39 Gifts That Guys Actually Want for Valentine's Day

Since telepathy still isn't on the table, we can clue you in on what men want for Valentine's Day and how you can make their gift a special one.

Published January 19, 2024
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It doesn't matter how hard you stare at his head, you won't be able to read his mind and figure out what he wants for Valentine's Day. Knowing you want to get him something is way easier than narrowing down what that something is. Figuring out what guys want for Valentine's Day can be challenging, but it's totally doable. The best gift ideas for a guy are the ones that take his personality and your relationship into account. From romantic gifts and homemade presents to traditional watches and cologne, find the perfect Valentine's gift that any man will love.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Romantic Guys

Whether your guy is expecting a gift for Valentine's Day or not, it's a thoughtful gesture on a day that's all about your love for each other. The best Valentine's Day ideas will play to his love language — and your relationship. Romantic gifts for guys can include homemade Valentine's Day gifts or thoughtful, sweet-purchased presents.

Special Social Media Posts for Your Guy

Show the world how special your man is by adding a few romantic social media posts on Valentine's Day. Include the best pictures of you together or your favorite photos of him with a long, tender rant about how much you love him, what a great guy he is, and a custom hashtag or Valentine's caption. This public display of affection will melt his heart.

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Framed Photo of You Together

Grab the best photo of you two together and find a frame or make one for it. You can lean in hard to the Valentine's theme by getting a frame with hearts — like this pack of fun heart-shaped frames — or the word "love" on it. Or, keep it simple and tailored to his style. You could even write a sweet message on the matting around the photo. Go for a smaller frame, like a 4x6 or 5x7, so he can keep it close when working from home or in the office. 

Special Underwear

While you could buy lingerie for you to wear (which we're sure he'd appreciate), you could also buy a matching his-and-hers underwear set or special underwear just for him. Guys who wear boxers might like these highly rated silk boxers with a matching silk robe, while boxer briefs guys might find an all-over lip print romantic. Think about the material as well — a super comfy pair of undies might just make his day, regardless of how romantic they are!

Potted Plant

Sensitive guys with green thumbs who are really into symbolism will love getting a cool potted plant for Valentine's Day. Explain to him how every new leaf and petal represents the growth in your relationship. Like your relationship, he'll want to nurture it and help it thrive. Just make sure you intervene before it turns into the love fern from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

A Year of Dates With Your Man

Show off your desire to be romantic more often with a "Year of Dates" gift that includes gift certificates and directions for 12 date nights — one for each month.  Consider the things he loves, and find a way to incorporate them into the gift. 

  • Redbox movie codes with popcorn for his choice of movie night
  • PlayStation gift card and a cool new controller for a two-player gaming night
  • Box of golf balls and tees with a gift certificate for nine holes for two people
  • Free printable romantic games for an intimate game night

Love Letter to Your Boyfriend or Husband

There's nothing as romantic as sharing your feelings with him without expecting him to do so in return. Write him a 100 Reasons Why I Love You poem or letter that he can read and keep to himself. The presentation is just as important as the words themselves, so don't forget to pick out some special stationery and a matching envelope.

Photo Collage of His Fave Spots

Show how well you know your man by making a photo collage of his favorite places. Add pics of his hunting spot, local bar, coffee shops, and even his favorite place to lounge around his or your home. You could even pose in each photo so it features one of his special spots and one of his favorite people.

Man's Best Friend

Romantic men are often loving caretakers, so a puppy might be the perfect gift to keep him company when you're not around to snuggle. Make sure he's ready for a dog, pick a breed he loves, and buy the beginner accessories he'll need. If you're not ready to make the purchase alone, take him to see the puppy litter and let him choose for himself.

An Intimate Night With You

On the list of things guys want for Valentine's Day, intimate alone time with you is at the top. Make it special by turning up the romance more than normal or trying something new. Book a hotel room for the night or turn up the heat with a few toys; he'll be thrilled.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Traditional Men

While they might not be totally original Valentine's Day gift ideas, the gifts a lot of more traditional men want are easy to find. If your guy fits the bill, he might be looking for something classic and useful.

