Candy Cane Wreath: A Simple DIY Guide

Updated June 10, 2021
Candy Cane Feather Wreath

You can get into the Christmas spirit by making a sweet candy cane wreath for your front door. You don't have to be an expert crafter or a florist to make a beautiful wreath. These projects are fun and easy, and you can even get the whole family involved.

Festive Candy Cane Feather Wreath

For this wreath, you can start with a pre-made feather wreath, available on Etsy starting around $30, or you can make your own feather wreath from a cardboard wreath form and a white feather boa. Both methods are easy, and the entire wreath will take you about an hour to construct.

Things You'll Need

Gather the following tools and supplies:

  • Pre-made white feather wreath, if desired
  • 18-inch cardboard wreath form, available at craft stores
  • Five-foot white feather boa, available at craft stores and costume stores
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 12 miniature candy canes, unwrapped
  • White craft wire
  • Two yards red and white striped wired ribbon
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors

What to Do

  1. If you're using a pre-made feather wreath, skip to step 2. Otherwise, use hot glue to attach the feather boa to the cardboard wreath form, trimming it as needed. Allow it to cool before proceeding.
  2. Use wire cutters to cut 12 one-foot lengths of craft wire.
  3. Pick up one unwrapped candy cane and carefully place it in the center of one piece of wire. Wrap the ends around the candy cane twice until it is securely attached to the wire with two ends sticking out on either side. Set aside and repeat with the remaining candy canes.
  4. When all the candy canes are wrapped, use the wire ends to attach them to the wreath at regular intervals around the circle. Work the wire under the feathers and then twist the ends in the back of the wreath.
  5. Make a florist's bow with the red and white ribbon. Leave the ribbon tails long and trim the ends at an angle.
  6. Use craft wire to secure the bow to the top of the wreath. If desired, add a wire hanging loop on the back too.

Candy Cane Wreath With Cardinals

Starting with a simple real or artificial evergreen wreath, you can create a beautiful candy cane decoration with bright red cardinals. This eye-catching wreath is easy to make, and you should have it done in less than an hour.

Things You'll Need

You'll need the following tools and supplies to make this wreath:

  • Pre-made real or artificial greenery wreath
  • Several large and small pine cones
  • Three red cardinal decorations, available at craft stores
  • Two yards red and white ribbon
  • Red artificial berries in various sizes
  • Gold bells
  • Real candy canes or candy cane decorations
  • Florist's wire
  • Wire cutters
Pine Cones

What to Do

  1. Cut three pieces of florist's wire, each about 18 inches long. You'll use this to attach three large pine cones. For each pinecone, wrap the wire around the base, leaving the wire tails. Wrap the wire tails from the pinecone around the wreath, placing one pinecone at the bottom and evenly spacing one on each side near the top.
  2. Cut several pieces of wire about 12 inches long. Wrap these around smaller pinecones and attach to them to the wreath in clusters around the larger pinecones.
  3. Cut a piece of wire about 12 inches long and wrap it around the feet of a cardinal. Attach the cardinal just above one of the large pinecones by wrapping the wire tails around the wreath. Repeat with the remaining two cardinals.
  4. Using 12-inch pieces of wire, attach various sizes of red berries throughout the wreath. Work the ends of the berries into the greenery for a natural look.
  5. Wrap another 12-inch piece of wire around the candy canes and attach these to either side of the wreath. If the candy canes are small, you may want to group several together for impact.
  6. Make a simple bow out of red and white ribbon, leaving the tails long. Attach the bow to the wreath using wire. If desired, attach a hanging loop to the back.

More Candy Cane Wreath Ideas

There are lots of other ways to make a candy cane wreath. If you want to experiment with more types, try one of these:

  • Red and white mesh ribbon wreath - Make wreath in red and white mesh ribbon and decorate it with candy canes. Mesh ribbon wreaths are easy to make from supplies available at any craft store.
  • All-over candy cane wreath - Buy a white foam wreath form at the craft store and use a hot glue gun to attach mini candy canes all over it. For best results, work in layers so you can stick a second or third layer of candy canes over the first ones. This lets you completely cover the wreath form.
  • Candy cane-shaped wreath - You can buy a wreath form in the shape of a large candy cane and then use your favorite method to attach greenery and make a Christmas wreath with it. Be sure to top it off with a red and white striped ribbon bow.

A Sweet Way to Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

The addition of candy canes makes any wreath into a light-hearted and adorable front door Christmas decoration. A DIY candy cane wreath is a sweet way to make your own Christmas decorations, and it's also a fun option for welcoming people to your home during the holidays.

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Candy Cane Wreath: A Simple DIY Guide