36 Fall Movies to Fuel All Your Cozy Autumn Vibes

Whether you're looking for fall movies for kids or searching for a cozy rom-com, we found some of the best movies to watch in autumn.

Published August 24, 2023
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Need a cozy autumn movie to snuggle up with? Grab your hot cider and your comfiest blanket, because we’ve found all the best fall movies to watch as the weather begins to cool. Whether it’s a movie set in the fall for you and your sweetheart or a family-friendly feature for you and the kids, these fall movies are all worth watching at least once during the final months of the year. 

Family-Friendly Fall Movies

When those warm summer evenings turn into chilly autumn nights, you’ll be trading the outdoor play time for fun movies with the family. Try a few of these cozy fall movies for a film you’ll enjoy as much as your kids do.

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A sad start, an inspiring main character, and a little bit of magic sets Matilda up as a fun watch for the whole family. The story has a sweet ending and the main plot plays out at the start of school, making it the perfect cozy watch for those first days of fall. Stream Matilda on Netflix or Amazon Video.

Dennis the Menace

The 1993 Dennis The Menace film will have you laughing until the first snowfall. This film has heartwarming moments, the best of slapstick comedy, and that subtle charm of early autumn. Find it on Prime Video.

Little Women

We think every version of Little Women is worth watching. But, there’s something so nostalgic and cozy about the 1994 version with a young Winona Ryder at the front of the star-studded cast. The story takes place over a number of years, but the fall and winter scenes are definitely the most memorable. Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV currently have the classic film available for your fall watching pleasure.

The Goonies

Exploration, a pirate ship, and a group of friends bonded by duty to their parents and town. The Goonies is a beloved adventure movie that every child deserves to see at least once. Autumn weather, with chilly days and rainy afternoons, brings this story to life. Stream The Goonies on Amazon Video or YouTube

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

It’s the ending of this childhood classic that makes it ideal for watching in the fall. We won’t give away the twist, just in case you’ve never seen it. But, many a childhood was made by what the Seaver family discovers just before digging into their Thanksgiving meal at the film's conclusion. Watch this tale of two dogs and one sassy cat finding their way home on Disney Plus and Prime Video.

Fall Romance Movies & Love Stories

Here’s the thing about fall romance movies: they’re fun to watch alone, with your friends, or under the blankets with your partner. What better way to celebrate the season than with a romance set in autumn?

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Pride & Prejudice

We like to picture Jane Austen sipping tea by a window with an autumn scene unfolding outside as she penned her most famous story. The 2005 adaption of Pride And Prejudice has all the moody, historical detail your literature-loving heart longs for, with moments of sweet romance sprinkled throughout. Catch the literary classic brought to life on Netflix and Prime Video.

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally might be the most iconic fall romantic comedy ever. We get to see the main couple actually strolling along with the most beautiful New York autumn scene behind them. Plus, countless other iconic scenes that rom-com fanatics still love more than 30 years later. Watch on Tubi, Prime Video, and Apple TV

Sweet Home Alabama

If early 2000s rom-coms are your jam, you’ve probably quoted Sweet Home Alabama more than once. It’s full of hilarious quips, a cast of some of our favorite romantic comedy legends, and early 2000s fall fashion sported by the gorgeous Reese Witherspoon as she navigates her complicated love life in her southern home town. Watch the quotable classic on Hulu and Prime Video

You’ve Got Mail

More Meg Ryan in autumnal New York? Yes, please! This cozy watch is a classic for any fan of 90s love stories. A large portion of the film takes place in the bookstore we all wish we could visit in the fall. Whether you’re a first-time viewer or a lifelong lover of You've Got Mail, you can stream it on Vudu or AppleTV

The Time Traveler’s Wife

This fantastical love story unfolds over the course of many seasons, stretching the entire length of the central relationship. It’s heartbreaking and inspiring all at once. Though the characters experience every season together and apart, there’s a distinct autumn vibe to The Time Traveler's Wife. Watch it on AppleTV and Prime Video

Autumn in New York

It’s all there in the name, isn’t it? Most perfect fall movies are set in New York and for good reason: it just feels right. This film has the cozy romance we love seeing during the cooler months of the year with all the tragedy we love to hate woven in. It’s worth a watch — and it might be your next favorite fall film. Rent or purchase Autumn In New York on Amazon Instant Video.