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A Man Cave

Whether he wants a new gaming room or a place to play pool and enjoy some beers with the guys, creating a space dedicated to your partner will make him feel special. Choose a room in the house or your garage if you don't use it for cars and secret away some time to transform it into the man cave of his dreams.

Large Metal Tool Box

If your guy likes to tinker around the house or with the car, he could use a great toolbox. Look for a large, metal toolbox with lots of drawers, a tray on top, and wheels so he can make the most of this gift. While it's not super romantic, a bright red toolbox fits with the Valentine's Day vibe, and he'll think of you every time he grabs a wrench.

Need help sifting through all of those Valentine's Day recommendations? Look no further than this extremely high-rated ~$30 Dewalt extra large toolbox.

Streaming Service Subscription

With so many streaming platforms available, it's impossible to have them all. Do your man a solid and subscribe to the ones with content that's right up his alley. Prices for most of these services are around $10 -$15 per month, and many let you opt for a whole year. 

Personalized Money Clip

Traditional guys don't necessarily find it as easy to flaunt their loving side as others, so subtle reminders of your love are perfect. Money clips are small and useful, so men who refuse the bag life love them. Look for a money clip that includes a design of something he loves and add a cryptic message about your relationship that only he'll understand.

Stylish and Multifunctional Watch

Thanks to the almighty cell phone, people don't need watches as much as they used to. That doesn't mean having one on your wrist can't up your fashion game. Look for a watch that's both stylish and functional for his lifestyle, like this minimalist Fossil wristwatch that can go from day to night in no time. 

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Valentine's Day Gift Experiences for the Man Who Has Everything

If your guy buys himself anything that catches his eye and says he doesn't need more stuff, gift him an awesome experience instead. Bonus points if you can find a way to make it a trip for two.

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Progressive Dinner at All His Favorite Eateries

Plan out a night to hit up all his favorite restaurants and bars. Stop at one place for appetizers, one for dinner, one for dessert, and one for after-dinner drinks to show him that you know what he likes. If possible, you could even work with the restaurants to make reservations for specific times and order his favorite items in advance.

Tickets to a Sporting Event or Concert

If your guy follows a certain sports team or enjoys a favorite band, consider buying him tickets to the game or the concert for Valentine's Day. Ideally, you would go along with him to the event. If it's something you can't stand, buy him two tickets and tell him to take one his friends or loved ones along.

Brewmaster for a Day

Check with local breweries to see if you can put together a Brewmaster for the Day experience for you and your man. If he's a beer lover, he'll love the chance to use all the equipment and spend the day trying new craft beers and IPAs. Make sure you buy him a six-pack of whatever beer he makes!

Valentine's Dinner and a Show

If you've got a little more money to spend, a nice dinner out followed by a Valentine's Day comedy can put a stamp on a memorable evening. Pick a restaurant you know he's been dying to try and look for a special show that fits his humor. 

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Give your guy an unforgettable adventure by planning a romantic scavenger hunt for him. Leave him notes that will lead him to all the places that are special in your relationship with homemade clues. When he gets to the end, he can find you and a gift or picnic lunch.

A Trip From His Bucket List

Every guy has that one place they wish they could visit, like Wrigley Field or Pebble Beach. Plan a trip for the two of you to one of these places as your Valentine's Day gift. Nothing says love like putting in the effort to plan such an extravagant gift. 

Valentine's Day Gift Sets for Him

If your guy still marvels at the prepackaged Easter baskets that line the shelves in spring, then you might want to get him a gift set made for guys. Take some of the guesswork out of romantic gift-giving with an all-in-one present like these. 

He'll Eat Up a Grilling Gift Set

Is your guy king of the barbecue? Get a grilling set complete with grilling tools, a personalized apron, and custom spice blends that incorporate his favorite flavors. If you want to spend Valentine's evening at home, pair it with some nice steaks or seafood so he can put his gift into action. 

Grooming Essentials

If your guy has a love affair with his beard or is trying to grow it out, a beard grooming kit is perfect. Other essentials, like men's body wash, lotion, or exfoliating cloths are welcome, too.

Valentine's Food Basket

Put together a themed food basket featuring his favorite things, like snacks from his hometown. If you'd like, you can even give it a Valentine's twist with heart-shaped treats or add a sophisticated touch by including a bottle of wine.

