Free Printable Unscramble Word Games

Giving message with bubble speech

Unscramble word puzzles involve rearranging provided letters to form an actual word. They can be completed by children and adults to enhance logic, spelling, and vocabulary skills. You can download these printable unscramble games, and they are free to use.

Children's Unscramble Game

The Scrumptious Sweets word scramble game features popular candies and sweets most kids know and love. Suitable for ages six to ten, this word puzzle includes blank spaces and separated words to help guide children toward the correct answers. This game could be used for educational purposes in school, as a fun challenge at birthday parties, or as a quiet time activity for a child to complete individually.

To download, click on the image for each word game which will open a PDF document. Click on the print icon to use the puzzle right away, or the download icon to save the printable for later. If you have trouble, see the guide to working with Adobe printables. Each printable includes an answer key.

Scrumptious Sweets Unscramble Word Game
Scrumptious sweets

Unscramble for Teens

Teenagers today are engrossed in the world of technology, particularly social media websites. The Social Media Moguls game tests teens' knowledge of the most popular social media sites and apps. Appropriate for ages 13 and up, the game features ten scrambled words to solve. Teens can challenge friends, or teachers can use the word game as a fun way to teach lessons about internet safety.

Social Media Moguls Unscramble
Social media moguls

Men's Unscramble Game

Man Cave Must-Haves is a word game suitable for adults. While the title suggests it is for men, women can complete the challenge as well. Featuring 15 scrambled words, the puzzle has a higher level of difficulty due to the use of longer, more obscure terms. This unscramble could be shared at bachelor parties or as a brain game activity to pass the time.

Man Cave Must Haves Unscramble
Man cave must-haves

Unscramble for Women

For those who don't quite have the time for a proper pampering session the Day at the Spa puzzle can provide a fun escape. The use of longer words and more scrambles make this puzzle suitable for adults. This word game can be completed individually on breaks from work as a way to unwind and reinvigorate the mind or at social events like baby showers and girls' night out.

Spa Day Unscramble Word Game
Day at the spa

Finding the Right Words

You can use unscramble word games as a means for competition or individual fun by people of all ages. Engage the mind and enhance vocabulary skills with word puzzles that encourage the thought process in a fun way. If you get stuck on these puzzles, don't be afraid to use an anagram solver to help out.

Free Printable Unscramble Word Games