20 Ways to Make Spirits Bright With Christmas Office Decor

You might feel like a Scrooge at work some days, but you can decorate like an elf to make the whole office more jolly.

Updated December 7, 2023

Whether you're the designated office decorator or you just love adding merry details to your own cubicle, you might be looking for a bit of holiday inspiration. Look no further for festive office Christmas decorations. This is the ultimate list of all the merriest, brightest, and jolliest holiday decor for your workspace. 

Put Up a Tree for the Office Fam


If you're in charge of the Christmas office decor — lucky, you — you have to start with the most important Christmas decoration. A sizable and beautiful tree in the office is the easiest way to get everyone's attention and start filling the place with Christmas spirit. 

You might choose the breakroom, the conference room, or the reception area. A stunning Christmas tree theme will let everyone know your office is ready for the holidays.

Helpful Hack

If you're trying to get everyone excited and encourage some help with decorating, ask everyone in the office to bring a tree ornament they feel represents them to place on the tree.

Try a Desktop Christmas Tree Kit

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If a large tree in the office isn't doable, a small tree on your desk would probably work. From plastic and ceramic to carved wooden art pieces, a small tree will give you just a taste of Christmas cheer throughout the day. If you have an office or sizable cubicle to yourself, you may even be able to add a skinny floor tree to your space. 

Handmade Christmas Decor Is Cute

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Maybe you want some subtle nods to the holiday on your desk or around your cubicle. One or two handmade Christmas decorations should do the trick. Whether you make them yourself, buy them locally, or use the crafts from your kids, your workspace will sing "Feliz Navidad" to the company.

Place a Holiday Welcome Mat at Your Door

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If you're fortunate enough to have a full office to yourself, you get to step up your Christmas decor this year. Remind everyone this is your domain even when the door is closed with a clever holiday welcome mat. This is such a cute idea, you could make it work for every holiday throughout the year. 

Get a Little Grinchy

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The Grinch is almost as iconic as Santa at this point. Hey, we said almost. But there's a whole fanbase behind the green holiday hater, and we're here for it. Break out your Grinchiest decor so everyone in the office knows you love Christmas, but they probably shouldn't get on your bad side.

Give Coworkers the Gift of Farmhouse Style

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Bring some of your home design style into your holiday cubicle decor. Some wooden accents and all the red buffalo check print you can find ought to do the trick. Of course, the look wouldn't be complete without a wood sign featuring a red pick up truck hauling a Christmas tree. 

Add Cutesy Christmas Desk Decor

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From your pencil cup to your mouse pad, a full desk of Christmas cheer says, "I love Christmas, and I don't care who knows it." Will it elicit major eye rolls from the Scrooges on your team? Yes. Will you care? No, you'll be too busy bopping to Mariah Carey. 

Say Cheers to the New Year

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The holidays aren't over until the ball drops on New Year's. Show the entire office that your festive attitude doesn't stop when the tree comes down — you're partying until the literal end of the year. Some New Year's-themed decor is on brand for your seasonal office additions. 

Add Cozy Hannukah Decor

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You could go the usual blue and yellow route and add a menora to your desk for some Hannukah representation in the office. But, why not take things up a level with some cozy additions as well? Blankets, pillows, and rugs give your Hannukah decorations just as many cozy vibes as your workspace neighbor's Christmas cubicle. 

Try Small & Subtle Decorations

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You don't have to make your office look like Santa's bag exploded. Though, if that's your preference, doing so is elf-approved.

But, small and subtle Christmas decor might make more sense in a shared workspace. Some candy on your desk, a snowglobe by your computer, and some red and green details should be enough to keep you cheerful all season long. 

Helpful Hack

If you want the ultimate classy and low-key nod to the holidays near your desk, a potted poinsettia is simply lovely. 

Hang Snowflake Lights All Winter

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Not feeling nativities or Santa this year? Or maybe you want some office decor that makes everyone feel included for the holidays. Snowflakes and other winter themes are the way to go. We especially love twinkling snowflake lights because they feel magical from Thanksgiving to New Year's. 

Use Wall Decals in the Breakroom

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Holiday wall decals cut your decorating time in half and still look festive in your office. If your whole company is decking the halls, a few decals in the lobby or the breakroom will help lift spirits in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Plus, the storage needed for wall decals is just a fraction of what's needed for ornaments and a tree. 

Swap Your Desk Lamp for Something Festive

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When you commit to Christmas, you leave no doubts about your jolly demeanor. So much so that swapping your usual desk necessities for holiday alternatives just seems like the right thing to do. You might start with your desk lamp and stop when you've finally swapped your rolling desk chair for a throne fit for Santa himself. 

Add a Christmas Countdown to Your Desk

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Maybe you're counting down the days until Santa comes down your chimney. Maybe you're just counting down the days until you get some time off, Santa or no Santa. Let everyone join in the fun of anticipating the holiday with a cute Christmas countdown on your desk.

Quick Tip

This would look extra adorable in a reception area or by the door employees use to enter and leave each day.

Include Some Personalized Pieces

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If you work closely with a small office group, you might enjoy some personalized decorations for Christmas. From stockings to ornaments, personalized pieces might help everyone feel included this holiday season and ease the Christmas loneliness some coworkers may be feeling.

Choose a Merry Candy Dish

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People come to reception for the candy, let's be honest. Christmas is your time to shine if you're in charge of the reception area. So, display your irresistible candies in a festive bowl to bring out the sugar-hungry child in everyone for the holidays.

Greet Coworkers With a Beloved Character

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The door to the reception area and the window in your office are just begging for some Christmas personality. Stick on a welcoming face that features your favorite Christmas character. Who wouldn't love a holiday smile from Rudolph or Buddy the Elf? 

Break Out the Blue & Silver

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Blue and silver covers the whole spectrum of holiday celebrations. The colors work for Christmas, Hannukah, and general winter festivities. Hang some sparkling silver garland, put out a few deep blue ornaments, and don't forget the silver bells. 

Framed Prints Make Holiday Decor Elegant

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That generic art print everyone in the office despises? You could replace it with a holiday-themed picture that people want to look at. For every celebration in December, an elegant art piece in the office will certainly make some spirits bright. 

Display a Modern Christmas Village

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The Christmas village your mom usually displays might give you all the nostalgia you crave during the holidays. But, it might also take up a lot of space and be pretty distracting for your coworkers. A subtle, modern take on the Christmas village might be a bit more fitting for your workspace. A few minimalist holiday houses give the perfect nod to the nostalgia of Christmases gone by. 

Deck the Halls of Your Office This Year


Don't keep all that Christmas joy to yourself. Spread some holiday cheer with your office decorations. Sure, it isn't for everyone. But if it makes you love your work day just a little more this time of year, some festive workspace decor is worth adding to your holiday list. 

20 Ways to Make Spirits Bright With Christmas Office Decor