Six Father's Day Poems to Make Him Feel Special

We love using poems for Dad on Father's Day to add meaning to a card or gift and make his day.

Published May 24, 2024
Portrait of happy family father with excited child son hugging smiling while celebrating Fathers day together at home.

Sometimes expressing your love for your dad (or the father figures in your life) is easier in verse. You can add Father's Day poems to cards or notes, put them on your Instagram with a picture of that special dad, or print them up for a touching gift. We've even got some ideas to help you customize the poems to make them way more personal.

Father's Day Poems for Kids or Teens to Give

A poem can be the perfect addition to a Father's Day picture or card from the kids. These short and simple poems will help kids express their feelings about their dad.

Poem for a Great Playmate

Poem for a Great Playmate

Thanks for being a great playmate
And for all the fun we've had.
You make me feel so loved and safe,
And I'm lucky you're my dad.

Qualifications for an Awesome Dad

Your sneeze is downright scary,
And your dad jokes make us groan.
You're always telling us to turn off lights
And pick up everything we own.
You're great at grilling hot dogs
And tucking us in bed,
And your stories are much funnier
Than any book we've ever read.
You've put in so much effort
In times both good and bad.
There's no doubt that you're qualified
To be a super awesome dad.
Quick Tip

Kids can personalize their poems by adding a special drawing or a list of what they love about their dad. We guarantee he's going to love getting this special poem even more if it's got some bonus art.

Dad Phrases, Jokes, & Puns: A Silly Father's Day Acrostic

D - Don't make me turn this car around!
A - Ask your mother.
D - Don't spend it all in one place!

F - Famous last words!
A - Amazing puns are how eyeroll.
T - They're comin' for ya (sirens).
H - Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.
E - Ever want to make a robot angry? Just keep pushing his buttons.
R - Remember, money doesn't grow on trees. 
S - So you can call me anything you like. Just don't call me late for dinner. 

D- Do you think I'm made of money?
A - Are you trying to cool the entire neighborhood?
Y - You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can't pick your friend's nose. 

Dad: A Haiku

Dad, my protector
Guardian of my future
How lucky I am

Father's Day Poems for Dad From Grown Kids

Even when we're grown up, a poem is sometimes the best way to express our love. There's nothing wrong with rhyming poems for fathers on this special day, but it sometimes feels more natural to go with something along the free verse lines.


"Dear Dad" Poem From a Daughter

Dear Dad,
I remember starry skies and summer nights,
the safe, capable strength of you in the dark.
I wasn't scared of monsters when you showed me Orion's belt.
I remember the questions and the curfews too,
you waiting by the front door for me to get home.
You kept me safe and scared away anyone who would hurt me.
Now when I'm worried or overwhelmed,
you're the first person I call.
The monsters are different now, but you still protect me.

Grey Hairs and Sleepless Nights

Dad, it hasn't always been easy.
I know I've given you some of those grey hairs
and more than a few sleepless nights.
I've made choices you didn't love
and mistakes you helped me fix.
The thing is, through all of that,
you proved to me again and again
that you were there when I needed you
because I really did need you.
I've never doubted your love.
Happy Father's Day
Quick Tip

Make your Father's Day poem even more personal by adding in a few details about your life with your dad. Specific things like how he helped you in your life and the special moments you've shared will give the poem extra meaning.

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Tips to Write Your Own Poem for a Dad on Father's Day

When it comes to Father's Day poems, printable and pre-written verses can act as your inspiration to write your own custom poem. These tips can help.

  • Brainstorm everything that makes your dad special and unique.
  • Think about what your senses were telling you during special moments with your dad. What did you hear or smell?
  • Write down how you felt with your dad. Don't worry about whether it rhymes.
  • Read over what you've written and take out anything that feels awkward.
  • Remember, your dad will love this poem.

Make His Father's Day the Best Ever

Father's Day poems can help you express what's already in your heart, whether you're still a kid or only just remember what it was like when you were little. Dads are a special part of our lives, and showing yours how much you care can make his Father's Day the best one ever.

Six Father's Day Poems to Make Him Feel Special