Holiday Candle Gift Ideas

Updated September 10, 2019
Holiday Candle Gifts

Candle gifts are a great holiday present choice, especially for that person who has everything. Everyone loves candles and there are many wonderful candle designs with holiday motifs and ones you can use year-round.

Travel Candle Gift Set

If you have a traveler on your shopping list, consider this Amazon's #1 bestseller. If your traveler enjoys essential oil scents, long hot baths or practices yoga then the Yinuo Mirror scented candle gift set might be the perfect gift. This 4-pack candle set comes with attractive 4.4 oz tin candle holders in different colorful designs. Anyone on your list who loves aromatherapy will enjoy this candle gift set.

  • 2.95'' W x 2.95'' H each
  • 75 hours total burn time
  • 100% natural soy wax
  • Lemon, rose, lavender, and mediterranean fig fragrances
  • Price: Around $16 with free shipping for orders over $25
Yinuo Mirror Scented Candles Gift Set
Yinuo Mirror Scented Candles Gift Set

Amazon Customer Reviews

One Amazon customer reported each candle burned around 25 to 30 hours. The aromas are described as relaxing, Customers are pleased with the candles as well as the decorative box for gift giving. Several customers gave the candles as gifts. One customer stated, "When you touch it after burning for hours, it doesn't feel hot!"

Voluspa Japonica Assorted Votive Candle Gift Set

Voluspa presents Japonica Archive 12 Votive Gift Set in a self-display gift box. The gift set include exotic scents in embossed glass votives, such as Japanese Plum Bloom, Yashioka Gardenia, Goji Tarocco Orange, French Cade Lavender, Crane Flower, Persimmon & Copal, Santiago Huckleberry, Panjore Lychee, Baltic Amber, Moso Bamboo, Mokara, and Nissho-Solei. The designs are reminiscent of Japanese paper making and cast in shimmering jewel tones that reveal the embossed. Dsign.

Voluspa 12 Candle Japonica Archive Gift Set Home Good
Voluspa 12 Candle Japonica Archive Gift Set Home Good
  • 15-hour burn time
  • Made from coconut wax with 100% natural wicks
  • Votive size 3 oz each
  • Made and hand poured in USA
  • Sulfate, phthalates and parabens free
  • Price: Around $75 plus $10 shipping fee

Large Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar Candle

This large classic Yankee Candle in a jar will put you in the holiday spirit with its balsam and cedar scent. The mid fragrance notes of cedar and juniper will transform your home into the pleasing scents of a forest. Top fragrance hints of citrus, herbs and even red berries give this scented candle an aromatic depth. The bottom fragrance notes include, vanilla, musk and amber.

  • 4" W x 6.6" H
  • 110-150 hours burn time
  • Premium-grade paraffin
  • Price: Around $30
Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Balsam & Cedar
Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Balsam & Cedar

Yankee Candle Customer Reviews

The Balsam & Cedar Candle is a favorite among Yankee Candle customers. Many customers state they use the candle year-round. Some of the comments include, "Smells like Christmas and cedar!"; "Smells more like an actual pine forest," and "Perfect scent for Christmas time."

Crackling Fire Sounding Candle Set

If you love the sound of a crackling fire, but don't have a fireplace, Candlewick's Timberwick delivers! As soon as you light this candle, its wood wick creates a charming Christmas fireside ambiance. The Timberwick Tumbler gift set features an embossed copper finish lid and three fragrance candles that include, Ember Glow, Cedar Oakwood and Vanilla Brulee.

TimberWick Vanilla Brulee Soy Candle
TimberWick Vanilla Brulee Soy Candle

Fast Facts

The fragrances are five times more than the recommended standard to provide a long-lasting exceptional scent. The low pricing for the 3-pack set is explained as the equivalent of buying two candles and getting one candle free.

  • 3-Pack- 8.25 oz glass tumblers
  • 40 hours burn time per candle
  • 3.25" W x 4" H slightly tapered glass container (with metal lid)
  • Price: Around $20 with free shipping on orders over $49

Assemble Your Own Gift Box

This candle gift set offers you the opportunity to create your own gift set. There are three different candle scents in each set. The sets are not packaged in a gift box. Instead, each candle is individually wrapped. You can make your Christmas budget go farther by either gifting individual candles or creating your own gift set. You might decide to create a 2-pack gift set.

Candlewick Customer Reviews

Candlewick customers love the Timberwick candles, especially the cracking sound the wood wicks create. A few comments include, "They are fragrant and burn to the bottom." ; "The wick is so very user friendly." and "Loving the flickering wood wick!"

