole game closet and get to work.

Turn Into Pretzels With Car Twister

You've probably seen versions like paint Twister, but car Twister really ups the ante. You’ve got such a limited amount of space that it’ll put your flexibility to the test. Leave the seats up and play across the console if you really want to make things difficult.

Spend the Night Laughing With a Stand-Up Special

If neither of you want to spend the night dodging drunk barflies to see local comedy sets, jump into the car and set up your own comedy drive-in. If you’ve got a projector, set it up in the backyard and back your car up to watch from the trunk.

If not, prop up your laptop or phone on the dash, lay your seats back, and let the show get on the road. Don’t forget to pack snacks and treats to give it the full entertainment experience.

Spend the Evening Stargazing From the Trunk

Stargazing is an eye-opening experience. You really don’t understand how vast the universe is until you’re staring right into the open chasm of it all. But jumping into a random field at night to see the stars isn’t exactly safe, so we suggest watching the stars from the safety of your car.

Bring blankets and pillows and talk the night away with the stars twinkling in the distance. And if you’ve got the energy, stay up to greet the sunrise together.

Couple stargazing from their car at night

Tell Scary Stories to Each Other

Grab blankets, flashlights, and the scariest stories you can think of for this one. Take intimacy in a different direction with this car date night idea. Pile into the car and try your best to scare your partner with urban legends and scary stories you find online.

Quick Tip

If you’d both rather listen, let someone else tell the tall tales. Choose from a plethora of scary podcasts, like The Creeping Hour or The No Sleep Podcast, that you can enjoy together.

Take an Evening to Meditate Together

Today, we’re in such a go-go-go type of world that taking a minute to just sit and breathe is a luxury. Instead of picking another overstimulating bar or event to take your partner to, suggest spending an evening meditating and re-centering together.

Drive out somewhere where there are no distractions and follow a guided meditation. Do a few short ones or commit to a long session. Either way, you should come back feeling energetically refreshed and connected to your partner on a spiritual level.

Have a Dance Party in the Car Wash

This is what we’d like to call a micro date. Sometimes life is just too busy to spare anymore than 10-15 minutes to spend with each other. If that’s the case, hop in the car and head to the car wash. Pick a song you both love, set it at full blast, and break out into a song and dance party while the rainbow colors and suds turn your car cabin into a rave.

Read a Book to Each Other

As children, we all grew up with people reading to us, whether it was in school, at the library, or at home. There’s something incredibly comforting about hearing someone read from a book, so why not take advantage of it and turn it into a date night activity?

Pick a book you’ve been dying to read, or one of your old favorites, and set up shop inside your car. Lean your seats back and take turns reading chapters to each other. 

Quick Tip

Make the vibes extra cozy with a couple of blankets and a scenic location.

Take a Scenic Drive

When the weather’s clear, there’s nothing better than taking a scenic drive through forests, parkways, and National or State Parks nearby. Go really early for a sunrise excursion, or let the stars guide your way around every curve. Lower the windows, turn down the sunroof, and soak up outdoors with your boo.

Happy older couple on a scenic drive in a convertible

Your Car Is a One Stop Shop for Great Dates

Like a magician pulls an endless amount of string out of their hat, you can come up with so many great date night ideas to have in your car. From micro dates to all-day excursions, your creativity (and gas tank) are the only limits to how much silly, romantic fun you and your partner can have.

13 Car Date Ideas to Rev Up Your Relationship