Free Printable Paintball Party Invitations That Are Splashy Fun

Add a splash of color to your next paintball party invitations with these free, printable options.

Updated January 24, 2024
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Paintball is one of those high-energy, fun games that is a great experience for friends and family. You split up into teams and go to town marking each other with bright splotches of paint.

Organizing the paintball excursion for a birthday party or game night takes planning, but it is simple to create exciting, printable invitations (free ones!) by adding bright paint graphics. 

Paintball Party Invitations That'll Have Guests Ready for The Game

Print our fun paintball party invites on cardstock or paper for an invitation people will remember. If you need help, check out our Adobe guide

Helpful Hack

Each of these invitations is around 8½ x 11 inches, which makes them a good size for guests to post on their refrigerators as a friendly reminder of the upcoming event. Simply tri-fold each invitation and seal it in a business-size envelope. 

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More Free Printable Invitations

There are a few other awesome sources that offer free printable invitations for this party theme. They all follow a similar paint splat design that's common for the activity, but each has a few unique design elements that make it worth checking out.

  • Hoover Web Design offers a quarter-page folded design that features the words Paint Ball Party in bold letters over colorful paint splotches, and there's a jar of paintballs in the lower corner. This printable doesn't include any wording, so you'll need to add all your party details after downloading.
  • Drevio has seven free paintball party invitations to edit and download on the site, such as paint splashes with hyperrealistic people with paintball gear to computer-generated characters. The invitation templates can be downloaded on Adobe, Phonto, and other text applications and are 5” x 7” inches. But depending on your needs, you can make the invitations a smaller or larger size.
  • PosterMyWall allows for an easy peasy way to create and edit invitations. There are numerous template options to work with for your paintball party that you can go in and modify. Some designs, such as this Paintball Battle poster and this Paintball Tournament, are so cool you may find yourself adding your party details and keeping the graphics as is.

Info Your Invites Need

Your fun invitations should include everything that your invitees will need to know ahead of time, so they're fully ready for the action. Print directions to the party, and include a list of paintball safety rules to enclose in your invitations.

If your party will be held at a commercial venue that requires permission slips for participants, ensure those copies of any paperwork or waivers that may be required by the managers. Including all of this extra info with your invitations gets it out of the way ahead of time so you can get the paint-splashed party started!

Get Your Paintball Party Started

Our splashy invites set the tone for fun at your upcoming paintball party. Now all you need to is decide which team you're on.

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Free Printable Paintball Party Invitations That Are Splashy Fun