Gold Canyon Large Heritage Candles

Gold Canyon offers a wide range of candle choices. The most popular collection is the Heritage® Candles featuring the Signature Diamond-Light? glass container. The sparkling effect of the glass container will make any holiday magical!

Gold Canyon Candle Pomegranate Large Scented Jar Candle
Gold Canyon Candle Pomegranate Large Scented Jar Candle

60 Fragrances and Three Sizes

Heritage Candles offer 60 fragrances and are available in three sizes of large, medium and mini. However, the large size candle makes the grandest lighting display. Gold Canyon is known among its customers for long-lasting aromas. The large sized candle features two wicks.

  • 26 oz with 125 to 150 hours of fragrance and burn time
  • Candles scented from top to bottom
  • Premium coconut wax blend candles
  • Safety wicks with safety collar
  • Price: Around $30 with free shipping orders over $90

Gold Canyon Customer Reviews

Gold Caynon customers are loyal fan of Heritage® candles, citing long burn time and lasting fragrances as their two major likes. Some of the customer comments include, "I burn it year-round!"; "I burn this candle every day!" and "I will purchase again once my candle runs out!"

Flameless Wax LED Candle Set

A flameless candle set may have advantages over open flames for some holiday gift lists. Not everyone wants lighted candles. Building codes may prohibit open flames or some people don't want to leave candles burning for extended periods of time. This 9-Piece Enpornk remote-operated battery flameless LED candle set fills that bill!

Set of 9 Ivory Real Wax Pillar LED Candles
Set of 9 Ivory Real Wax Pillar LED Candles
  • Real wax pillar candles
  • Candle diameters: 2.2"
  • Candle heights: Two 4", two 5", two 6", one 7", one 8" and one 9" high candles
  • Cycling 24-hour timer or 2, 4, 6- or 8-hour timers
  • Static or flickering options
  • Two brightness options
  • Requires two AA batteries for each candle.
  • Price: Around $20 with free shipping for Prime members

Amazon Customer Reviews

Overall most Amazon customers are pleased with their purchases. The look of real wax candles appeals to them. One customer said, "The wax exterior is authentic." The remote-control feature is a big hit with customers. One customer stated, "I love that I set the 2-hour timer and the next night they came on at the same time." A few customers didn't read the diameter dimension and assumed the candles were 3" in diameter but were still happy and rated the candles 5 stars.

Novelty Holiday Candle Gifts

You may prefer a novelty holiday candle gift, such as a snowman candle or a caroler shaped candle. You may decide on a unique candle style such as Walmart's Candle by the Hour Mint Christmas Tree Designer Candle.

Candle by the Hour Christmas Tree Candle with 14 charms
Candle by the Hour Christmas Tree Candle with 14 charms

How It Works

This coil wax Christmas tree is made of beeswax and is dripless. The mint scented candle comes with 14 charms. The coil candle is designed to be fed through a spring-loaded clip. The candle fed length is typically 2" to 3" and designed to burn a maximum of one-hour and then self-extinguish. You may want to include a refill candle in your gift for convenience.

  • 6" W x 11.1" H
  • 80 hours approximate burn time
  • Burns in 1-hour intervals
  • Price: Around $30 with free delivery

Google Customer Reviews

Overall customers featured on Google reviews are pleased with their purchases. One customer referred to the candle as a work of functional art. Customers enjoy being able to refill the spent candle.

  • One customer said, "I've found at least four different candle refill options."
  • Long time users enjoy this type of candle. One customer using the candle for 7 years, commented, "We use the candle as romantic ambiance every Friday and Saturday night, burning it for about 1/2 hour each nite."
  • That same customer wrote, "The refill lasts almost a year."
  • Another customer wasn't pleased about the burning process and stated, "The reality of burning this 2" at a time then waiting 15 min to reset and relight? Not so much an everyday candle."

Make Your Own Candle Gift Set

If you are creative and enjoy making Christmas and other holiday gifts for family and friends, you may want to make your own candles. You may opt for making votive candle gift sets. You can use essential oils to create the ideal fragrance you wish to add. This is an especially thoughtful gift for someone who can't find the scented candles they prefer or for someon allergic to certain types of scents. You can also include a decorative candle ring for a sophisticated touch!

Finding and Choosing Holiday Candle Gifts

There are countless holiday candle gift options for your Christmas shopping list. Decide on the style and design you want to help narrow your choices and speed up your browsing time.

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Holiday Candle Gift Ideas