13 Creative Real-Life Date Ideas Inspired by the Movies

Movie stars aren't the only ones who deserve to experience an iconic date. Plan one of these romantic adventures for your sweetheart.

Published November 18, 2023
Couple on a scooter

Whether you're a movie buff or you're just wanting to plan something extra special for your darling, movie date ideas are one way to spice things up. A date inspired by their favorite movie or a recreation of your own favorite scene in a film makes for an unforgettable romantic experience. These ideas will take your average date and turn it into an iconic movie experience. 

Iconic Date Ideas From Your Favorite Films

Romantic comedies and classic love stories on the big screen gave us so many creative date ideas. Plan for more than just a meet-cute with these date ideas taken right out of popular films.

Take a Scooter Ride (How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days)

The canary yellow dress and the steamy shower scene aren't the only memorable moments in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Many of us envied Andie as she perched on the back of Benjamin's bike for a day-date packed with adventure. Rent bikes or scooters, or plan for a real motorcycle ride, and finish the day with a picnic and a round of I Doubt It

Arrange a Baseball Game (Twilight)

Cue the signature soundtrack of Twilight. Even if you haven't seen the vampire romance film in years, you probably remember the iconic baseball scene. You won't likely need a thunderstorm to cover the sounds of your sports skills, but you might have fun planning a baseball game for a group date. If your date loves adding some movement, fresh air, and friends to their day, this adventure will be a grand slam.

Have a Paintball Fight (10 Things I Hate About You)

Getting covered in paint with a hot date? Count us in. 10 Things I Hate About You still gives us all the feels today and we think any couple would love chasing each other around a paintball course in good, competitive fun. 

Paintball players

Eat Candy on a Playground (13 Going on 30)

Channel some of your childhood, and your love of 13 Going on 30, with this date idea. Find out your date's favorite movie theater candy and hit up a local playground around sunset. Spend the evening enjoying candy from the top of the jungle gym and seeing who can jump the farthest from the swing in mid-air. 

Have a Classic Movie Marathon (Pitch Perfect)

We're calling this one "movie date inception." You may remember Pitch Perfect for its musical numbers, but it also gave us a simple and romantic date idea. Cuddle up like Jesse and Beca, turn down the lights, and watch your own selection of classic movies. Just make sure the movies also have perfect scores, if you're determined to follow the scene in the movie.

Fast Fact

Jesse also brought juice pouches for this nostalgic date, so you might bring your own classic food or beverage from childhood.

Take a Boat Ride (The Notebook)

You don't have to shout "What do you want" at your date because this is what they want. The Notebook won many of us over during its release in 2004 and the iconic boat scene was nothing short of dreamy. This date idea might work best during the warm months, but you could take a boat out on the lake for a slow and romantic tour of the scenery any time. 

Smiling young couple in a boat

Plan a Whole Day of Movie-Inspired Romance

You don't have to copy a scene exactly to plan a date inspired by a beloved film. Instead, you can plan an entire day or evening by drawing inspiration from a single movie. These movie date ideas leave room for your own creativity and interpretation. 

A Classic Love Story Date (Ever After)

Unlikely lovers, a bit of mystery, and all the history your heart can handle. Ever After did dark academia before dark academia was a thing. Build a date around this passionate and beautiful interpretation of the classic Cinderella fairytale.

  • Quietly stroll the library together.
  • Take a hike in the late afternoon.
  • Tour a historical site or go see historical ruins.
  • Stay up late talking about your hopes and dreams.
  • Go horseback riding. 
Helpful Hack

If you can find a local theater production of Cinderella, that might add to the fairytale mood of this date. 

A Date From Famous Literature (Pride & Prejudice)

Pride & Prejudice may just be the ultimate classic love story. The passion, the enemies-turned-lovers vibes, and all that Victorian-era fashion made the 2005 film an obsession for many of us. Draw inspiration from the film for your next date.

  • Take a long nature walk.
  • Have a meaningful chat over tea.
  • Take ballroom dancing lessons together.
  • Attend a classic literature reading. 
  • Read Victorian poetry together. 
  • Tour a grand property, home, or museum.

All the Cozy Things (The Holiday)

If you're trying to plan a date during Christmas, look no further than the inspiration from The Holiday. This beloved film gave us two sets of love interests, meaning we got double the ideas for cozy holiday dates.

Couple baking Christmas cookies
  • Build a pillow fort and snuggle up for a movie.
  • Bake Christmas cookies together. 
  • Listen to scores from classic movies together.
  • Grab sushi together.
  • Take a chilly stroll in the park.

A Quest for Adventure (Tangled)

You can't talk about iconic romance without including a Disney movie or two. Tangled was the first Disney film where we really got to see the animated love interests slowly fall for each other — and their adventure is worth replicating in your own way.

  • Go zip-lining.
  • Hike in a new place.
  • Eat at a local dive or diner.
  • Take a boat ride on a lake.
  • Enjoy dinner or conversation by candlelight. 
  • Camp outside under the stars.

Silly & Sweet Date (50 First Dates)

Romantic comedies aren't supposed to make us cry this much. 50 First Dates gave us so many hilarious one-liners and tear-jerking moments. The moments shared by Henry and Lucy might inspire your next romantic date.

  • Rent jet skis for the afternoon.
  • Tour an aquarium.
  • Have breakfast at a diner. 
  • Go to a bonfire.
  • Journal about your love story together.

Bookish Aesthetic Date (You've Got Mail)

It's one of the most popular romantic comedies of all time and it's the perfect inspiration for your next cozy date. Take a cue from Kathleen and Joe and build your next day around You've Got Mail.

  • Peruse a bookstore together. 
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch on a park bench.
  • Stroll through a local garden together.
  • Curl up at a coffee shop and read books together.

A Cold Weather Day Date (Frozen)

Frozen gave us yet another couple who would slowly fall for one another over the course of the movie and we loved all the cozy vibes of Ana and Kristoff's dynamic. Planning a day inspired by their romance just makes sense for a winter date.

Young couple in love sledding and having fun on the snow
  • Go sledding or book a traditional sleigh ride.
  • Make hot chocolate together.
  • Build a snowman.
  • Go to sauna or enjoy a hot tub soak.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Catch snowflakes on felt and freeze them to observe their unique beauty together.
  • Make and enjoy homemade soup or stew.

Make Every Date Your Own

The best way to plan a successful date is to plan it around the interests of the person you plan to spend time with, as well as your own. Draw inspiration from movies and let that be the jumping-off point for a romantic time. With big-screen romance infused into your plans, you can make any date an unforgettable experience.

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13 Creative Real-Life Date Ideas Inspired by the Movies