Cue Into His Interests

A gift set related to his favorite hobbies makes a great Valentine's present for guys. Buy a nice pool cue and chalk set in a case if he loves pool or a new board game if he loves game night. A gift set related to his interests will be a winning Valentine's present.

Help Him Relax With a Custom Drink

Put your mixology skills to the test and whip him up a custom cocktail. Make sure you mix enough for two, so you get to taste the fruits of your labor. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the New Man in Your Life

If your relationship is new or you're only casually dating, generic gifts are the way to go. But that doesn't mean you can't be thoughtful and romantic. Try to pick up on something personal you know about your new guy and tie that into the gift, like picking out something in his favorite color.

Homemade Valentine's Day Card

If you set the bar too high on your first Valentine's Day, you'll forever be trying to top it. Keep the day stress-free, yet special, by acknowledging whatever feelings you currently have about the relationship in a homemade Valentine's Day card. The time, thought, and personalized sweet message will make him feel special without the pressure to match an expensive gift.

Lottery Tickets

Use a phrase like "I'm lucky to call you my Valentine this year!" paired with a DIY lottery ticket gift. You can fan the scratch-offs out and secure them with a paper clip or create an elaborate display in a coffee mug. Pick out inexpensive scratch-off tickets with a luck, heart, or Valentine's Day theme.

Jerky Bouquet

If your new guy isn't a vegan or vegetarian, he'll probably love a beef jerky sampler. Look for local varieties and unique meat sticks you can fill a beer mug with to create a meat-lovers bouquet. If he's a meat-free kind of guy, try to find some plant-based jerky so he can give it a try.

Cologne Sampler

Buying cologne can be tricky since people's favorite smells are so subjective. Seeing as you might not know him well enough to be able to pick out the perfect cologne notes, opt for a small sampler pack with a variety of scents. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teenage Guys

You don't have to wrack your brain too hard for a few good gift ideas for a teenage boyfriend because we've got some of the best, low-cost ideas to make him feel all the love. 

Personalized Playlist

Gather all the songs your guy loves or all the love songs that remind you of him and create a custom Valentine's Day playlist. If you do something similar for all holidays, he'll end up with a custom playlist tailored to him for every occasion.

Snack Pack

They say the way to any teenager's heart is through his stomach. So, why not pack your guy a bin full of his favorite snacks? Add a couple of single-serve drinks, snack foods, and even candy to a storage bin or decorated box. For about $10 at your local dollar store, you can get a ton of snacks to fill your gift box to the brim.

Men's Cord Bracelets or Touch Bracelets

Teen guys who wear sentimental jewelry will love romantic keepsake jewelry that includes their favorite colors and a charm or two tied on. You can find tons of cord bracelets online that include things like camping and fishing charms and braided designs. It'll be an outward symbol of your relationship that he can wear with subtlety. Another idea is to try out a set of touch bracelets, so you can share how often you're thinking of him!

Two-Player Video Game

If your guy's into video games, share in his hobbies with a new two-player video game. Look for a game that's made for two players, fits with his gaming system, and includes elements of the games he typically plays on his own. New games typically cost between $30 and $60, but you can find great used games for under $20 at most game stores. 

Punny T-Shirt

Give your teen boyfriend a punny shirt to wear that'll make him think of you. Prices for shirts range from $10 to $30 and can include food puns, people puns, or punchlines and characters from his favorite TV show. This gift shows you know him well and appreciate his sense of humor.

Two-Person VR Experience

If you have a local virtual reality (VR) place and a healthy budget, you can book a two-person experience for you and your guy. He'll be able to pick the game when you arrive, and you'll both have fun making new memories in an alternate reality. Prices typically start around $15 and up per player for a half hour of gaming.

Don't Stress About What Guys Want for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is meant to be a celebration of your love, not something that stresses you out. While shopping for guys' gifts can be a nightmare sometimes — if only they'd add something other than "ugh idk" to the list — you can't go wrong with something that connects to a part of his life. From work to hobbies to his adventures with you, there are all sorts of things you can draw inspiration from to pick out the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your man. 

39 Gifts That Guys Actually Want for Valentine's Day