Earth Day Birthday Party Ideas

Updated December 13, 2019
Celebrate Earth Day on Your Birthday

Celebrating an Earth Day birthday can be a fun and educational event if it is done with proper respect for the guest of honor and doesn't overshadow his or her special day.

About Earth Day

Earth Day is observed annually on April 22 and is a holiday to celebrate the resources of the planet as well as to raise awareness and appreciation for the environment. The holiday officially began in 1970 and has become a day filled with symbolic acts of environmental friendliness, such as planting trees, recycling, and awareness marches. Late April is also traditionally the time of year when states celebrate Arbor Day, though the exact date of Arbor Day may vary according to the best tree-planting weather for different climates.

Earth Day Birthday Ideas

An Earth Day theme can be fun to arrange for either a birthday party or for any other awareness celebration, and properly coordinating the details of the event will ensure that its message lasts long after the guests go home.


While "Earth Day" itself can be a fun party theme, more specialized themes can be even more creative and fun to organize. Popular options include:

  • Recycling Party
  • Plant-A-Tree Party
  • Specific animal themes
  • Gardening Party
  • Outdoor picnics
  • Hikes, camping, or other outdoor activity oriented themes

Decoration Themes

It's easy to find party decorations and supplies to match an Earth Day theme, such as:

  • Cups, plates, invitations, streamers, wrapping paper and other paper goods made from recycled materials
  • Green or blue base colors accented with flowers, trees, globes, or other natural details
  • Inflatable globes hung around the party area or used as beach balls
  • Natural decorations including potted plants or flowers that can double as party favors
  • Awareness posters or educational posters with environmental themes, such as the water cycle, types of gemstones, or recycling motifs
  • A birthday cake shaped like a globe, animal, or recycling symbol
  • Seeds or small plants used as party favors


There are many fun activities party planners can organize for an Earth Day birthday, including:

  • Visiting a recycling center
  • Making a contest of picking up litter at a beach, park, or other public place
  • Reading nature books or stories to younger guests
  • Visiting a zoo, botanical garden, aquarium, or other educational facility
  • Enjoying the great outdoors with a hike, bird watching party, or other environmentally-friendly event
  • Taking a guided educational nature walk
  • Planting a tree or planting flowers, herbs, or vegetables in a garden
  • Building birdhouses or bird feeders


Several types of gifts can enhance an Earth Day theme while still being thoughtful tokens of friendship and appreciation for the recipient.

  • Many environmental awareness groups offer wildlife adoption programs that come with small plush animals or certificates for gift giving.
  • Interested individuals may be able to sponsor planting a tree or keeping a highway clean as part of an environmentally-friendly gift.
  • Consider naming a star for the birthday celebrant. The International Star Registry provides opportunities to do just that.
  • Zoo memberships, gifts made from recycled materials, bird feeders, and environment-related books (bird watching, conservation, etc.) are other great options.

Educate While You Celebrate

An Earth Day birthday celebration not only celebrates one individual's special day, but also the life of the planet that sustains everyone. While this type of celebration may not be appropriate for everyone, it can be a fun and educational option to help spread awareness and environmental responsibility..

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Earth Day Birthday Party Ideas