Hope Floats

Nothing says fall like a small town romance, and Hope Floats delivers that alongside a beautiful story. Finding the strength to start over is the central theme of this cozy film, and we think it’s perfect inspiration for welcoming a new season with possibilities. Watch the sweet story on Vudu and AppleTV.  

Coming-of-Age & Emotional Drama Movies for Fall

When you’re stuck between a romance, a drama, and a feel-good film, coming-of-age stories tend to be the best blend of them all. These fall movies tell stories that we all somehow relate to or can picture ourselves living out. Though they may be far from reality, they convey so many relatable emotions about seasons of change. 

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Heartbreaking, funny at times, and with two major stars in the lead roles — Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon — Stepmom is a cozy film when you need a good cry. Most of the movie takes place over the fall season, leading up to Christmas. Grab your tissues and watch the emotional drama on Netflix and PrimeTV

October Sky

The true story of Homer Hickam, a young man inspired by the launch of Sputnik, is the theme of this film with a very proper fall name. Be inspired by this dream-chasing hero and his quest to become the opposite of what life told him he should be in October Sky. Find it on Vudu and Amazon Video

Dead Poets Society

What is it about movies in academic settings that make you want to sport a cardigan and read classic literature? This classic from 1989 has inspired countless literature lovers, teachers, and cardigan-wearing autumn fanatics to seize the day. Discover the Robin Williams classic on Tubi and Prime Video

Mystic Pizza

Three women discover the trials of and their own opinions on love in this coming-of-age tale. It’s a cozy autumn watch with all the 80s fashion and hair you can handle. It’s one of the coming-of-age movies that feels like a reflection of life when you’re young and feels like coming home when you’re older. Watch Mystic Pizza on AppleTV and Amazon Video.

St. Elmo’s Fire

The 80s gave us many coming-of-age stories with beloved stars and a subtle cozy vibes. Revisit this film and relive some of your own first feelings of what it meant to be an adult. St. Elmo’s Fire is available for streaming on Hulu and Prime Video.

Mona Lisa Smile

Drama, academia, art, and a star-studded female cast make this college-centered film an autumn must-see. The inspiring story of Mona Lisa Smile gives us the sense of changing times alongside a welcoming feeling of familiarity —perfectly summing up how we feel about fall. We also get some incredible 50s fall fashion inspiration. Watch it on AppleTV and Amazon Video

Good Will Hunting

Here’s another comfy movie in an academic setting to inspire your autumn aspirations. Good Will Hunting is one of those movies you can watch anytime it’s on and never grow tired of the characters or the plot. It’s the coming-of-age story all of us who harbor self doubt need to see from time to time. See the inspirational film on AppleTV and Amazon Video

Animated Movies for Kids to Watch in Autumn

Your kids probably don’t pay much attention to the seasonal setting of their favorite animated films. But, if you want to play a movie that feels cozy for autumn, these animated features keep your kids entertained and help fuel your fall energy.

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The storyline and the beautiful animation of this Disney and Pixar animated film are tied for the number one reason to give it a watch. There’s also a bit of mystery involved to keep adults as engaged as kids. Given that this story takes place on the eve of the Day of the Dead, it’s a pretty proper fall viewing experience. Find it streaming on Disney Plus.

Frozen 2

Frozen was an instant obsession when it first hit screens in 2013. Six years later, we got to revisit Elsa and Anna on a new adventure with Frozen 2. Though the first film took place in summer, the second installment features all the warm and cozy vibes of fall. We even get the most adorable opening song with all the fall details. Find it on Disney Plus.


