Christmas Love Poems for the Most Romantic Holiday Ever

Share these sweet holiday love verses with your special someone in a card, text, or in person. Don't forget to have some mistletoe nearby!

Updated October 26, 2023
romantic couple kissing under mistletoe by Christmas tree

People have been using romantic poetry to woo their sweethearts for centuries, so go ahead and include a few Christmas love poems with your gift or card this year. Whether you write your own poems or use verses written by someone else that express how you feel, it's all about having something super sweet you can hold in your hand and treasure for years to come. We promise: the one you love will hold these poems close to their heart this holiday season.

Original Romantic Verses for Christmas

Romantic Christmas poems can be all different styles. You'll find short Christmas poems, long verses, rhymed and not rhymed, passionate and serious, or even tinged with humor. The important thing is that any poem you choose matches your personality and what's in your heart. Add one to a Christmas card, jot it on a gift tag, or maybe frame one and give it as a present.

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

By Kelly Roper

Meet me under the mistletoe,
And we'll share a tender kiss.

All I need are your lips, my love
To complete my holiday bliss.

Meet me under the mistletoe,
I promise it will be divine,
When I take you in my arms,
And press your lips with mine.

Meet me under the mistletoe
With lips that glisten like dew,
And I'll reveal what's in my heart
With the kiss that I give to you.

All I Want for Christmas

By Tracey Kelley

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
For Christmas this year,
All I want is you!

romantic couple sitting on floor in front of Christmas tree

A Perfect Christmas Eve

By Kelly Roper

You and I
Cuddled up together
In the dark
In front of a lighted tree
Sharing our love for each other.

That's my idea of a perfect Christmas Eve.

A Present Just for You

By Tracey Kelley

The packages are wrapped,
The tree is a delight,
Meet me under the mistletoe,
And you'll get a big present tonight!

The First Gift Is the Best

By Tracey Kelley

On our first Christmas morning,
I thought you were the most beautiful sight,
In your fuzzy yellow slippers, hair askew,
With pink cheeks, like Santa's little helper.

You gave me socks, like my mom would,
And a very cool titanium driver,
But the greatest gift of all, I know this for sure,
Is simply being my loving wife every day.

Merry Christmas, sweetheart, this year and always.

Our First Christmas

By Kelly Roper

My heart beats with anticipation
At the thought of you and me
Spending our first Christmas together
Hanging ornaments on the tree.

A crackling fire and a bottle of wine
Complete my romantic vision.
And my fondest wish for you and me
Is to make this our yearly tradition.

Quick Tip

You can text a Christmas poem about love to your sweetie during the holiday season too. It can be such a fun surprise to have your phone buzz and look down and see that it's a romantic poem.

More Christmas Love Poems to Share

romantic couple embracing in city at Christmas

Anyone who has visited a library or browsed on Amazon knows there are about a million volumes of romantic poetry available. Still, very little of it involves Christmas. That’s about to change, though. A growing number of modern poets are trying their hand at blending the holidays with love.

  • Poem Source features a smattering of poetry dedicated to loved ones at Christmas, and "The Most Wonderful Gift" is a great example. It describes a partner as being a wonderful gift that lasts long after Christmas is over.
  • Coolest Holiday Parties includes a couple romantic poems in their short Christmas poems collection. We think "Candlelit Heart" expresses the wistfulness experienced when you have to spend Christmas away from the one you love, while "May This Christmas Be the First of Many" looks forward to love growing as the years pass.
  • Wishes Album has some super romantic and sweet poems about the holidays. We love their poem, "Sweet Merry Christmas, My Love," which talks about all the treats of the Christmas season as symbolic of their loved one.
  • GenTwenty offers a great collection of 26 love poems about Christmas. We especially like "Your Love Is My Gift."
Quick Tip

No matter which Christmas poem you choose to express your feelings, it's always nice to add a personal touch. Write a line with something specific you love about your special someone and jot that down under the poem. Use their name or a special nickname you have for them, too.

The Magic of the Season in Words

Poets have the wonderful ability to weave the magic of the holidays into Christmas love poems that couples can keep forever. Cuddle up with your sweetheart, share a few of these poems, and discover the magic of a truly romantic Christmas.

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Christmas Love Poems for the Most Romantic Holiday Ever