11 Chic & Cozy Friendsgiving Themes to Get You All the RSVPs

Thanksgiving is for food and friends, so plan an epic Friendsgiving with a unique theme.

Published November 3, 2023

Friendsgiving adds another layer to the Thanksgiving festivities that we look forward to each year. If you're hosting the friend-centered gathering this year, you can stand out from all the other invites with a creative Friendsgiving theme. Get ready to be grateful for all the RSVPs with these clever ideas.

Thank You for Being a Friend-sgiving


The Golden Girls gave us an unforgettable theme song and a friend group dynamic that mirrors many of our own. If you're planning to dine with your own version of Blanche and Dorothy, go all-in with a Golden Girls-themed Friendsgiving. 

  • Assign seating by character.
  • Feature classic 90s table decor — think all the dusty pinks and blues.
  • Add signature quotes from the show to cups, place settings, or napkins.
  • Don't forget plenty of cheesecake for dessert!

Friendsgiving Sleepover


Extend your Friendsgiving meal into a full-blown sleepover. Your guests won't mind the sleepiness that sets in after all that turkey, since they'll already be rocking their pajamas. Fall-themed movies or holiday films help wrap up the evening with all the cozy Thanksgiving vibes.

Quick Tip

Make it a true sleepover and skip prepping the food yourself. Have every guest bring their favorite takeout to share.

It's Friends-Giving Old Money


The old money aesthetic is trending in everything from fashion to home decor. Bring the understated sophistication of the style to your Friendsgiving gathering.

  • Choose simple table settings with classic style.
  • Serve a wide selection of gourmet eats.
  • Complement your menu with a classic drink selection.
  • Send official invitations in the mail for your event.

Dark & Moody Vibes Friendsgiving


Dark and moody is the vibe of the moment. Capture the trend for your annual gathering of friends.

  • Deep colors and dark neutrals give your table the perfect moody color palette.
  • Eclectic serveware sets the tone for your flavorful foods.
  • A semi-formal dress code helps guests add to the overall moody vibe.
  • Add a coffee bar to your dining area to amp up the cozy mood.

Honor the Original Friendsgiving


Friendsgiving gained popularity in the past decade, but we can't forget the group of friends who gave us the original inspiration. The six young adults in Friends spent every Thanksgiving together, and a gathering in honor of the show makes celebrating the event even more special.

  • Encourage guests to dress as their favorite Friends character.
  • Include hilarious quotes from the series anywhere you can.
  • Stick to an eclectic vibe for all your decor and table settings, but channel Monica as much as you can.
  • Screen all the Thanksgiving episodes of the show.
  • Serve Thanksgiving dishes from the show like moist maker sandwiches, Funyuns, and an English Trifle (but maybe without the beef sauteed with peas and onions). 

Murder Mystery Friendsgiving


Nothing works up an appetite like an intriguing whodunit. Welcome your friends to dinner with a twist: a Thanksgiving murder with the criminal still at large. As you dig into your favorite Thanksgiving sides, work through the mystery together until justice (and dessert) is finally served. 

Friendsgiving in the Tropics


As the weather is cooling and winter is moving in, you can trade the warmth of cozy season for the heat of the tropics. Add tropical vibes to your Friendsgiving and invite your guests to get away with you for the evening.

  • Craft a menu of tropic-inspired, fresh, and fruity dishes.
  • Trade the muted tones of autumn for the vibrant colors of summer in your decor.
  • Serve tropical resort-level drinks and don't forget the little umbrellas.
  • Swap traditional pies for warm weather desserts.

Whimsical Woodland Friendsgiving


Your guests will feel the magic of this outdoor Friendsgiving before they even sit down to dine. A whimsical woodland-themed Friendsgiving is the fairytale gathering you've been dreaming of.

  • Set tables up outside and drape them with long, flowing linens.
  • Add twinkle lights to your outdoor space for ambiance.
  • Serve simple, comforting foods on rustic platters.
  • Add florals wherever possible.

Iconic Pop Culture Friendsgiving


What better way to mark the year than to celebrate all the iconic moments in pop culture? Have your friends over for a pop culture-themed gathering featuring all the unforgettable moments from the year.

  • Serve trending foods and drinks for a truly unique menu.
  • Draw inspiration from social media influencers and hit movies for your decor.
  • Invite guests to attend as their favorite pop culture icon of all time.
  • Prepare a backdrop or a red carpet for all the selfies of the evening.
Quick Tip

You don't have to choose a broad pop culture theme. You can niche down to a specific cultural icon like The Kardashians, Barbie, or Taylor Swift.

Crunchy Girl Friendsgiving


If you're living the crunchy life these days, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner might not be your vibe. But if you and all your crunchy gal-pals get together, you can be your true crunchy-self for the whole meal. 

  • Plan a menu of organic and local foods.
  • Use produce, fresh herbs, and real greenery to decorate your table.
  • Make your own dried fruit for place settings.
  • Enjoy your meal outside for the full crunchy girl aesthetic.
  • Go around the table and see who has the crunchiest thing to be grateful for.

Insta-Worthy Friendsgiving Brunch


Who made the rule that the Thanksgiving meal has to take place at lunch or dinner? If you host a Thanksgiving brunch for all your besties, no one will be hangry by the time the food comes out. Be sure to pause between courses for all the social media selfies that every brunch mandates. 

Give Thanks With Friends


Friendsgiving is like any other Thanksgiving event, except you don't have to worry about awkward conversations with family members. You get to choose the guest list, and that's what matters. Few things in life are as worthy of gratitude as lifelong friendships with wonderful people.

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11 Chic & Cozy Friendsgiving Themes to Get You All the RSVPs