A girl no bigger than your thumb sets out on a quest to find her way home and marry the fairy prince. It’s a sweet story, inspired by the original Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, and worth at least one watch for kids (or kids at heart). The adventures of Thumbelina and her tiny animal friends unfold in the middle of autumn as they race against the coming frost. You can find it now on Starz

How to Train Your Dragon

Vikings, dragons, and lovable characters make this movie franchise intriguing for kids of many ages. You may even find yourself invested in the story line. How To Train Your Dragon has a dark sort of screen presence, just enough to make it a perfect animated film to enjoy on an autumn evening. Find it on Prime Video and AppleTV

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Tinker Bell has a mission to correct her mistake and restore an important friendship in the second installment of the Disney Tinker Bell fairy series. The animated feature takes place in the fall and we get to see all the sweet nature details of the season throughout the film. It, along with all the other Disney fairy movies, is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

Fall Movies for Celebrating the Spooky Season

There’s a long list of movies that everyone loves during Halloween. But, there are a few select films that tend to feel just right all throughout the cozy season. These fall movies are slightly spooky, have small nods toward Halloween themes, or fall under the category of must-watch films for October. 

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Practical Magic

A love story unfolds in the middle of a complicated sisterly bond and all the autumn magic spooky season lovers can handle. Practical Magic somehow captures the dark parts of this season we might be drawn to while maintaining those small town, comforting autumn vibes we love. It’s one of the best fall films because of how it balances the dark and light aspects of the story. It’s currently streaming on Hulu.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a Halloween classic and we love watching it all through the fall season to help us prepare for the spooky holiday. This one might be fun for the whole family and the hilarious quips from the main characters are worth repeating all year long. Find it, and the recent sequel, on Disney Plus.

The Twilight Saga

When the installments of the popular series first aired in theaters, they usually did so in the fall. Maybe that’s why rewatching Twilight and the four films that followed the sensation feels like a must each fall. If you loved the series then, you’ll still love it now for an autumn movie full of love, fantasy, and action. You can watch Twilight on Amazon Video.

The Witches

The 1990 version of The Witches fueled our fall fantasies and our nightmares as kids. It’s definitely not suitable for sensitive kids, but it might be a fun watch for the family if you have older kids in the bunch. Rent the slightly scary and nostalgic movie on Amazon Video


Murder, mystery, and a 1950s setting make this movie — based on the beloved board game — a cult classic for fall. The cast is hilarious and the dark comedy is a hit with scary movie and comedy lovers alike. Watch Clue on Paramount Plus.

The Craft

This one falls more under the horror category, but it’s an autumn must if you like to ring in the spooky season early. The Craft is a cult classic if you prefer a little darkness with your cozy fall movie lineup. Find the film on Hulu


Not quite a scary film, but definitely spooky enough to spark your curiosity, Jumanji welcomes fall with a thrilling game. Nothing says fall like watching Robin Williams escape from wild animals and natural disasters. Watch the thrilling movie on Netflix.

College & Sports-Centered Movies for Fall

Two things happen every fall, without fail. College classes get underway and football season officially starts. These autumn films are perfect for ringing in a new academic year and celebrating the start of fall sports. 

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Legally Blonde

Though technically a romantic comedy, Legally Blonde also takes us back to the excitement of a new semester in our college years. We get to see the main character, Elle, sport her signature style in academic-themed fall outfits and conquer her law school obstacles. Find the beloved film on Prime Video.

Remember The Titans

Was there ever a better movie for the start of football season? Remember The Titans is an inspirational film based on the real events of a Virginia school football team in 1971. It’s a must-see for everyone with important messages about racism, overcoming obstacles in life, and seasons of change. Watch on Disney Plus or Vudu.

The Blind Side

Another football movie set in the south, The Blind Side tackled the issue of prejudice in many aspects. It’s a heartwarming tale based on true events and real people with all the charm of a Southern autumn season. Rent or buy it on Vudu

Pitch Perfect

The central point of Pitch Perfect is the aca-awesome singing, but it’s mostly set in the fall months of a freshman college semester for main character Beca. It’s a comforting reminder of the possibilities that come with seasons of change and stepping out of our comfort zone. The musical movie is currently streaming on Vudu.


There’s something about inspirational football movies that encourage the changing seasons of life as well as the changing of the leaves in autumn. Rudy is another inspiring movie with a message to share about life’s obstacles. All the expected fall details in a football movie are present here as well. Watch on Amazon Video

Grab Your Pumpkin Spice Snacks & Cozy Up to Fall Films 

There’s a long list of fall movies to accompany your autumnal snacking. A few pumpkin spice treats and a side of kettle corn are all you need for a cozy fall movie night with an unforgettable feature film.

36 Fall Movies to Fuel All Your Cozy Autumn Vibes