7 Free Valentine's Cards to Print for Those You Love Most

Skip the stress and the check out line with our free printable Valentine's Day cards for everyone in your life.

Updated January 23, 2024
Romantic couple holding card

A free Valentine's card that's also printable is your solution to a last-minute message full of love. For family, friends, and your Valentine, these printable cards should help you share a little taste of all the love in your heart. 

Print Our Free Valentine's Cards for Everyone You Love

Valentine's Day doesn't have to include standing in the card aisle with all the other last-minute shoppers. Instead, you can use our printable templates to tell everyone you love just how special they are. Find the card right for you and your person and give it a print for your easiest Valentine's Day ever. 

If you need help downloading the cards, check out these helpful tips. Click on the link of the card you'd like to use, then click on the printer icon to print. It's best to use cardstock so that the card is sturdy.

With You in My Life Valentine's Card

Let your sweetheart know their presence makes every day bright with this romantic Valentine's Day card. This holiday only comes once a year, but your darling knows how to make each day special, and they deserve to know how much they're loved. 

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I Love You More Today Valentine's Card

Your long-term significant other is like a fine wine and only gets better as time goes on. Remind them of how your love grows daily with this sweet and heartfelt card. 

Quick Tip

Add more sweet words to your card by writing down how you feel or by using our romantic Valentine's messages

Tell Your Husband He's Still the One 

All these years together and he still makes your heart flutter. Let him know he's still got it, and you're glad fate brought you together.

Sweep Your Wife Off Her Feet

She takes your breath away every time she smiles, but she needs to hear that from you every once in a while. Let her know you only have eyes for her this Valentine's Day.

Tell Your Partner You're in This Forever

Once you know, you know. Let your partner know that you're in this for the long haul and nothing can keep you apart. 

Remind a Friend How Much You Care

You love your friends, and they deserve a reminder on Valentine's Day. Show your sensitive side with this thoughtful friendship card. 

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Wish Anyone a Happy Valentine's Day

Your child's teacher, your favorite coworker, and your mom might love to receive a thoughtful Valentine from you. Keep it simple and wish them a day full of love and candy. 

Additional Sources for Free Valentine's Cards

If you're looking for more printables, there are a few options for finding your perfect Valentine's Day card. The best part is you don't even have to leave the house to surprise your loved one with one of these thoughtful cards.

Personalize Your Sentiment

To make your sweetheart really smile, pair your printable card with a small gift or flowers. Your thoughtful words and attention to detail go a long way in showing someone how much you care.

7 Free Valentine's Cards to Print for Those You Love Most